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I'm a law student with a fantastic wife and four awesome kids. Life. Is. Good. Except for that whole "no playoff wins in 900 years" thing. I am the artist formerly known as Seth Keysor

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For those who use the Niners 3rd down stats to kill Alex Smith...


49ers 3rd down conversion % when Smith started... 38.6%, which would've been good for 14th in the league. 49ers 3rd down conversion % when Kap started... 34.4%, which would've been good for 26th in the league. So... perhaps the Niners 3rd down issues weren't all Alex? Maybe? Compare to 2 QBs 3rd down stats as well. Not close.

Mailbag time


Because... do you really want to read one more Alex Smith Article?

From doubter to believer: The breakdown

Time to find out firsthand what the new KC Chiefs quarterback can do. Read on for a review of Smith's nine games in San Francisco last season, which has caused MNChiefsFan, a Smith doubter, to change his tune.

Cheers and jeers: Chiefs free agency


Do the Kansas City Chiefs deserve a pat on the back for their work in free agency, a slap on the wrist, or both?

Where does Dex fit?


A look back at the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 season with some advice for Andy Reid on how to best utilize Dexter McCluster.

Jamaal's sidekick is already on the roster


Some might say the Kansas City Chiefs have a need at running back, someone to pair with Jamaal Charles. But those people would be wrong.

The case against Alex Smith


If John Dorsey and Andy Reid are putting their eggs in Alex Smith's basket, they've burned much of my goodwill on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Team Geno vs. Team Tyler

Years from now, APers will speak in hushed tones about The Quarterback Wars of 2012 and 2013. Sadly, they won't be referring to any great duel between actual Chiefs quarterbacks (as if that could ever happen).

Nick Foles? Yes, please


Why NOT throw another QB's name into the mix? The Chiefs can use all the help they can get at the position in 2013.


Questions About Nick Foles From a Chiefs Fan

Hey, fellow diehard football fans. First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself. I'm a longtime member and now a contributor at Arrowhead Pride, as well as one of the most dedicated Chiefs...

The Most Complete Pro Geno Smith video I've seen


h/t to (I believe) Swimcoach for pointing me in the direction of this. This video contains a ton of throws. Not to say it's definitive proof, but it's the best video I've seen so far. Enjoy



The greatest jinx I have ever pulled off helped the Ravens beat the Broncos. You're welcome, Chiefs fans

Arguing with the fear of Andy Reid


The Chiefs will officially announce Andy Reid as the new head coach. It could work out, right?

Pancakes DiMarco


Because... well, why not?

You're irritating me!


The KC Chiefs and 4 other things irritating me

Holding his own


Going snap-by-snap on Dontari Poe in the Panthers game.

Future Chiefs


Maybe the Chiefs are doing some things well.

Arguing with myself


Previously: Arguing with homers | Arguing with "that guy"

Sickening and disgusting


It's a two-way street.

A Nice Article on Chip Kelly


A great read on a guy many seem to want as our next HC.

Wait, there was good news?


The Chiefs can play competitive football?

Overrated / Underrated / Just Right


The Chiefs "shocking" personnel moves and overrated, underrated and just right.



That's what the Chiefs are.

43 Jeff Allen snaps reviewed


So how'd he do?

Journey to Arrowhead


MNChiefsfan's first trip to Arrowhead.

It's over, Matt

I'm done with you, Matt.


Mr. And Mrs. MNchiefsfan coming to Arrowhead for the Ravens game

So... yeah. It's finally happening. Thanks to the always-awesome JComp, I'm finally making the trip down to KC to see the Chiefs play live. Finally, I'll get to experience Arrowhead up close and...


Apologies From AP and Chiefs fans in general

You don't know me. I'm just another Chiefs fan to you. However, allow me to tell you two things about myself. 1) I'm a contributor over at Arrowhead Pride 2) I love football I just wanted to...

We are all witnesses


Is Jamaal Charles a "great" player?

Stages Of Chiefs Fans: Indifference


The Chiefs are my hobby. That might sound like a strange way to approach fanhood, but it's the truth. See, I don't have much money (well, I don't have any, but I digress), and I don't have much...

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