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ISS Research supplements: Build a better body with instant savings on ALL products!


Build better bodies. That's what it's all about, isn't it? You don't get up early every morning and force yourself to the gym just to have that annoying trainer try to upsell you on his "sessions"...

Kick your training into high gear with our lowest price EVER on top selling MMA Stack!


Going into the gym and pumping iron is the foundation for building lean mass, just as guzzling down a gallon of water and punishing yourself on the treadmill is the foundation for good cardio. L...

BSN supplements stack still on sale with HOT summer savings!


For more information about the Lean Stack sale and its benefits click here. Otherwise, take advantage of the "Buy Now" feature before the discount expires!

Feel It Nutrition slashing prices on ALL TwinLab products for a limited time!


For this week's edition of Fitness Friday, it would be prudent to talk about a manufacturer who has excelled for many years in the science of sports nutrition. We often talk about getting in shape...

Acid Reign: Blowout sale on Amino Acids will keep your muscles (and your wallet) from shrinking!


In the old days, it was hard knowing how much protein to take and when to take it, but fortunately the science of sports nutrition (and the generosity of Feel It Nutrition) is making it easier by...

Waistland: Shrink that gut with a belly-busting SALE on all Fat Burners at Feel It Nutrition!


Welcome to another edition of Fitness Friday ladies and gentleturds. I’ve got good news and bad news for all my fellow East Coast Maniacs. The good news is the warm weather is finally here. The...

Reminder: The best building muscle mass supplements are still on sale


Head over to Feel It Nutrition today to lock-in the amazing summer savings before it's too late. Click here.

Mass roots movement: Gain huge discounts with 'Feel It Nutrition' weight gainers sale!


Puny human! Feel It Nutrition smash (their prices)! Whoever coined the phrase "Size doesn’t matter" never had the courage to step foot into a musty gym and test themselves against the cold and...

Creatine sale starts today! Waterboard your muscles for pennies on the dollar!


Welcome back to another edition of Fitness Friday ladies and (wheat) germs, where you carefully avert your eyes from this weekly nutritional column because you know you've been a bad boy outside...

Huge blowout sale on all protein powder during Feel It Nutrition's 'Protein Week'


Since the discovery of whey protein as a primary supplement to help in the development of body muscle, a lot of health buffs can’t seem to get enough of their own supply. Everyone seems to be...

Dyma-dozen: Blowout sale on Dymatize Nutrition may save your summer yet!


It's Fitness Friday -- and from where I'm sitting the mercury is pushing 80 degrees this weekend. Still hiding that little pouch under an oil-stained flannel? Pulling that collar up on your...

Reminder: Discount BSN supplements sale in full swing!


Head over to right now to lock-in the awesome savings right here.

Back by popular demand! Feel It Nutrition blowout sale on all BSN products!


Alright Maniacs, it’s Fitness Friday and we've heard your demands! For those of you who missed out on our special sale at the beginning of the month, Feel It Nutrition is bringing back its most...

Skim 'Milk': Feel It Nutrition trims the prices on all CytoSport products for a limited time!


It's Fitness Friday ladies and germs and it's finally here ... the one you've all been waiting for. That's right, get ready to cash in and save 15% off all CytoSport products including the...

Reminder: Optimum Nutrition whey protein clearance sale ends this Friday!


Props: (More details are can be found here.)

Feel It Nutrition slashes prices on all Optimum Nutrition products for a limited time!


It's Fitness Friday ladies and gentlemen, and if you thought last week's sale was off the chain, you haven't seen anything yet! Feel It! Nutrition is once again offering some insane deals on top...

Feel It Nutrition special sale slashes prices on all BSN products


Alright Maniacs, it's Fitness Friday and yours truly, Nostradumbass himself, has come down from his throne on Mount Pompous to weigh in on a very special sale we're introducing courtesy of the...

Get healthy and save big on Feel It Nutrition's Health Stack


Nearly half of all Americans make a New Year's resolution or two. For many, adopting healthier eating habits usually tops the list. And even though it's midway through March, it's still not too...

Feeling it: A UFC 96 interview exclusive with Tim Boetsch


UFC light heavyweight Tim Boetsch is set to make his third straight appearance inside the Octagon when he takes on the well-rounded Jason Brilz at UFC 96 "Jackson vs. Jardine" this Saturday, March...

Mise-en-Lean: Arranging your physique through the science ofsports nutrition


I've got good news and bad news for all my fellow East Coast pimps. The good news is, the warm weather is almost here. The bad news? The warm weather is almost here. I know there are a diligent...

Feel It! Nutrition blowout sale: $20 off ALL STACKS starting today for a limited time


It's Fitness Friday ladies and Maniacs and while I usually take this time to cover a certain aspect of training or supplementation, the guys and gals over at Feel It! Nutrition have plum lost...

Stack of all trades: Supercharging results with new MMA Stack


Today's world of training and sports nutrition can be very intimidating to beginning and experienced athletes alike. Trying to make heads or tails of the endless shelves of performance-enhancing...

Lean and sober: How to get ripped without getting ripped off


It's Fitness Friday ladies and gentlemen, and on the eve of Valentine's Day I bring you good cheer that doesn't require getting an arrow shot into your buttocks by a naked putto. Thanks to the...

Lungevity: Combat cardio for a new generation of fighters


It's Fitness Friday once again Maniacs and if you recall last week's column we covered some great exercises that closely resemble the kind of physical exertion you would experience in a real mixed...

Gym Dandy: Training for combat cardio without gassing your wallet


One of the biggest criticisms facing mixed martial arts competitors in today's fight game is an apparent lack of combat cardio. I call it combat cardio because there is a marked difference between...

Meat the press: An intelligent approach to protein consumption


I remember the old days when getting enough protein meant sucking down a T-bone on the days I went heavy in the gym. That could probably explain why I had giant guns and insufficient funds. It...

Ladies first: A little diddy about Stack and Diane


When you think of women's mixed martial arts (MMA), you probably think of Gina Carano. And why not? She has the looks, the talent and the personality to embody everything positive about this sport...

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