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Baseball is the only life I know
In case of emergency (like a RR Bugerfest or a public stoning) call me at 513.378.3839

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User Blog

As we wait for the DEADLINE

I am digressing to offer the much asked 12 Rules For A Happy Marriage. Hopefully this will be a helpful distraction from the anxiety of having the future of the REDS in Sweaterpants' hands.These...


Double incarnation = Reds Winning Streak

Although it is only a few games into the Pete McManson era, the Reds are just plain playing better. I am sure to some degree this comes from the normal painful reaction to change = 'I'd better get...


Reds are 30W - 50L with 82 games left.

Obviously if this record continues we'll end the season at 60W - 102L. I was pretty disapointed in last year's 80W - 82L season. Disapointed, but not surprised. I was surprised that Narron was...


Here we are on the way to 100 losses

Nothing left to do but talk about other team's bullpens, other team's closers, other team's RBI guys. I need a change in attitude from this Reds team. While watching the game today it appeared that...


Keep Dunn, Griffey and BP.

Why is it that everyone knows that the pen is the problem but the only solution offered is to selloff your best players? We may well need but one additional reliever. 12 1/2 back, no bullpen, no...


Dunn at cleanup

Adam Dunn should bat fourth every day.1b Hatteberg   2b Phillips   rf Griffey     lf Dunn       3b EdE         cf Hobbs       ss Gonzo       c  Ross     P          Switch Hobbs to leadoff when...


Jerry's good game.

I have not been a Coach Narron fan. Although. I don't think he's a very good amanger, I also don't think that he's a moron. I have been involved in mangement positions and ownership of successful...


After several days

of sleeping next to my indegenous Aftrican Funerial figure (which took 3 days to carve!) I've yet to be contacted by Alan. As you may recall, Funerial figures are carved in the likeess of the...


The Old Lefthander

has been and continues to be the epitome of that which makes baseball so compelling. I've been an active fan for over 50 years and during that time Joe Nuxhall has been a postive force for the team...


A Close to Home Steroid Story

 I have a nephew who played guard for Bowling Green's football team a few years ago. I was amazed at how much bigger he had become between his senior year in HS and his freshman yr, at BG. He was...


Action Steps Are Required

I don't think anyone has 'the' answer to fix this team. The morale and energy is so low that it tangible in the air when you are at the GABP. Winning a few games would change that, but only until...


Time has come for Change

Alan's virtual life depends on a change in Coach Narron's status, as does the hope for a productive season...forget a winning season. Will Casellini be decisive and take action or will he turn...


A quick listing of definitions/terms

As you probably know a group of cattle is called a herd, a group of fanatics - fans, a group of girls who follow rock groups - groupies, a group of larks - an exultation of larks - etc. Also the...


2 Words

we loaded up the car with our Red's gear and my wife and I went from the 'hood' down Columbia Prkwy. to GABP certain that we would see a winner. However: 2 words - Reds Lose          2 words - Four...


Don't change your horse in the middle of the stream, Bob?

That old saying is for farmers not modern major league genenral managers. I don't want to give up on 2007 yet. However - Today's loss to Cleveland really pissed me off. The Reds have got to rethink...


I am not a fan of Narron but

I must say the guy has had a fair amount of adversity this season. The continuing saga of the pitching staff is what I'm referring to. He's saddled with an ineffective Milton, Arroyo can't get run...

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