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Your Story Thread

I really do enjoy reading these stories of Giants fans. This is the first time the Giants have been relevant in a long time. I see all this coming together and bonding of fans. I love seeing this....

Perfect Trade


How is this possible?


Info Needed

I just bought left field bleacher seats for the World Series, game 1. They cost more or less 45 bucks. It says they are 139 which is right in the middle of left field. Now to my questions: Are they...

Molina will get a ring no matter who wins World Series


I think this is great. Bengie deserves a ring. He should be proud of everything he is accomplished. If he does retire, its good he can leave with this. Congratulations Bengie and thank you for all that you have done for the Giants and for being a class act and role model.


TJ Ford anyone?

I have been thinking about our hole at point guard for awhile. Jeremy Lin just won't cut it. He is very inexperienced and isn't ready to run our offense. Its not like hes some great defender...

Unleash the Panda!


After reading this I really have new hope in him. I don't know why I should, he seems somewhat hopeless. Nonetheless I am expecting some movie like scene. Pablo is struggling with himself, angry and depressed, and just doesn't believe. Then he has a talk with Bruce Bochy and Pablo says something he regrets and explodes on Bochy. Tensions run high and the Giants lose the next game. Tim Lincecum comes up to Pablo for one more pep talk, Damnitt Pablo we f%$#ing need your ass out there, you have to help us, you can Effing do it man, I know you Fuc%ing can. "UNLEASH THE PANDA!" shouts Aubrey Huff. Pablo yells out" I just can't do it" Pablo struggles with himself some more, then he gets the start from desperate Bruce Bochy. Right before the game Pablo Sandoval finds himself and they play Wild Thing and Pablo wins us the game in a very competitve atmosphere.

Juan Uribe Orange Beard?


Someone please photoshop Juan Uribe's beard orange


Why aren't the Bobcats in the running for Dampier

I am sorry if this is a stupid question and or it has already been answered. Anyways if I recall correctly, didn't Dampier say that if waived he would give the Bobcats the first shot. If I am...


Please San Diego Win the Wild Card

This may sound very anti Giant, but I am hoping against hope that the Padres beat out the Braves and win the Wild Card.  If the Braves win the wild card and we win the division then we have to face...


I see no reason why the Cats would pursue Melo especially if it costed Gerald Wallace

If they did I think they would be making a huge mistake. Gerald Wallace is an all star and the third best sf in the NBA. He just had a career year for God sakes and he is a steal and locked up for...


trades to keep CP3 in New Orleans

Now right now I don't see the Hornets as a playoff team. The West is so competitive right now and the Hornets just aren't good enough. They don't have enough weapons. Chris Paul and David West will...


Trade and Free Agents I Think the Bobcats should explore

First I will name 2 free agents I think the Bobcats should highly consider signing. Those 2 are Flip Murray and Lou Amundson. Now the Bobcats are a fantastic defensive team, but they are very poor...

Jenning's goals for the year


I am so excited for Buck's basketball


Books, TV, Music, Movies, and Video Games

They did this on McCovey Chronicles before and it was great to see what fellow posters like and maybe get to know them better. I love this blog and would be interested to see who the nerds are on...


Caron Butler Starter or sixth man

Recently I was watching something on NBA TV where they were talking about the Mav's season. They started talking about how talented Roddy is and then they said he could be put in the starting...

very good read analyzing the best players ever


I found this looking at yahoo sports 10 man rotation. I really enjoyed it and think fellow basketball fans will to.


Please Read

Earlier posted a fanshot making a joke of the line drive that hit Velez. I wanted to apologize for that. I realize now it was a really stupid and made me sound like an inconsiderate jackass. Now I...


Buying low

I don't often post here, mostly I just view posts and sometimes comment. I have seen the many posts about possible trade targets, who the Giants should get, who just needs to be in a giants uni,...


Ok there have been a bunch of JRich trades, but I think this one is actually realistic

JRich  for Antawn jamison. I think this is a great deal for both teams and I will tell you why. Good for Cavs because: -JJ Hickson is the big man for the future, Jamison was taking minutes away...

Beasely traded to Minnesota


I stole this from dubzfan at GSOM. Anyways Beasely is traded for a second round pick of Minnesotas. The Heat rid themselves of his 5 million salary. Its sad to think of all the great talent that was in the 2008 draft and that Beasely a number 2 pick is now worth a second rounder. I hope he can reach his potential, overcome his deamons, and be a good player.


Options to fill out the rest of the roster

The Heat just signed 3 of the top 10 players in the league and those three together are an unbelievable tandem. Despite their great skills they cannot win the championship themselves, they have...


Monta is not getting traded

I was just watching Chronicle Live and Larry Reilly said when asked is Monta getting traded he said he does not want to trade Monta. He said he is not called any teams about a trade involving...


Potential trade Idea

I have been thinking a lot lately about a lot of teams difficulty with staying under the cap and also the poor fit between Love and Big Al. So I was trying to find a possible trade that could fix...

Sorry Tolliver you were nominated and picked as best dunked on.


Sorry Tolliver you were nominated and picked as best dunked on.


Don't trade Tony, Trade RJ

The Spurs would be making a tremendous mistake by trading Tony. He is their leader without him, the Spurs are not the Spurs. Plus not only do you lose his skills, you lose EVA LONGORIA. No one...


The Giants are playing worth their sallaries

Finally Zito has pitched like he has been paid to, like an ace.  Rowand is playing great. Rowand has always tried hard and played good defense, but the offense has just come in flashes, he is...

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