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Very OT: Hey, CG - my minestrone!


OK, this was the night I made it. Chicken thighs, seared with the skin on, then set aside to use the rendered fat to sweat the carrots and onions. Then I added the things back in, a 32 oz. box of chicken broth, and additional water to cover, letting it go until it was a nice broth. Five different kinds of (canned) beans, drained and rinsed, and a bunch of kale were added when I took the chicken back out to (hand) strip the meat. Finally, most of a box of farfalle pasta. I just had the last bit of a frozen "sub-batch" for lunch. OK, now it's your turn!

Insanely off-topic post: Transylvania TV is on the air!


I've done a lot of the lighting, and a tiny bit of voice acting, for this show. It's the best adult-oriented vampire puppet comedy you're ever likely to see. Here's a bit from their Facebook page: " of today, TV-TV will be airing in 50.5 Million homes on independent television stations all over the U.S. We will be posting which stations and schedules as they become available. Here is the first batch. If you live in one of these markets, please do your minion-y best to let people know about us. - Detroit, Flint & Grand Rapids, MI - Comcast Network - Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne, IN - Hoosier TV - Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, VA: Cox 11 - Roanoke-Lychburg, VA - Cox 9 Many more to come! Stay tuned!"

Liriano strikes out 15 for the Twins, loses.


One mistake - a grand slam by Johnny Gomes. I had this game on last night, Liriano was...not quite Kerry-Wood-dominant, still, he was setting the A's down one after another. If I'm anyone in MLB, I'm thinking twice about trading for Denard Span after a performance marked by mental mistakes that may well have cost the Twins that game.

Ugh. You do NOT want Hubbard Broadcasting buying the Tribune stations.


They have a duopoly here in the Twin Cities, and they're not my idea of good station owners/management.

OT: Oldest former Major League player turns 101


"HAVANA — Conrado Marrero can still remember the crisp feeling of slipping on his Washington Senators uniform, and the surge of adrenaline he got staring down Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and other major league batters. But the diminutive right-hander’s glory days are a world — and a revolution — away. The Cuban pitcher who last year became the oldest living former big leaguer turned 101 on Wednesday, surrounded by family and a couple of old friends in his modest Havana apartment, the faded walls in need of paint, the spartan furniture tattered and frayed."

Where are they now? (Target Field!)


Jason Marquis is signing with the Twins. Some Twins fans don't seem especially happy about this news.

Kent Hrbek will get a statue outside Target Field


"Hrbek, a Bloomington native who played his entire 14-year career with the Twins and was part of World Series championship teams in 1987 and 1991, said he was recently told by team President Dave St. Peter that his statue will be unveiled this summer." So it may be there for the Cubs visit. Who's coming to town for it?

Sandberg to return to manage IronPigs


"The Philadelphia Phillies announced this afternoon that Ryne Sandberg, who this year guided the IronPigs to their first winning season and into the International League championship series, will return as the Lehigh Valley manager in 2012."

Philadelphia is pursuing Michael Cuddyer


I still think he'd be a good Cub. Solid player, decent offense, good for multiple positions, and a very good guy on and off the field. Every team can use someone like that.

Cleaning up baseball in the old days.


Here's the first graf of the site's description. The actual memo is definitely NSFW. This incredible memo, purportedly issued to all Major League Baseball teams in 1898 as part of a documented campaign — spearheaded by John Brush — to rid the sport of filthy language, was discovered in 2007 amongst the belongings of the late baseball historian Al Kermish, also a respected collector of memorabilia. Essentially an on-field code of conduct, most amusing is that the memo was in fact so expletive-laden and obscene as to be "unmailable" to its intended audience via the postal service, and so was delivered by hand to each of the League's 12 clubs and their foul-mouthed players. The more things change, the more they stay the *$%^$%$#%(*&^^_(*-ing same, I guess...

Everyday player? Forget it, unless Mauer is moved


Speculation on the future of Joe Mauer, and it's not behind the plate. So maybe let's not burn Soto out, and please do replace Hill as backup.

You can take your UZR and ...


