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I'm a law student with a fantastic wife and four awesome kids. Life. Is. Good. Except for that whole "no playoff wins in 900 years" thing. I am the artist formerly known as Seth Keysor

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An ode to Dave Toub


KC Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub is better than you. Or you. And everyone else, too.

Dwayne Bowe vs. Demaryius Thomas


I swear I'm not trolling you. But there is a LOT of contention here... Who gets the best of it in this debate?

Dwayne Bowe vs. Demaryius Thomas


Denver fans are absolutely horrified that I DARE question Thomas's "greatness." They think he's the next Megatron... even though he's never gone over 600 yards in a season prior to Fivehead's arrival. Crazy stuff.

Dontari Poe Snap Breakdown vs. Niners starters


I break down each snap against the biggest, baddest OL in the land. While where were a couple rough plays, overall Poe continued to impress.

Fortunately, unfortunately


The San Francisco 49ers beat the KC Chiefs 15-13 in Friday's second preseason game. AP contributor MNChiefsfan takes you through the highs and lows of the game.

Power ranking the Chiefs through 1 week


What would a list of power rankings for KC Chiefs players and coaches look like after one preseason game? We give you the top four. Special teams included!

Can Knile handle the load? To the tape


I've been very, very, very down on the choice John Dorsey made with the KC Chiefs 3rd round pick. I suppose I might as well watch a little tape (emphasis on little) and see what the kid's got.

Mailbag: Underachieving Chiefs?


It's been way too long, so I'll try to take on a few more questions than normal. Also, allow me express disappointment that I have yet to receive a single training camp email demanding MOAR of someone. C'mon people. I believe in you!

The Mike DeVito breakdown


What did I learn in watching 400+ snaps of the KC Chiefs new Big Man?

Chiefs offensive predictions, part 1


We walked through predictions for each of the positions on the defensive side of the ball. Now it's time for the offense. Up first is the KC Chiefs offensive line.

Mailbag: About those Broncos


Perhaps some slight trolling of Broncos fans.

Chiefs defensive predictions, part 3


What will the Kansas City Chiefs secondary do this year? A few predictions for you...

Mailbag: The (lack of) return TDs


Send mailbag questions to MNchiefsfan@hotmail.com, or tweet to @RealMNchiefsfan.

To the Tyler Bray highlight tape


Walk through this Tyler Bray highlight video with commentary from MNChiefsfan.

Branden Albert contract mediation


A cheat sheet for John Dorsey and Branden Albert's Agent.

Chiefs mailbag: 16-0 vs. 0-16


Send mailbag questions to MNchiefsfan@hotmail.com or tweet to @RealMNchiefsfan.

The All-Freak team, NFL edition


If you made a team of athletic freaks, who would be on it?

Mailbag: Berry, former players as GMs and more


Answers to the burning questions of Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Mailbag: Jon Baldwin, super heroes and more


Answering questions about the Kansas City Chiefs and... other stuff.

Pick your role player


What unsung heroes from around the league could help the Kansas City Chiefs?

Mailbag: Who is built to beat the Chiefs?


Answering questions about the Kansas City Chiefs and everything else.

Finding the hot streak


The role of the hot streak in sports.

Chiefs predictions: The defense, part 2


What does the future hold for the Kansas City Chiefs linebackers?

Mailbag: Bray, d-line, over/under and more


In which we discover the secrets of the universe. On a Kansas City Chiefs blog.

Predictions for the Chiefs defense


MNChiefsFan takes a look at what may happen with the KC Chiefs defense this season.

Mailbag: Jamaal, zombies and best games


Long-winded responses to questions that could be answered in much simpler fashion

Ranking the Chiefs


Since everyone's ranking everything, I'm going to join the fun.

Mailbag: Maslowski, Baldwin and more


Welcome to MNChiefsfan's Kansas City Chiefs offseason mailbag.

Travis Kelce in 11 minutes


I came. I watched. I fell in love.

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