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This new SBNation think isn't working

The new look is flashy, and all. It's also impersonal. Where are all of my old friends? This new look isn't working. All you have to do is click on the SB sites local to the Lakers, Heat, M...


Orlando's "Keep Dwight" Strategy Might Need Some Work

Today in the Sentinel: Interactive graphic entitled "Please don't go, Dwight" Fan launches website called staydwight.com Bianchi runs off at the typewriter begging Dwight to stay in Orlando. I...


CBA: Details

I spent about 30 minutes browsing the web for specifics on the CBA and came up pretty empty.  All the articles are the same.  Here's what I read.  (I changed the title of my post because in...


If the Playoffs Started Today

This is a bubble-gum off-day post, not to be taken too seriously.  But just for fun, here's how the top 8 stack up in the Eastern Conference:   bostonmiamichicagoorlandoatlantanew york p...


Dwight Howard's Technicals: A Call for Help

This is a request to OPP Nation.  Dwight Howard received his latest T for saying "damn" out of frustration.  SVG pointed out that another player called "BS" on a foul and wasn't T'd up.  I want to...


News Parody Site "The Onion" Threw Some Cred to SVG

I've been reading The Onion for years because it's hilarious.  The Onion is a news parody organization for those of you not yet exposed.   They also produce videos of news and sports stories. ...


Dwight Howard MVP...A Theory

Let me start with the reasons Dwight Howard was not awarded league MVP last year or the year before: Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.  So now I'm wondering, how in the world can James earn the league...


Off-season Moves

Is there anyway to trade Vince Carter?  I cheered him on until the final buzzer sounded, but now I would like him gone from my view. Nice guys finished last, and we're looking to finish first here. ...


NBA Finals in May? Well...yeah

I was reading a Cavaliers blog today and something hit me.  Their fans seem much more focused on Orlando than Los Angeles.  To be fair, they were blogging on a story about the potential rematch in...


Media Better Start Hyping Orlando...For Their Own Good

A common thread among Magic fans over the past few years has been how the media always disrespects the team, and they believe this for good reason.  I can think of no better example than last...

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