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DCRez vs. yop32

UPDATE, by MIKE: OK, I think this thread served its purpose. I'm going to shut it down for now.Here is a place where DCRez and yop32 have their own space to argue as loudly and as long as they...


The Harden trade and the sad state of the NBA

The trade of James Harden to Houston (for Martin, Lamb, 2 first round picks and a second round pick) just further illustrates the sad state of the NBA. An offseason that saw the Heat and Lakers...


The 10 Point Plan

As I see it the trade goes against points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7?, 8, 9 of the 10 point plan. What I have learned about a rebuild to date: A 10 point plan. A Washington Capitals perspective: 1....


NBA ripping off fans

In looking into NBA League Pass for the year I discovered that not only is the league raising the cost of NBALP by over 20% this year, but they are NOT prorating the cost of the season. So in the...


Is the new system anti-competitive-balance?

Someone check my math here, because I think the new NBA has just struck a blow for the superteams. We've got the amnesty clause, in which teams will jetison decent but drastically overpaid players...

Great new site


This is new to me. I haven't looked through it that much but thought some people might enjoy it.

WTF Westbrook!?!


Andrew Sharp sums it up really well here. I've watched a couple Thunder games this post-season and Westbrook's play just boggles my mind. Someone on the coaching staff has to straighten this out.

On Lebron and karma


Loved that as all this was happening the Heat was losing to the Clippers. Karma didn't even have to leave the arena or even change locker rooms on that one.

Lebron fouls Kirk. Refs blow game.


I just wanted to share this again in case anyone missed it.

Cavs investigating Super Friends tampering


Well I'm thrilled to see that somebody is doing this.

League GMs predict Wall ROY


68 percent of league GMs think Wall will be ROY. 63 percent predict Lakers title (33 percent Heat), 67 percent predict Durant MVP (James 4 percent). Predicted division champs: Boston, Chicago, Miami, Lakers, Dallas, OKC.


So what now, NBA?

Well now that we've got our 'superteam', how does everyone here think the league will react?   Do you think this is good for the NBA or bad?  Is Stern happy about this?   Once the dust settles, how...

An absurd Ilgauskas/Cavs charade


Looks like they're really trying to avoid the appearance of collusion. They probably planted this story.


Don't blow it up. Disassemble.

I have read Prada’s well thought out and persuasive argument that we should dump Jamison now for whatever we can get.  I have heard the cries from many to blow the team up for nothing more than...


The Seven Stages of Grief and the 2009-2010 Washington Wizards

Editor's Note: Bumped. -MP I'm not referring to Abe.  We all felt that loss and expressed our respect and honor.  The grief I'm now talking about is over the rest of the team. Here is what you can...

Lebron's biggest crybaby move ever?


Can this be true? Can he be this vain and stupid at the same time?


The state of the NBA

Ok, so this is really bothering me and I have to get it off my chest: The Wiz have a game against Cleveland on Xmas stolen by a series of bad calls and there is barely a mention in the media....



The names David Lee, Vince Carter and Dalembert have come up here recently.     I'd prefer Prince or Gerald Wallace.   Aside from that, I still think Phili is a trading partner.  But N Young...


Pointing fingers

When a season goes sour sometimes players point fingers at each other and question each other's effort This is a new one on me.  Someone pointing fingers at himself! "I don't feel I gave 101...


James Posey?

Why does this guy garner so much attention?  I recognize that he helped the Celts down the stretch, but I feel like people talk about him like he's the missing link.  "Can the Celtics do without...

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