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Stop the madness.


It is not time to give up on Tannehill. Step back from the ledge and remember even the much maligned Chad Henne was given 31 starts as a Miami Dolphin. Franchise QBs do not grow on trees. RT has now started 23 professional games and spent most of his college career as a WR. Then, when he became the QB he led a mostly zone read spread offense. Everyone knew this guy would need to be groomed coming out of college. Why is everyone so surprised when he makes mistakes? I think Sherman is likely the issue here.

UF Gators @ UM Hurricanes 9/7/2013.


I am in the process of planning a trip to Florida for my quarterly dose of sunshine and heat. I'm trying to work out the logistics for 5 guys from 4 states to crash the party in Miami for this old rivalry. The biggest issue I'm having is that the game time is TBA. I'm flying into Atl on the 9/6 and driving from there. My money is that this winds up being a primetime game. What do you guys think? There's no possible way they would schedule this game in Miami for the noon game, right? Too hot and a big draw for ratings, I would think.


To the national media:

Kiss my @ss! I'm listening to Heath Evans on NFLN right now as they bash us even more. Apparently, it's now our weak locker room that caused BM to punch a woman in the face. "They haven't had any...


No matter what Manning decides....

I think we can all breathe a great sigh of relief knowing that Mr. Ross and Jeff Ireland got it correct this time. If Peyton goes elsewhere, I don't want to see our FO getting lambasted for their...


Hmm, this seems suspicious...

Does anyone find it odd that J. Irsay fired his front office, but not the HC with the conclusion of the regular season. He was also quoted as saying he'd like to see another Super Bowl in his...


Phinsider members, another non football thread....

I'm pretty new to this site, but I've been posting a little while here now. I'm trying to get a better grasp of the other regular here so I know who I'm chatting/arguing with. A little background...


What if?

We defeated the jets to close out at 6-10. April is upon us and we're on the clock drafting 11th. All of our efforts to trade up were thwarted. Indy wanted 3 firsts and 2 seconds and a 4th this...


Bengals are the AFC's 6th seed.

Get rid of a former #1 overall pick at QB, draft an undersized college underdog and throw his ass right in the fire. Give him a ridiculously talented WR prospect and a TE while were at it. All of...


Would 9 Division Games make for Better Football?

As I read all of the opinions tossed back and forth in the article discussing the trade deadline, I decided to write an article reguarding the current scheduling system for the NFL. As fans may or...


Who's watching RG III right now?

This is the first time I've ever watched him in a big game. For the most part, I've like what I've seen. The pick he threw in the endzone was a horrible "Sanchez-esque" type of throw. Ball must've...


Panic Time?

I recently posted about the possibilty of the Dolphins acquiring Peyton Manning and how the community, in general, felt about this. After much discussion and a little research I'm even more...


Manning to Miami?

Watching ESPN this morning and Herm Edwards seems to think we will be the top suitors for Peyton Manning. I refuse to believe Indy would just trade him away. That would have to be an all-time...

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