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Statistics applied to statistically based predictions.

Nate Silver's sometimes controversial site has an interesting take on predicting a team's seasonal performance. Nothing's perfect...

Did Bobby Thomson have help?

Were the NY Giants stealing signs in 1951? Was their comeback to the pennant entirely proper? Apparently not...

Doug Glanville on Derek Jeter

Glanville's writing is always a joy. Here is his take on the upcoming retirement of Derek Jeter, with a good look back at a memorable career.


Happy 83rd, Ernie!

Yes, this probably should be a FanShot. So what? Ernie Banks is 83 today. I really, really hope the Cubs' rebuilding process gets them to a World Series while Ernie is still around to see...


From the article: "TWSS actually deserves our thanks. It was a formulaic gag, but it showed us that the most mundane moments still have the potential to shock and surprise."

Be safe - stay inside!

It's going to get dangerously cold out there for anyone in the (roughly) northern half of the US. Stay in if you can, be careful if you have to go anywhere.

Scratch one outfield option...

Ellsbury signs with the Yankees. 7 years/$153 million.


Be safe, Chicago area folks.

Severe weather warnings for the Chicago area. In the article, they mention: The collision of a pair of weather systems right over northeast Illinois has led the National Weather Service...

OT: Humor

The real nature of articles and comment threads.

Gregg and Epstein...

There's a video of Gregg as well, but this is the story.

The worst baseball card of all time?

I don't know about that, I have not seen all of them, still, this one sets the bad bar pretty high.

"Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks will get the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I'm not putting this up for politics, I'm putting it up for Ernie.

Minneapolis StarTribune: Orioles interested in Morneau?

A few years ago, maybe. He's a shell of his former, dangerous self now.

NYT: Solving the shattering maple bat problem.

"The change is the result of an unusual partnership between Major League Baseball and the Forest Service, whose scientists looked deep into maple’s core to find why it was so brittle, and how it could be made less so. Giving up the wood entirely was deemed out of the question."



A souvenir Saints baseball handed out today at the ceremonial start of demolition of a large, vacant industrial building to make way for a new Saints ballpark in downtown St. Paul. Coincidentally, across the street from me.

OT: Dinner with Ali

A genuinely wonderful read about a writer's encounter with The Greatest. (By way of the wonderful

Games are getting longer.

It's hardly a secret. The Star Tribune's Dennis Brackin looks at the slowdown taking place across baseball. (Somewhat Twins-centric, of course!)

The knuckleball analyzed...

"Set against the heroics of home run hitters and base stealers, even the most successful knuckleball pitchers are seen as curios."

Roger Angell on Jackie Robinson and "42" in The New Yorker

"We all knew his story by heart, of course, and took a great American pride in him, the very first black player in the majors: a carefully selected twenty-eight-year-old college graduate and Army veteran primed and prepped in 1947 by Dodger President Branch Rickey, who exacted a promise from him that he would never respond, never complain, never talk back, no matter what taunts or trash came at him from enemy players out of the stands. He did us proud, but at a cost beyond the paying."

Weird Minor League team names

Because we can all use a good laugh now and then.

Very OT: Hey, CG - my minestrone!


OK, this was the night I made it. Chicken thighs, seared with the skin on, then set aside to use the rendered fat to sweat the carrots and onions. Then I added the things back in, a 32 oz. box of chicken broth, and additional water to cover, letting it go until it was a nice broth. Five different kinds of (canned) beans, drained and rinsed, and a bunch of kale were added when I took the chicken back out to (hand) strip the meat. Finally, most of a box of farfalle pasta. I just had the last bit of a frozen "sub-batch" for lunch. OK, now it's your turn!

Insanely off-topic post: Transylvania TV is on the air!

I've done a lot of the lighting, and a tiny bit of voice acting, for this show. It's the best adult-oriented vampire puppet comedy you're ever likely to see. Here's a bit from their Facebook page: " of today, TV-TV will be airing in 50.5 Million homes on independent television stations all over the U.S. We will be posting which stations and schedules as they become available. Here is the first batch. If you live in one of these markets, please do your minion-y best to let people know about us. - Detroit, Flint & Grand Rapids, MI - Comcast Network - Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne, IN - Hoosier TV - Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, VA: Cox 11 - Roanoke-Lychburg, VA - Cox 9 Many more to come! Stay tuned!"

Liriano strikes out 15 for the Twins, loses.

One mistake - a grand slam by Johnny Gomes. I had this game on last night, Liriano was...not quite Kerry-Wood-dominant, still, he was setting the A's down one after another. If I'm anyone in MLB, I'm thinking twice about trading for Denard Span after a performance marked by mental mistakes that may well have cost the Twins that game.

Ugh. You do NOT want Hubbard Broadcasting buying the Tribune stations.

They have a duopoly here in the Twin Cities, and they're not my idea of good station owners/management.

OT: Oldest former Major League player turns 101

"HAVANA — Conrado Marrero can still remember the crisp feeling of slipping on his Washington Senators uniform, and the surge of adrenaline he got staring down Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and other major league batters. But the diminutive right-hander’s glory days are a world — and a revolution — away. The Cuban pitcher who last year became the oldest living former big leaguer turned 101 on Wednesday, surrounded by family and a couple of old friends in his modest Havana apartment, the faded walls in need of paint, the spartan furniture tattered and frayed."

Where are they now? (Target Field!)

Jason Marquis is signing with the Twins. Some Twins fans don't seem especially happy about this news.

Kent Hrbek will get a statue outside Target Field

"Hrbek, a Bloomington native who played his entire 14-year career with the Twins and was part of World Series championship teams in 1987 and 1991, said he was recently told by team President Dave St. Peter that his statue will be unveiled this summer." So it may be there for the Cubs visit. Who's coming to town for it?

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