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But we've got Whiteside


This may be only humorous to me, but here's the background. Article is about James Wang, former All-American from Williams College (where my nephew plays) that now plays on a Chinese team. Here's an excerpt... "We will be allowed to have one import player next season, but we obviously haven't decided who we want yet, continued Wang. "The import crop in this league last year was really good, with several players who recently played in the NBA. Those guys were Hasaan Whiteside, Craig Smith, Hilton Armstrong, and Josh Harrelson. My coach has been talking about bringing in that caliber of a player for us next year." That's right folks, he just pulled a 'we might have Hassan Whiteside.'

Jerome James - Sac Resident


Could have called my dad as a witness to his purchase of a hot tub at the Arden Costco - when he was supposedly a WA resident.

Hoops Junkies Only (non-Kings post)


This has nothing to do with the Kings but since I took the time to throw this together I figured I might as well post it a few places. First off - it's long. But it's really for family/friends and not meant to be a quick hit like most of the highlight clips you see out there. Anyway, it's a reel of my nephew's sr. hs year. He'll be playing at Williams College next year. If you watch to the end, you get a little bonus footage of someone may or may not recognize. ...and by the way, it's long.


Why the Maloofs won't sell...

6 Carl’s Jrs. Maybe just 5 really. That’s a rough estimate, but probably a pretty good one. Would you sell your stake as owner of a professional basketball team for 6 Carl’s Jrs? I know I...

Owners Proposed Luxury tax


if this information is true - it paints a terrible picture for the players so i can see why it was leaked today. It clearly shows that the owners are taking the idea of leveling the playing field for small markets seriously. this type of system is a huge win for a club like sacramento. the lakers will still spend no doubt - but they won't be able to spend like they have before. if the players truly wanted 'let us play' and this hard cap is keeping them from making a deal they look like complete fools. no longer will they be able to use the 'big markets' to play off of to get higher salaries from small markets. this type of system promotes parity and the fans of small market teams should be getting behind this.


Beno - The Lost Year

I've gone back and forth about posting this for a few years now because it's a great story but on the other hand it brings attention and I don't think any of the parties involved want attention. ...

The Big O ops


The fact that this went down at a BBQ place makes this perfect story. There's endless possibilities here but you know it all comes down to someone being between the Big O and his BBQ.


On the lighter side

Was chatting with my buddy the other day and I ran off a line from 'Piss Test' - he looked at me and had no idea what I was talking about. I went on to explain the Rise Guys parody from a decade...


Fear is not the way to run a company

As many of you probably are, I'm in the position to hire/fire people on a daily basis.  I work for a large corporation so I don't have as much autonomy as a small business owner might, but still I...


Player Development - Westphal's Ultimate Downfall

When you start at rock bottom, there is only one way to go and that is up.  At least that's what we thought before the Kings began the 2010-2011 season.  17 wins in a season felt like rock bottom...

Bill Simmons Take on the Kings - ESPN


14. SACRAMENTO Preseason Prediction: 22 wins (14th) Revised Prediction: 20 wins Small-picture issue that doesn't involve the question "Wait, is Tyreke Evans a point guard?": The Kings have only 96 minutes available for Sam Dalembert, DeMarcus Cousins, Carl Landry and Jason Thompson every night, which means Thompson (a 6-foot-11 banger) has been playing out of position at small forward, which makes no sense, which is why the Kings are a mortal lock to be involved in our first in-season trade. Fortunately for them, the Pistons are Bizarro Sacramento: too many perimeter guys, not enough bangers, too many guys feuding with their coach, and if that's not enough, they have Charlie Villanueva and Charlie Villanueva 2.0 (Austin Daye). Can you imagine Joe Dumars accepting the Larry O'Brien Trophy within the next five years and telling Stu Scott, "I knew once we had two soft forwards with size who love to jack 3s and can't rebound or guard anyone, the league would eventually be our oyster!" Me neither. The Picasso of the Trade Machine offers these suggestions: either Daye straight up for Thompson; Dalembert straight up for Tayshaun Prince (who's so disgruntled that he's practically ungruntled); or a three-way deal with Dalembert going to Detroit, Prince going to Dallas and Caron Butler and $3 million of Mark Cuban's money going to Sacramento. Thank you, and please drive through. Big-picture issue that doesn't involve the question "Wait, is Tyreke Evans a point guard?": We knew Cousins was a tough guy to, um, manage. (Recent reports of strife between Cousins and his coaches weren't exactly shocking.) We knew he'd be a work in progress, that he might launch an occasional gawd-awful 3, draw a dumb technical or make you say "We're losing by 22, why is he laughing hysterically on the bench right now?" But I never realized how much Cousins would struggle to stay on the court. Through nine games: 196 minutes, 40 fouls. That's 9.8 fouls per 48 minutes, which (if it held) would be the highest number for anyone averaging 16-plus minutes since Danny Fortson's legendary 12.0 in 2005. You watch Cousins, thinking "No, no, don't go for the upfake … NOOOOOOO!" and "No, don't jump over his back, NO!!!!!!" Then he'll take over a game for 60 seconds so easily it makes you say "I'm going online and buying 10 Cousins rookie cards." What a roller coaster. Reason No. 14,727 I love the NBA: I fully expect to change my opinion on Cousins 570 times before his career is over. Minimum.

and the Golden State Warriors select.....Gumby!


and the Golden State Warriors select.....Gumby!


Guess the Kings next big hire...

Jim Grey Bill Walton In a week of bizarre moves which screams desperation by the Kings organiziation to try and get some type of national exposure (scary to think but maybe this is their play to...


Bill Walton added to Kings broadcast crew

Per the Bee, Walton to do 5-10 games for the Kings.  Looks like some or all of that may not be in Sacramento.    all I can say is the Kings obviously don't do a whole lot of research with their...


Bizarro Picks

We all do it.  People complain that we do it.  But that's the nature of sports.  The projected top 10 - this is your bizarro good: 1. John Wall  = Dwyane Wade 2. Evan Turner = Ray Allen 3....

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