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Utah fan rats out BYU player for drinking; BYU suspends player for 5 games


Utah fan sent photo of Spencer Hadley drinking in Vegas to Utah compliance officer, who forwarded it to BYU compliance officer. Hadley's suspension begins with this week's Utah-BYU game.


Betsy Andreu interview

Good interview with Betsy Andreu here. She says she's grateful that the USADA report has come out, but she definitely has mixed emotions even about the other USADA witnesses. That's not...


Big Game starts at 12 noon per leaked Fox TV schedule

The Fox broadcast affiliate in Reno posted this Fox broadcast TV schedule for 2012 college football on their site. My guess is they were not supposed to release this publicly yet, but here it is: h...


A few more thoughts on Cal getting hosed by the 2012 football schedule, and what can be done in the future

We're ticked that the Pac-12 saw fit to move the Big Game to mid-October while everyone else's rivalry game gets played in the last two weeks of the regular season. We're ticked that Cal, and...

Chris Horner's TdF crash speed = about 60 km/hr


That's a shot of Chris Horner's SRAM power meter graph ending at his crash on stage 7 of the TdF. Last recorded speed looks to be just over 60 kilometers per hour. Yikes.

Hey, Chip Kelly, in case you're reading this...


Hey, Chip Kelly, in case you're reading this, here are seven things you need to know: "Cheating for Dummies: Your guide to smarter NCAA rule-breaking"

2011 College World Series schedule & game times


Bears play Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific time, against Virginia, who beat UCI 3-2 on Monday afternoon. Cal's second game will be next Tuesday, June 21.

Cal's Natalie Coughlin taking the plunge again


Cal's Natalie Coughlin, back in training, hoping to go to London and add to the 11 Olympic medals she's already earned.


"It Drives Me Crazy" (The Shame of A Brown-Out)

This passage from Peter Gammons' latest column on perfectly epitomizes the the A's "pathetic" offense. . . . It's about not scoring runners from third base with less than two outs. . . "I...


More love for Tejada, from Gammons (with poll)

Peter Gammons' latest piece on once again sings the praises of Miguel Tejada and identifies Big Mig as the force behind the Orioles' great start to 2005: But the players point to one man...


Padres' new top exec is Sandy Alderson (with poll)

The Padres just announced they have hired Sandy Alderson as their "chief executive officer", according to this San Diego U-T article: Alderson is to become San Diego's chief executive officer,...


Phillips Bashes Zito: "Very Ordinary" (with poll)

Former GM Steve Phillips jumped on the Zito pile-on today with these comments on an chat: Barry started showing signs of weakness in 2004. Left handed hitters dominated him during the...


Sportsline: Contrasting A's and Angels on hitting

The preview of the LAAOA is all about the difference between the Angels' hitting philosophy and that of the A's. There are many phrases you might hear if you hang around manager Mike...


Olbermann: "Say it ain't so, Big Mac"

Keith Olbermann has this great take on Thursday's congressional steroid circus, focusing mostly on McGwire of course. If it hadn't been so tragic, so much like watching as cops fail to talk the guy...


Gammons: 'Roids rampant in '90s A's farm system (POLL)

Peter Gammons' February 28th piece on ... ... starts out with McGwire and his androstenedione,  moves on to Brian Downing and Ken...


Canseco will sign his book at Costco

Just got back from my neighborhood Costco (in Carlsbad, in San Diego County). Big sign at the front entrance to the store -- says that Jose Canseco will be at the Carlsbad Costco store (Thursday,...


Vitale sez: McGwire and Canseco should take lie-detector tests (WITH POLL)

Dickie V, in his column, opines that both Mac and Josey should take lie-detector tests live on ESPN to settle Canseco's claims about steroid use: h...


Canseco says he injected McGwire with steroids

Jose Canseco has apparently decided to name as many juicy names in his new book as he possibly can. This New York Daily News article says that Canseco, in his new tell-all book, will say that he...


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -- it's official Orange County's baseball team on Monday officially took another name -- the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Gotta love it.  Those Angels fans must...


Make Your Predictions: How Many Wins in '05?

Just taking the temperature here. Post your as-of-today prediction for how many games the A's will win in '05. That's it.  No charts of predicted wins from '06 thru '15.  Nothing like that here. J...

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