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Top 10 Mistakes Flip Will be Tempted to Make Between Now and the NBA Draft

1. State in a televised interview that he is in favor of Analytics: "I’ve gotten a colonoscopy every year since turning fifty". 2. Discovers Bud Grant played in NBA, offers him head coaching...


First Annual Wolves Whiff Award

I would like to propose an annual "Wolves Whiff" award for the player the Wolves could have taken with a pick they traded away draft night. The player should be one who was the obvious player for...


Prediction - CJ McCollum Will Average 18 Points and Win ROY

I just threw up in my mouth a bit... Rookie CJ McCollum crosses positional lines to offer value to...


Rambis... For When Twenty Wins is Everest EyeOnBasketball Report: Lakers close to bringing in K...


I Fold

I'm done guys. I will no longer attend any Wolves games, or even watch any on TV. I've been following the team since the inaugural season, a year after I moved to Minnesota. I loved the KG teams,...


Top Ten Reasons David Kahn Didn’t Trade for Dwight Howard

In memory of our friend Tim Allen, who set the bar for humor and loving-kindness on Canis Hoopis. RIP. 1. Didn’t want to make rest of GM’s look bad after signing Schved, Kirilenko and...


Anyone here with Mad Graphic Skills

Seeking a partner -in-crime to collaborate on my next POBO bashing post. Looking for a CH person who is good at tinkering with images, caricatures, etc. I am funnier than your average Ursis, but...


Would We Trade the 18th pick for Thabo Sefolosha?

If the answer is yes, how can we not use the 18th pick on Jeffery Taylor, who is considered the second coming of Thabo by nearly everyone? Biggest difference between them is that one is Swiss, the...

How about Bernard James with the 58th pick?


My gut says he will play in the NBA for eight years. 27 year old Air Force vet out of Florida State.


WINNING! - 2012 Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Projection

1. On draft day, the Wolves trade Derrick Williams and Wes Johnson to Golden State for their number seven pick, Golden State wishing to “get more athletic better players”. When informed of the...


Positivity, Seriously

With all the negatives in our face as the Wolves finish the season, it bears highlighting the four big improvements the Wolves showed this year, three of them largely unexpected, wonderful...


Strategic Planning - Where would Anthony Davis play on the Wolves?

If Utah makes the playoffs and we get their pick (15-17?), AND Anthony Davis falls to us, where do we play him? Would he simply add to the logjam at power forward, with Love, DWill, Beasley,...


Poll - Will Kahn Somehow Blow Signing Love?!!!

As per Jerry Zgoda's post this morning, it amazes me the Wolves have not signed Love to the max for four years or five, whichever Love prefers. With him, Rubio is likely to stay. If Love chooses to...


My email to a T-Wolves Sales Rep 2 Years Ago, Kahn-Bashing

I feel pretty good about my critique of Kahn eight months into his tenure. Of the players I regretted us passing on, all but Danny Green are long-term NBA starters. January 15 2010 Hi Mike, ...


Corey Brewer Shining in Denver

"When asked what he brings to the court, Brewer says his goal is to "wreak havoc, make things happen defensively. Offensively, get to the rim, offensive rebound. Do all the dirty work. Do all...


Waive Darko and Beasley

At least that was my emotional impulse last night at the Spurs victory, which may have been the first winning game I attended since the Ticket left town. Great to see Wes Johnson have a good game....


Why Oh Why Didnt We Draft Marshon Brooks?

He was there with our 20th pick, was the obvious best shooting guard available at that point in the draft, can create his own shot, and is now averaging 15 points a game in 21 minutes for the Nets. ...

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