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LHH Mock Draft: San Jose Sharks, picking 28th...

With the 28th pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, Sharks general manager Doug Wilson...

Flyers place Leighton on waivers


He's played one NHL game this year, a 7-4 win. He's coming off a knee injury he concealed from the team during the offseason. He's a 2012 UFA with a 1.55mil cap hit. He hasn't had a chance to show anything in the NHL since coming back from injury. Is he worth a waiver-wire flyer on, on the chance he can play well a few times and we can get a late-round pick out of him near the deadline?


Bridgeport in Albany tonight, upstate meetup?

Bridgeport will be playing the Devils at the TU Center, there is apparently a holiday promotion for $10 tickets. I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to make it down, who is planning on attending or...

[Update] Hamonic recalled, at practice


[Update: It's official.] Looks like some of us are getting our wish. Sad that it had to happen in such circumstances.

Hillen out with concussion.


Wonder when this happened...before Kings game at morning skate, in Sharks game...? Anyway, this puts a new color on the call-up of Reese, doesn't it!

10 Minutes to Midnight...

1 writer Allan Muir's take on Nino's destiny after game 9. (SPOILER: He thinks he'll be staying.)

Matt Moulson + Twitter = Awesome


Maybe I should look into this "Twitter" thing... =p

The Wheel of Injustice hits the Wiz for 2 games


And as has been brought up in other places, that's twice as many games as Boynton got for a throat slash gesture. It's also twice as many games as a certain short member of Les Habs got for his on-ice during-play violation against Nino. Sigh.

Petulant Cammi gets 1 game suspension


I'm going to leave this short: What. The. Puck.


Isles split-squad preseason game night thread

In the absence of an official thread, let's loiter about the internets, following our guys as they battle Montreal and New Jersey. (RDS pirate feed available on net, Twitter reports for NJ game....

Souray on waivers


Sooo...time for idle speculation linking his name with the Isles again from the MSM, then?


A traffic jam at center, Tavares at...wing?

Doing my usual lunch-time web slog today, I came across an interesting post on THN (via a Puck Daddy post) regarding one writer's opinion on Tavares' fitness as a center and possibilities as a...


Initial Impressions Review: NHL 11

Yesterday after work, I swung through my local [corporate big box retail store] and picked up a shiny new copy of NHL 11. Here are my impressions of the game after roughly 6 hours of play in most...


The NHL CBA, the Isles, and Wang's World

Gazing Ahead: Will the next CBA help or hurt the Islanders' ability to retain free agents and attract new ones?'s Muir's latest offseason Power Rankings


Muir posts the Isles as 25th in these rankings, but seems to think well of the young talent in our system with mentions of Petrov and Nino.


Wisniewski from the Ducks: Stockpiling D-men?

Initial reaction to the Islanders acquiring James Wisniewski from the Anaheim Ducks.

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