Reusse sometimes drives me nuts, sometimes makes all kinds of sense. I've worked on a show he is a regular panelist on, and he's mostly a pretty good guy. "Back in 2009, Fregosi was in the Metrodome on a scouting mission. It was midsummer of Delmon Young's second season with the Twins. The outfielder was such a disappointment that he was in the lineup only part time. I was giving Fregosi a negative review of Delmon -- particularly the manner in which he was getting tied up with his swing as he tried to inside-out pitches to right field. "I'd take him," Fregosi said. "He hits more 400-foot home runs foul to right field than any righthanded hitter in history. He's strong. He has bat speed. Delmon will figure it out.""

The Cardinals just got better (defensively)


Nick Punto signed with St. Louis. He can't hit, but he's a very good defensive infielder.



So I was reading the StarTribune site today, and this was linked. Good thing it's a weekend, as it's definitely NSFW. Hilarious, though. First-rate parody of first-person cop-story stuff.

A Fan's View: Why it took Bert so long


Disclosure: I've worked with Bert quite a bit on Twins pregame shows. (None recently, not doing sports any longer.) I'm glad to see him get in - he was a hell of a pitcher and he's a great guy to work with.

Twins secure negotiating rights for Nishioka


Think they'd want a lefty-hitting Japanese right fielder?



I'm not saying "yes" and I'm not saying "no" - I'm just interested in discussion. He's been effective enough recently here in MN. Then again, age is a factor. Interesting comparison the author uses: The three-year, $33 million contract Ted Lilly signed with the Dodgers last month could be a benchmark for Pavano's next deal. Like Pavano, Lilly would have been a Type A free agent this year, and they both turn 35 in January.

2011 Free Agency list - Minneapolis Star Tribune


First Base – Absolutely stocked. I’ve never seen a first baseman market so stocked. I had thought the White Sox might really have an issue if they lost Paul Konerko this winter, but they can fall back on Derrek Lee, Lance Berkman, Carlos Pena or Aubrey Huff, let alone chase Adam Dunn. The next tier of agents is stocked, too. It’s a very good year to be looking for a first baseman (or a DH, hint, hint.)

The story of Dock Ellis - beyond his no-hitter.


I don't know if this has been linked previously. It's interesting, in a kind of train-wreck-in-slow-motion sort of way. I found it on LongForm. (

Let the speculation begin anew!


Is it time for Twins to ponder the unthinkable?

Strange news about Kyle Farnsworth


Farnsworth injured his left, non-pitching hand when one of his pet American bulldogs bit him as he tried to break up a fight between the two canines. He suffered cuts to his index finger and the bites went deep enough to reach, but not cut, a tendon.


Twin Cities fans - group game watching anywhere?

Who among us living here in MN wants to watch at least one or two of the games someplace as a group?  I suggested this last year, to no avail, and it was over very quickly in any case.  This year,...


Nice NYT Op-Ed by Doug Glanville

I found this by accident - I followed another blog's link to the NYT site and ran across this piece while I was wandering through. It's a opinion by Doug Glanville, former Cub draft pick A...


Breaking: Barry Bonds indicted

I just heard on CNN, he's been indicted for obstruction of justice and perjury.Link: The five-count indictment -- four counts of perjury and one of...


Twin Cities Cub fans

I will not be doing anything anywhere except watching the game at home.  I have gone from a good measure of confidence to almost zero after seeing the massive power outage we've all seen in AZ....


MN/Twin Cities Cub fans

Meet up tonight if you want, I'm not going to make it tonight or tomorrow.  I'll be watching from home.Maybe this weekend, Champps at Sibley Plaza?I'm not "organizing" this, really, as in making...


Twin Cities fans followup

Well, there are a few of us.  I looked into Alary's, and there are a couple of issues, as far as I'm concerned. They do not serve food.  They let you bring food in, but they don't prepare/serve....


How many other Minnesotans here? UPDATED

And more to the point, how many would like to find some nice local watering hole to descend on "en masse" and shout and scream at the TVs if the playoff thing truly does happen?Might be fun...Let...

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