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Vick is the key to beating Packers!


Scoring more points than the Packers is also critical too!


Observations from the Linc

Went to the game last night and here are a few observations: 1. It was like a preseason crowd last night. There was almost no energy in that place from the opening kickoff.  Whatever energy was...

How Do You Slowdown Vick? - Putt'em on Ice


Yeah I know it is a really small sample size (whopping 4 games) but Vick has struggled in subfreezing temperatures according to an article in the WSJ: "Mr. Vick has four combined regular-season and playoff starts in the type of cold he could find next month at home. His passer rating in those cold games is 51.4, or 36% worse than his rating in all other games. Two of the games were in Philadelphia, both losses."

Eagles Secondary Was Playing Scared Without Samuel


Usually appreciate what GCobb has to say and he was right. You could see it especially with Lindley last night who was giving ridiculous cushions to Knox and Hester. Only thing that doesn't make sense is taking out Mikell last night and putting in Coleman. Yeah, Mikell stunk all night and this was his 2nd poor game in a row. He has turned in a couple of stinkers this year already now. Don't know though how putting in Coleman would have alleviated any of the Eagles' pass defense woes last night.

"Opponents had scored TDs on 76.92% of RZ trips against #Eagles D before today. That is league...


"Opponents had scored TDs on 76.92% of RZ trips against #Eagles D before today. That is league worst." Add in another 4/5 last night by the Bears. Even one of the league's most explosive offensives will have trouble putting up enough points every week to win if this keeps up.

Things I don't get . . .

- How Nick Cole possibly has the starting job at RG yet.  I would love to see the season totals for when the Eagles rush to the right-hand side with Cole/Justice because it just seems that neither...


Sunday night recap

Guys that impressed me: Giants: 1. Justin Tuck - For most of the night, he made Justice his whipping boy despite Justice getting his share of help on a number of plays from a TE or RB/FB.  Also did...

Noooo!!!! - Philips gets canned


The worst thing that could have happened for the Eagles is Philips getting fired at this point and the 'Boys playing a bit better down the stretch.

The nickname 'Toast' has already been taken by this former Eagles' CB who played along side Allen...


The nickname 'Toast' has already been taken by this former Eagles' CB who played along side Allen on Gang Green. What will Hobbs nickname after today who gave the worst single performance I have seen by an Eagles' CB in a game in a long, long time?


About where I thought they would be . . .

10 years ago I would have been upset by a loss like this but I have mellowed with age and as additional responsibilities have come up.  Definitely the kind of game during Reid's tenure the Eagles...

Yum, yum, yum!


Yum, yum, yum!

Ridicously fast - Chris Johnson maxed out at 22 MPH!


Supposedly Chris Johnson maxed out at an astounding 22 MPH yesterday during his 76-yard TD run and his max speed was 32% faster than Mendenhall's 50-yard run yesterday. It was 81% of the max speed that Bolt reached during his record time during the 100m. Chris Johnson is the most dynamic RB in the NFL today and it isn't even close. Adrian Peterson is a distant 2nd at RB. As long as Young and Johnson say healthy, the Titans are my favorite darkhorse in the league this year.


Only in Philadelphia (channeling Don King)

Only in Philadelphia would you have an extremely vocal minority call for benching the 'QB of the future' after 10 passes and 4 drives in the 1st half of the 1st game of the season where he...

Where is the love?


Wallpapers for Jackson, Celek, Samuel, and Maclin?! but no love for 2-time Pro-Bowler Cole? Diehards appreciate what he brings to the table but still surprised at how generally under the radar Cole still relatively is. You almost never see his jersey at Eagles' games and you would think a guy who is 'blue-collar' with his relentless effort/little theatrics would get more love. Where is the love

Onion Sports 2010 NFL Preview


Something that is actually really funny is the team previews on the Onion. Here is the preview for the Eagles: * Strength: Though they have lost Donovan McNabb's rocket arm, they have gained a highly accurate short-range subsonic cruise missile of an arm in Kevin Kolb * Weakness: With the loss of Brian Westbrook, the Eagles have a major hole at starting knee injury and concussion * Player To Watch: Michael Vick's athleticism as he walks up and down the sideline, sits down on a bench, and jumps up whenever he thinks his name is called but realizes the coaches are talking to another Michael, is something to marvel at * Biggest Question: When will Philadelphia fans finally use their car-battery catapult? Some of my favorites: Redskins: Weakness: Receivers, running backs, offensive line, and defense, but, um, this is the year the Redskins really turn it around Cowboys: Intangibles: Fuck the Dallas Cowboys and every fucking thing they stand for; special teams Seahawks: Strength: Reports from coach's office indicate Pete Carroll is a complete football genius Bears: Weakness: Lovie Smith spending majority of practice having players help him pack up his office


Overall lack of depth

Despite Banner's assertions that this is a 'loaded Eagles roster' again,  this preseason and last night showed me that this is a team that is generally thin on depth at several positions despite...

