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Many streaks on the line against BYU

Boise State has 49 straight wins in the month of October and has won 21 straight against teams coming from Utah. Those are relatively trivial, but they make good filler for TV announcers and are...


Joe Southwick third down tendencies

I love to dig deep into the play-by-play data that is made available for games. There are so many interesting details that go beyond the boxscore and occasionally I come across a nugget like the...

Inside the numbers on Boise State versus Wyoming


Boise State was once again efficient on offense and dominant on defense, resulting in the type of blowout that Bronco Nation has become accustomed to watching. Despite only eight offensive...

Inside the numbers on Boise State versus UNLV


Good teams control inferior teams, great teams dominate them and elite teams destroy them. After Saturday we learned that Boise State's offense is good and their defense is among the elite. Playing...

Inside the numbers on Boise State versus Fresno


After years of being dominated by the Broncos, at least Fresno State made it look respectable this time - respectable for those that only look at the final score and didn't actually watch the game....

Inside the numbers on Boise State versus Southern


No matter how many advanced stats the math geeks come up with, none will tell a better story of the Broncos win over Southern Miss than turnovers and field position. The Boise State defense had...

Inside the Numbers: Boise State versus New Mexico


It was a tale of two halves against New Mexico, and we learned once again, that an option attack is kryptonite to the Bronco defense. After cruising to an early 25 -0 lead, Boise State fumbled away...

Inside the Numbers: Boise State versus Brigham You

The Broncos came out the victors in a defensive struggle Thursday night in a game that neither team's defense struggled. The offenses did struggle in a game that was universally panned as being...

Inside the numbers on Boise State Versus Miami

Advanced stats and bonus info on Boise State's win over Miami (OH)

Inside the numbers on Boise State versus Michigan State

Advanced stats and formulas to help decipher the Broncos-Spartan season opener

Dougie wins dance contest at the LV Bowl. I could watch this a thousand times.


Dougie wins dance contest at the LV Bowl. I could watch this a thousand times.

The Georgia game has reached critical mass in the hype machine. There have been hype videos, media...


The Georgia game has reached critical mass in the hype machine. There have been hype videos, media saturation, mock scrimmages and trash talk via twitter. All the game needs now is Don King or Howard Cosell and it could eclipse the hype of those classic heavyweight title bouts. (Actually I saw a tutorial and wanted to see if I could learn a new technique in PhotoShop.)

BlogPoll Season Finale: Should Auburn or TCU be OBNUG's No. 1?


What would Bronco fans do at the top of the poll with undefeated Auburn and undefeated TCU?

BlogPoll Week Fourteen Draft: Who should be No. 1 in final rankings?


OBNUG's final regular season BlogPoll. Find out who gets No. 1 and how the coaches voted.

BlogPoll Week Thirteen: What to do with Boise State and Nevada?


OBNUG's Top 25 features the fall of Boise State and the rise of Nevada.

BSU to open @ Georgia for 2011?


Don't make those plans for a trip to The Grove just yet. Looks like a trip to Atlanta and another "neutral site" game may be coming. Here's to excorsicising the Zabransky demons.

BlogPoll Week Twelve: Should Auburn be downgraded due to Newton allegations?


What should OBNUG do with Auburn in its BlogPoll? Find out if Cam Newton's allegations have any impact on the rankings

BlogPoll Week Eleven Draft: How Far Should Utah Fall?


  Predictably, human and computer voters alike fawned over TCU's dismantling of Utah over the weekend.  While it was a good win, breaking a long home winning streak for the Utes, this Utah team is...

BlogPoll Week Ten Draft: Should Oregon be No. 1?


OBNUG's BlogPoll rankings keep Boise State at No. 1 and feature three WAC teams in the Top 25.

BlogPoll Week Nine draft: Where does Auburn belong?


OBNUG's BlogPoll draft has two non-BCS teams at the top and is still undecided on Auburn.

BlogPoll Week Eight Draft: Is Oklahoma as good as BCS suggests?


OBNUG ranks the Top 25 and lets Boise State reign.

BlogPoll Week Seven Draft: Does Boise State or Ohio State deserve top spot?


Boise State finds itself at No. 1 on OBNUG's BlogPoll draft. Find out why.

OBNUG BlogPoll Draft: How far should Texas fall?


OBNUG's BlogPoll draft has Boise State high, Texas low, and a lot of unknowns in between.

BlogPoll Week Four draft: Does Nevada belong in Top 25?


What teams are on the rise and which ones are falling after Week Three of the college football season? Find out how OBNUG ranks 'em in the BlogPoll

BlogPoll Week Three Draft: What to do with Virginia Tech?


How far will the Hokies fall and how will that impact the Broncos? Find out what OBNUG did in its Week Three BlogPoll draft.

BlogPoll Week 2 Draft: Is Boise State the best team in the country?


What to do with the Broncos in this week's polls? Find out if having the best showing in Week One is good enough for the top spot.

Andy Staple's take on Kustra's comments


"Could it be that you Broncos, who now have one of the nation's best programs, have turned into the same kind of snobs you used to despise? It's quite a bit different when the cleat is on the other foot, isn't it?"

OBNUG BlogPoll Week Thirteen: How would you rank the top four teams?


For the first time, I was able to watch all six undefeated teams in the same weekend.  I am not sure it helped draw any conclusions, except that Texas has some real concerns on defense and does not...

OBNUG BlogPoll Week Twelve: Is TCU the Best Team in the Country?


My time management this week has been worse than LSU's Les Miles. Thankfully, The Intern has already provided great analysis in his weekend pollwatch post.  In this week's draft BlogPoll, both...

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