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1st Round Predictions

via The anticipation is killing you! Fortunately, I'm a psychic and these things come natural to me. Would you like to know what the Chargers plan to do today? I will tell you. T...

Padres Sign Mark Kotsay


I thought KT was in AZ? Oh, well, retreads welcome.

A Quick Moment to Appreciate The Gwynn


Look at Albert Pujol's 2011 batting average. You know how many times Gwynn hit below .300? Once, ROOKIE YEAR. Even God himself cannot touch Tony The M_____ F______Gwynn!'s Prospect of the Day: Joe Wieland


Nice article about one of the two new Padres...or should I say Missions? I can't get over these guys and their K/BB ratios. Read up.

Spangenberg As Refreshing as Irish Spring


.389/.636/.556 through his first 33 plate appearances. 12 walks to 3 strike outs, no errors in the field. There's really no point to this fanshot but it just feels good to see him off to such a successful start.


Padres off? I Drink, We Talk.

So The last time I really spilled the beans, I was drinking and we were in a playoff race.  Want me to provide a link? No.  I'm drinking...I was hoping one of you would do that.  Let me ask you a...

Peavy Throws Complete Game Shutout.


With all the faults we've found in Peavy, part of me is happy to see this performance. Good for him. I wonder what part of his shoulder ripped this time.


Cameron Maybin Mancrush Open Thread

After consecutive 4 hit games I find myself crushing on Cam like no player since maybe...Griffey?  Let's talk about it.  I'm intervening myself with all of you before this becomes serious.  The...


Opening Day Thoughts

  I should have just stayed home from work today.  Instead I'm working a half day.  The benefits include saving vacation time, killing time, and actually being allowed into the stadium at 2:00pm....


Move over Padres, It's Friday

via       (Yeah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ark)Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeahYeah, yeahYeah-ah-ahYeah-ah-ahYeah-ah-ahYeah-ah-ahYeah, yeah, yeah Seven a.m., waking up in the morningGotta be fresh,...

Adrian Gonzalez and John Lennon trade thoughts about the invention of transition lenses and how he...


Adrian Gonzalez and John Lennon trade thoughts about the invention of transition lenses and how he no longer has to stray away from his trademark look to coach a day game.


Concern for Cantu's Role as a Padre

So I just stumbled across this article about Jorge Cantu and his bounce-back campaign in 2011.  I like Cantu and I like the acquisition, assuming that he can be the insurance, and/or RBI machine we...


Cam Maybin keeps his Sh_t so Fresh and so Wet.

When you're squirming into first and you feel that sphincter burst,you ate Panda, you ate Panda.   When you're diving into second and you feel that anal wreckage, You ate Panda, you ate Panda.   W...

Oakland A's Fan Wants to Fight Brian Wilson For Charity...But Also For Real.


"On May 23, 2010 I attended the Oakland A's vs San Francisco Giants baseball game with my family. It was the third game of the three game series with the A's up 2-0 in the series. The A's were going for the sweep so I brought my broom with me. Our seats were about three rows up from the Giants bullpen. before the game started Brian Wilson walked up to our area and gave some giants fans some autographs, so I asked him if he could sign my broom "Cool Guy" since he thinks hes such a cool guy. I guess he picked up on my sarcasm and just looked at me with a get lost face. I continued to ask him to sign my broom "Cool Guy" so he moved over a little to square up with me and asked me, "Are YOU making fun of ME"? and after I laughed a little bit I said, "wow not just cool, your smart too". So at this point he got all heated up and said, "Who the hell are you", and challenged me to come on the field. I just responded by laughing and saying look at you a professional athlete letting some Joe Shmoe get under your skin. He just continued to challenge me to come down there and fight him. Of course Im not going to go down onto a professional baseball field to fight a player, Im not an idiot. He continued to get mad as i just laughed at him, to the point that his bullpen coach had to pull him away and push him all the way into right field as he yelled and cursed at me."


Why Adding $25 Million to the Payroll Would Help...

Because of financials, the Padres' Top Men find themselves busy fielding a competitive team on a low (if not lowest) payroll heading into 2011.  $25 million is a lot of money and there are a lot of...

Missing the Playoffs By One Game is Good Enough for 20th in the Rankings.


"20. San Diego Padres (90-72; Previous: 8) – O-Dog agrees to play at Petco Park, the best meeting of man and stadium since Glen Hobbie pitched at Sportsman’s Park." You know, nothing get's me madder than a Glen Hobbie joke. Who the fcuk is he, again? Yeah, that's what I thought. Let the Collective Sportswriters Poop on the Padres Guild unite once again. I guess our 'inevitable collapse' has already begun.


What if 2011 Really is The Best. Season. Evar?!

As a kid I was a purveyor of fine baseball cards.  As a kid I also enjoyed skimming through my cards, grabbing 15 randoms, 9 hitters, 5 starters, and 1 closer, that I could use to make a team....

Padres Hire John Abbamondi for VP


Maybe he can play 1st base as well?

Forget About Bartlett, We Got Someone else.


I guess while we were sleeping, Jed Claus signed some no-name, 26 year old shortstop to provide depth and maybe some competition. Good luck, Gregorio Petit!

Boston Doesn't Land Gonzalez, Yet.


SUNDAY, 5:17pm: The Red Sox still have not given up on pulling off a deal for Gonzalez and there remains a chance that they could do a trade without agreeing to an extension, tweets Heyman. 2:45pm: Odds are that Gonzalez won't wind up with the Red Sox, a source tells Morosi (via Twitter), though the reporter cautions that this could change quickly. Meanwhile, a rival executive told Rosenthal (via Twitter) that the possibility of a deal happening won't die unless the Red Sox turn around and sign Adrian Beltre. The third baseman may have lost a suitor this afternoon as it seems that the A's will turn their attention elsewhere.

Bell and Latos Tie for 8th in Cy Young Votes


Latos and Bell could both be standouts from this season but, I think most people would agree, it was a collective effort from the pitching staff that got us 2 top 10 guys. Bell wouldn't have had the year he had without the rest of the Pen getting him the ball and Latos wouldn't have had such a stellar year if he knew how to sneeze properly. Props.

Chargers Selling Minority Stake in Team.


Mark Fabiani, who has been leading the Chargers' efforts to develop a new stadium, told FanHouse that the Spanos family is looking to sell a stake in the team solely for "estate-planning purposes." Everyone get ready to pool our money together. It's time to buy the Chargers.

Karsten Whitson Explains Not Signing with the Padres.


"Mentally and physically, I thought I’d be ready for pro ball, but then I get here to Florida and I hardly could walk after just a week of workouts," he said. "I’m just glad I am here at Florida and can work on things like staying in shape and work ethic. It has been wonderful so far." I've never heard of anyone being too scared to go pro. I guess Whitson volunteered to be that guy.


One Good Thing, One Great Thing, One Bad Thing, One Thing You Would Change.

If you check Websters dictionary for the definition of 2010 Padres it will read; team of scrubs that nobody wanted.  You would think they spend their spare time loitering outside of 7-11 asking for...


Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge, I'm trying not to lose my head.

So I just got in a mother fcuking argument with my wife and I'm watching a mother fcuking Giant's game.  The Padres are winning but I'm reminiscing about a great mother fcuking season.  I can't...

I hate you Shaun Phillips.


I hate you Shaun Phillips.

Tomlinson Smells Like an Onion


LT is the subject of a story in the Onion...go read.

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