Clayton's rankings (using the 'Wing It' methodology) of QBs


Here is what Clayton has to say on Kolb: 24. Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles Analysis: Kolb is the perfect quarterback for Andy Reid's West Coast offense, which is why the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins. Kolb is a rhythm passer out of three- and five-step drops, and he should have a big statistical year. Chance of being elite: 50 percent Wow that was insightful.

Warning: Beware of preseason numbers


"Over the last five seasons, the league average has been remarkably constant. League teams sign roughly 300 free agents. And between 30-32 undrafted players, or roughly one per franchise, carve out a niche on an opening-day roster. Last season, only a dozen undrafted rookies started even one game during the regular season."


Players I am most interested in seeing vs. Jags

In a series of generally meaningless games, the 1st preseason game is the one where you take almost nothing away from especially on teams that don't have many starting spots battles.  Still, there...

Bears Spend Entire Day Waiting Around For Mike Martz To Install High-Powered Offense


CHICAGO—Bears players and coaches spent their first day of training camp Monday waiting for new offensive coordinator Mike Martz to install their much-anticipated high-powered offense, a system Martz originally claimed he would have up and running "right away." "First he showed up late, then he spent most of the morning just figuring out where we want to put the receivers," said Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, adding that his concerns about the installation were directed to Martz's "unhelpful" technical staff. "He was promising us all these huge gains in performance, and said he could give us a bunch of special drills, but honestly, I just want the most basic offense out there." At press time, head coach Lovie Smith had been on hold with Martz for the past three hours. Love the parody on the Onion.

Cole's bulky knee (and surgery not in the distant future?)


From Sat. "Ol’ Nick Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he. Then the Eagles training staff called for him to leave. The starting center was sluggish running from field-to-field during this morning’s full-pads practice. Trainers intercepted Cole and advised him to head for the locker room early with the swollen knee that has bothered him for several days. Cole was favoring his left knee, walking back to the fieldhouse on his own. You got the impression Cole was trying to fight through the pain and stick it out. After practice, Cole said as much, and that he'd be fine, but it’s up to the trainers to determine when he’ll return to practice." Is it me or does it sound more and more like Cole will be have least a basic scope on his knee before the start of the season and that McGlynn has a good shot to be the starter in Week 1? Oh, Didinger this weekend on 610 said he thinks Jackson will be back and starting before Week 6. I would like to bet Didinger that Jackson isn't starting at C before Week 6 this year. More and more, this reminds me of a situation where the Eagles were confident that they could fill a position internally or with a stop-gap & it ended up costing them in a big way. It happened last year with FS & Dawkins. Happened in previous years when they didn't have a valid PR/KR or a FB. I have a bad feeling that not acquiring a C via FA or the draft is going to come back to hurt them in the early going this year.

Decent ESPN article on 'Madden' with hilarious Reid story


Digitally-svelte Reid? "Last year, Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid asked Sandoval to slim down his in-game avatar, a little quid pro quo for introducing Sandoval to former "Madden" cover athlete Brett Favre. "I just saw Andy at the owners meetings," Sandoval said. "He comes up to me and is like, 'Sandy, thanks for hooking me up. I saw myself in the game. My wife loves it. She loves looking at me skinny!'" Tells you a little about Reid's personality. Always a good sign when somebody isn't afraid to make a joke or two about themselves.

The NFL Draft, Decoded


Amusing article by Matt Taibbi that takes at an alternative look on a few points about the draft in a thought-provoking and light-hearted manner. Worth a read.

Race factors into evaluation of Gerhart


Can't say I know much at all about Gerhart but an interesting article and article does mention that Gerhart was flown by the Eagles for a pre-draft visit.


Eagles, their rivals, and top draft picks

With the draft coming up in a few weeks, I was kind of curious to see if some of the things that you always seem to hear (e.g, Reid always draft lineman high in the draft or Skins never have any...

King: McNabb market dries up


With the Donovan McNabb market dried up in Cleveland and, apparently, Seattle, Andy Reid will likely shake his head in incredulity and leave the meetings Wednesday with zero trade action on the quarterback. Read More: Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription

Lawlor - Eagles offeseason update


Lawlor just keeps writing stuff that is among the best free content on the Web for Eagles' fans. Interesting that he thinks the Eagles have a bigger hole at the WLB position than the SAM LB.

Great evaluation of Tapp and his fit with the Eagles


Easily the best breakdown I have seen written about Tapp so far. Appreciate the effort that Tommy invests and his posts on the Eagles are usually pretty insightful because of the time he spends. Thanks Tommy.


Asante Samuel - King of the whiff

Saw this article over at Tacking Inefficiency Rating Basically it examines every cornerbacks and has a nice little formula that compares how efficient they were at tackling by...


Value of a 6th round pick in the Andy Reid era

Eagles got a 6th round pick in return for Brown in next year's draft.  This is a breakdown on what a 6th round pick have yielded in the Andy Reid era (1999-present): Summary 16 total picks S...

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