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DUSTY BAKER - The real Reason Behind the RED"S Recent Successes

I just returned home from the soon to be Oscar nominated HELLBOY II -An Extraordinary film, somewhat sentimentally indulgent yet still a probing and multifaceted look at how today’s societal woes...


Burton to the DL - Coffey gets the call;_ylt=AnVMcsemJD7lz5wBqj_wcg0W0bYF?slug=txredsmoves&prov=st&type=lgns The Reds have DL'd another important cog in the machine as Jared Burton has been placed on the...


This team needs a real hitting coach and a functional pitching coach

The more I see this team struggle offensively, the more I wonder why Chris Chambliss is no longer the hitting coach. The more I see  Aaron Harang struggle, the more I wonder why Dick Polehead is...


The rest of the story....

The 2nd half is under way for the 2008 season. the Reds win a roadtrip and are 1 and 1 at home.With July upon us and the All Star game soon to be played, what changes do you think Walt Jocketty...


One More post about Adam Dunn

I've been a really big fan of Adam Dunn ever since he was in Dayton. he's my grandson's favorite player and my 98 year old Mother thinks he's sexy. As we know this guy has gotten very little love...

Anybody have George Carlin in the Death Pool ? Irreverence turned irrelevant but still a caustically funny guy.

Anybody have George Carlin in the Death Pool ? Irreverence turned irrelevant but still a caustically funny guy.

Sleepwalking with Mr. toothpick

From BK's post after last night's game: - The team is 5 games under .500- The team is 11 1/2 games back in the division- The team has been outscored 17-2 the last 2 games, where they faced a guy...


Juror # 5

Yep that's me...i've been doing jury duty this week (and next). If you've done it well you know how important it is to be a part of our judicial system. I of course can't talk about the case I'm...


Bruce Almighty -

According to Hal McCoy baseball seer and semi-sentient reporter, Jay Bruce will be up with the big club by this weekend. This should spell the end of the Corey Patterson debacle. Jay will play...


.477 and climbing

It is remarkable that 6 days ago the Reds were 7.5 out and on a losing streak that made me wonder if this team had enough talent to win 70 games. We've now watched them win 8 out of the last  10...


.410 Good Buddy

Heading into the middle of May, the Reds as we all know, are in last place in the weakest MLB division with a an impressive .410 winning percentage and only 7.5 games behind in the standings. The...


So I got this book About the Soul of Baseball in America

The book club reparte begins at what time on Thursday. Hey, did you know that there are no pictures in this book. this makes for some real long reading. How many pages are we supposed to read - 40? ...


A few more Waynr comment, please

After listening to Waynr and 'Doc' mush it up on WLW tonight, I about threw up. And now seeing sudden 'sweaterpants love' dripping across the blogishpere - I  say. Bullshit. Waynr did an overall...


Tomorrow is the day..yep

the Dusty-AntiClog era begins. With a somewhat improved (or so it appears) Starting rotation, an improved bullpen, a decent but not great defensive infield, an out field that has defensive flaws, a...


3 Way toss up between;

Mike Stinkton - 3M contract, limited availability and no real reason to think that he'll be any better than last season Kent Merker - Great Bench presence but he's about 63 years old. can he...


Give him some time....

I have been making more and more negative comments about Dusty Baker as the spring unfolds. I've got to admit he's a little scary what with his tendency (so far to) play the Fropper and Casto etc....


Dustball's 2008 Starting line up

Dustball annouced, via the Inquisitor, this morning his thoughts on the line up for 2008. It all hinges on the #1 and 2# batters for DB. His lineup (granted it is early, but there's Vet Presence...


Waynr was on WLW w/'Doc"

What a hoot... Krisky was absolutely unable to say anything meaningful or more importantly, provided very little humor during the interview and Daughtery was his usual vacuous self. Doc "Well Waynr...


Dunn to be back?

Should outfielder Adam Dunn's $13 million option be picked up for next season?"He's a big part of this team," Baker said at his introductory news conference Monday. "We haven't talked about...


Krivsky to stay as GM.

I heard on the 11:00 Clock news that Castellini was asked about Jockerty as a possible GM and and Bob 'tersley' replied that Waynr was the Red's GM period. I take that to mean that Castellini is...


Want to Grade Pete ?

With all the hubub surrounding 'Clutch', it has come to my attention that Reds manager Pete Mackanin is pretty 'unclutch'. I started out liking Pete pretty well. He had a plan, involved his...


Lets talk 'Clutch'

Now as the season winds down, I've had a chance to visit with 3 experts on ` clutch.' For 13 years I coached high school women's select soccer at the B, A and Premier levels. All 3 of my daughters...



Love that Bill Cunningham, what a douche. He lines up with Daugherty, McCallister, sMarty et al to join in the Cincti. media fun - Lets Bash Adam Dunn.Plus Cunningham,Wlw's 'mouth without...


Rough Nite in Pitt-B,Rougher At RR

It was a tough night for our surging Reds and their flailing manager. Kinda took the air out of the enthusiasm that been building for the Reds over the previous 6 games. But more troubling than a...


6.5 out and making a RUN

Amazing what a functional bullpen and a good bench can do to turn a team around. Almost as amazing as the recent jobs done by Bellize and Shurnuff. I think it is Elizardo's time from here on...


A fairly non-sabremetric look at the standings

CENTRAL            W    L    PCT     GB    Chicago Cubs  65      61      .516     -      Milwaukee    65     62      .512     .5                   St. Louis       61      63    .492    3 ...


Adam Dunn Star 1st baseman

     As far back as the beginning of last season that I thought that Dunn should be groomed to become the Reds 1stbaseman. As you all know there was a brief attempt to work him into the position...


JD t's reference to dreams

in his intro to today's thread is right on the money: "All cynicism aside, wouldn't it be cool if Jeff Keppinger actually did turn out to be a .350+ hitter? I mean I'm like 99.9% sure he's going to...


Going to 'The Game'

My wife and another couple (Mark and Diana) and I went to the game tonight (or by now last night). My friend Mark got us 10th row seats right at the crease of the screen at field level: $30 X 4 =...


Daugherty on the loose!

In today's Enquirer Paul Daugherty expresses what appears as the media's and management's prevailing attitude about the Red's future. His 'future' hinge upon Hopper's and Keppinger's incredible out...

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