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Bacon Goes Blue - Scout.com (Insider)


Boise State gained a new commit from California!

Which Schools are Most Likely to Win their First Heisman?


While Boise State is on lower part of the list, here's what Athlon Sports said about the Broncos - "Boise State has gradually built Heisman credibility with Ian Johnson finishing eighth in 2005 then Kellen Moore finishing in the top 10 for three consecutive seasons, including fourth in 2010. Like BYU in the 1980s, Boise State has shed the "mid-major" label to reach national power status. The next step is to grab a Heisman. One guess: The next time a Kellen Moore or Ian Johnson comes around, he’ll fare better in the Heisman race." I think it would be a while before Boise State able to win the Heisman trophy but I do agree with their statement, it would be next Kellen Moore type quarterback (Maybe a dual quarterback since it seem to be all the rage these days.) to win the trophy for the Bronco. Your thoughts?

TE Drew Sample Commits to BSU


Hot off the press - Boise State gained new commit; TE Drew Sample of Newport, Washington. Update - Link from Idahostatesman http://blogs.idahostatesman.com/boise-state-football-gets-commitment-from-2014-tight-end/

Concerns For New Big East Teams - ESPN


Need to be an ESPN Insider in order to read the article.

Tercek's a steal for Boise - ESPN Insider


For those who want to know little bit more about Boise State's latest commit. To continue reading the article you must be an Insider. (Blah)

Kellen Moore Deserved Better - Yahoo! Sports


"...It's also fair to say the same about Moore. But when you win more college football games than anyone in history and every single NFL team turns you down seven times, "fair" is not a word that applies to your situation. The NFL, like the BCS, is just business. Nothing fair about it."

Ohio State tries a new way to rattle its kicker - Dr. Saturday


Interesting way to train kickers to make game-like situation field goal. I'm not the world's biggest Urban Meyer fan, but that's pretty cool. Oh, by the way, Graham Watson made a little jab at Boise State at the end of article. Ouch, it still hurts...

Boise State Lands Second Commit For 2013


Look like Joe Martarano will have some company come along to Boise State! Here's his video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuyHa4_RCfE

Death Penalthy or No Death Penalthy?


Interesting read by CBSSports.com writer, Gregg Doyel, on NCAA/Miami situation. Unfortunately, I agreed with lots of things in his article. Sad day for college football, indeed.


A Move To MWC Has Become... Something Else.

  Okay, I'm bummed. Now we just learned the new that BYU is going Independent and join WCC (West Coast Conference) in basketball and all other sports, starting in 2011 season... The Boise State's...


Mid-Season New Uniforms Poll

Hey guys! I'm trying to not be sound like Oregon-ish and all but I remember this new uniforms announced back then in the preseason, you all had your opinions and comment on it. So I wonder that as...


Win Is A Win...

Win is a win... It is what it is and I'll take it but I, on the other hand however, am EXTREMELY disappointed with both Oregon and Boise State. Here are the whys after the jump:

Boise State football camp report: Offensive linemen beef up.


In related news, several restaurants and one fast food stop had shut down due to food shortage.

Gene Bleymaier have a change of heart?


Well I guess having no money can change everyone's mind on schedule a one-a-done deal.

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