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Maronde pitching as LOOGY in AA preclude to a September callup?


Was perusing the daily minor league boxscores and noticed that Nick Maronde who previously has only pitched as a starting pitcher since drafted by the Angels is all of a sudden coming out of the bullpen despite him pitching more than well enough in the starting rotation to keep him there long term. This is only speculation on my part, but I doubt they would put him in the bullpen this season unless he was seriously being considered as a September callup. We have the 40 man roster space I'm pretty sure, he's pitched really well pretty much all year, and our bullpen is horrid. Good luck Nick and hope to see you in September!


Angels Individual Game Sale.... NO THANK YOU!

So I'm at home today trying to get over a horrible cold, which I thought was actually a good thing in a way because my sick day coincided with the annual season seat holder individual game...

John Sickels Top 20 Angels Prospects


Apparently this Mike Trout guy is pretty good. Anyone hear of him before?

GA's best hit ever (previously unseen video)


Hey Guys! With GA retiring I finally found a little spare time and a little motivation to dig out this old clip I had on an old computer. Not the best of quality by any means, but for diehard Angels fans they'll probably enjoy seeing it. Hope you have a great retirement GA! Thanks for the memories!

Lyle Spencer's take on the trade


Basically he's a 3 time All-Star, don't worry about his road splits, don't worry about his left/right splits, don't worry about all those years of turf on his knees because he'll be on grass now, don't worry about the money because it's Arte's not yours.

Dale Scott while still not as bad as Jim Joyce is still pretty lousy


So I'm watching the M's game to close out the night, and the game should have gone extra innings. Instead Ichiro hits into a fielders choice with the Twins getting the guy out at 2nd. Replays clearly showed him to be out and the M's announcers even said they got a break. As I was watching it live it wasn't as bad as the call that went for the Twins against the Royals earlier this year, but I still could not believe he got called safe. As the ump was blowing the call, the winning run for the M's was scoring from 2nd base. How many crucial blown calls does Selig need to see to put in more instant replay. Pretty sad that on the same day umpires ruin a perfect game, they also turn what should have been an extra innings game into an undeserved victory for the M's.


Umpire Greg Gibson is lousy.......

So I was watching the Twins/Royals game on MLB.TV with the new PS3 app and it was a great game.  Back and forth in extra innings it went.  The Twins scored 2 in the 11th to take a 9-7 lead.  Rauch...

Tyler Skaggs Pro Debut


So Tyler finally pitched for the AZ Angels and struck out 2 and got a flyout in his only inning of work. Good Job Tyler! The more amazing part however is that the Angels won the game 2-1 without even getting a hit. I'm glad to see the Angels have the A's number even all the way down in rookie ball.

Bronson Arroyo is delusional


His worst comment was the following. As for the potential health risks? "It might be dangerous," he said, according to the report, "but so is drinking and driving. And how many of us do it at least once a year? Pretty much everybody." Personally I'm offended that he has such a low view of mankind. Most people DO NOT go drinking and driving once per year and the fact that Bronson wants to say that to try and justify his scumbag life makes me sick. How many more fellow posters have never gone drinking and driving? Also I realize some people do go drinking and driving but of those people most of them won't try to rationalize it by saying everyone is doing it like Arroyo here.


A lineup with 9 .300 hitters?

If Mike Napoli can increase his average a few points, he's at .294 right now, and Torii can get back soon, then the Angels could possibly throw out a lineup with every single player batting .300.   ...

Span wants the Angels out of Minnesota


"Thank God they're getting out of here," Twins right fielder Denard Span said. "The last two days, they were just pretty much stealing our lunch money, kicking our butts." I've been an Angels fan my entire life and the times the Angels offense have clicked like this for such an extended period have been few and far between. Well done Angels!

Grichuk and Trout slaughter the Rangers


Grichuk went 6-7 with 3 doubles Trout went 2-2 with 4 walks in his pro debut. Congrats to some of our youngest Angels!


Names of Angels Signed Draft Picks

Angels have signed Grichuk, Kehrer, Corbin, and Reynolds. Reynolds sounds like a steal in the 6th round, a HS arm that can throw mid-90's with a great work ethic. Arizona state moved on with...

Josh Spence (Angels 3rd round pick) is on RIGHT now


If you tune to ESPN they are showing the Az State vs UNC game and the battery for the Sun Devils are both Angels draft picks. So far Spence has gotten through 3 scoreless innings.


Free Brandon Wood

Hey HH!  This is the only Angels site I'm a part of.  Many of us here are in a state of disbelief that the Angels have been struggling to score runs and they have a guy tearing it up in AAA and...

S-Rod doing MUCH better recently


Putting up a 1400+ OPS in May. Also notice how in May he is controlling the strikezone much better with 8 BB's to only 12 K's. Also S-Rod is probably one of the most fundamentally sound guys the Angels have in their system and plays great D with his father being a coach. Personally this would be my lineup. Figgins RF Abreu DH Torii CF Morales 1B Naps C Rivera LF Wood 3B Aybar SS S-Rod 2B

#75 Passing out presents!


Glad to see Frankie is passing out Christmas presents because his first year in NY isn't looking so hot. He's already not their "full-time" closer and he has to wear good ole #75.


Rob Neyer: My opinion only further reinforced

Rob Neyer is such a moron.  I'm reading this live chat he's doing on ESPN and he says he's listening to one of the games on the radio while watching another one.  So I respond.   Me: So a writer...


Worst case playoff scenario

As of now the Angels and Rays have a decent lead on the 2nd tier teams for homefield advantage through out the playoffs.  However it's not out of the realm of possibility that either the Twins or...

Anyone notice what Shell is doing?


Glad he's doing well! It's not like the Angels could use him I mean what with Speier and Loux.

Interesting read on a player the Angels almost drafted


Sounds like the Angels need to boost their draft spending a bit.

Fox Sports says Angels are Favorites to Win the World Series


Just thought you guys might want to see how Vegas sees October playing out. Personally I think the Angels should be favored but I think it's whoever is hot at the right time will win it. The Angels are definitely hot right now, lets just hope they are hot when it counts.

John Sickles reviews his Top Angels Prospects


I don't think Wood needs a change of scenery I think he needs a chance to play. Assuming the Angels have a big lead I'd really like to see him start in September.


Doug Eddings... Worst Ump in Baseball

Doug Eddings strikes again..... Anyone with MLB TV watch the 2nd out of the Bottom of the 2nd in the Red Sox/O's game. Seriously the worst call I've seen since the infamous AJ 3rd strike...

2002 World Series Final Out


Hey HH! Thought we could use a pick me up after tonight's loss. I put this up on youtube awhile ago and forgot to give you guys the link, so here goes. Hope you all enjoy! Mark


With no first round draft pick....

Do you guys think that maybe the Angels will spend more on international signings?  I can't really remember when they've broken the bank for an international signing since they signed Johan Ervin...


Troy Percival HOF Candidate????

Just wondering guys what you think Percival's HOF chances are now that he has revived his career in St. Louis and now TB.  And if he did go into the Hall I think it was be a foregone conclusion...


Some Positives

I know this past week or so hasn't been the best based entirely on results but here are some major positives that have all happened within that time period too.   Lackey came back and looked like...

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