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How many days, Joyner?


Finally got around to this.


With Thanks

About three months ago I asked for advice on visiting Iowa City. We have returned to PA -- and I must say that you have a fantastic college city and an equally great state. We stayed at...

Farewell, Spice!


Come back to Penn State and make sure LJSr.'s brother doesn't step on the S!


Hotels Near Iowa's Carver College of Medicine

To my second-favorite fanbase (and blog): Hopefully, unlike at Black Shoe Diaries, folks at BHGP read the Fanshots. My better half is attending a surgery conference at Iowa's Carver College of...

Stephon Morris on Football Culture


"When we started off 0-2, I kept hearing whispers of I might be here next year, I might not be here and things like that," Stephon said. "But as we got winning, those whispers started to calm down, then after the Ohio State game, I heard them again. And I talked to those guys: 'It will be stupid to leave here. Where else would you want to go? Let's not think football. Lets' think about getting a degree, the support you will have with getting that degree. Not to knock other school, if you get a degree here. It means a lot.'"

But what of a moral duty, Mr. Governor?


Speaking to reporters, the governor said he was not concerned about Kathleen Kane's pending probe because he did not do anything "criminal" when he oversaw the child-sexual-abuse case. "Anybody can sit down and Monday-morning quarterback decisions," said Corbett. "But for a true investigation, there has to be some criminal act. I know I didn't commit any criminal act. None. Zero."


Paterno Family Issues Pre-Freeh Statement

Over the last nine months Joe Paterno has been praised by some in near saintly terms and criticized by others as a villain. He was neither. As the people who worked closely with Joe know, he...


Big Red's Suing Big Blue and White

Key Penn State witness McQueary seeks whistleblower lawsuit How many words do I need to make this thing post? I'm sure it's more than this. Hey, the counter increases as I type! Two plus two...

Find the losers. Hint: They're easy to spot.


Find the losers. Hint: They're easy to spot.

This was from an ad back when I was still at Penn State or a little after I graduated (I cannot...


This was from an ad back when I was still at Penn State or a little after I graduated (I cannot recall exactly). I just wanted to pull it off my computer and get onto the internet where it'll live forever.

To think Rick Reilly gets paid to write.


For his Penn State section the least he could have done is add citations to the blogs commentators he ripped off.

Everybody's got a price.


Everybody's got a price.

Who needs an intern?


Who needs an intern?

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