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JJ Hickson receives All-NBA vote


JJ Hickson received one vote for All-NBA. LMA received 62.

Dame doing his own PR


"Earlier today [draft selection day] I got to go down to Times Square, meet some fans, [sign] some autographs and TAKE SOME PICTURES and just enjoy myself down there." LOL

McCollum, with measurables

CJ isn’t a great athlete. Comparing anyone to Rose and Westbrook’s athleticism will give you the same answer. They were saying in general CJ is lacking. Its the truth. Lillard is a massive...

Just for the basketball fan in you


Martin and Charlie Sheen playing against Jordan in 1986. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? top posterizes of the year

7 top posterizes of the year. Before you look--no cheating!--guess which Blazer makes it. Post your guess in the comments.


Best Moment of the Season?

In today's promoted Fanpost, Makaden asks you about your favorite Blazer moment in the 2012-13 season.


So what you are saying is...

There had been some rumblings the Clippers were offering Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan forKevin Garnett, but that didn't get too far as the Celtics forward/center has veto rights and said he wants...


Interesting tidbits from exit interviews

LMA: I'm going to work on the three-ball this offseason. (!!!) Wants to start working on his game from the right block to compliment his game from the left block. Stotts told Batum (via Batum)...


This draft just got a lot crappier

Burke, Harris out. McGary, out. Both per Chad Ford tweets. Len's motor and focus truly scare me. Don't want Zeller, too soft. I am still high on Dieng, some of you are winning me over on moving...


Taking advantage of Kahn fetishes and fears

We know Kahn has a fetish for all things Portland. We know he fears Olshey will make a run at Restricted Free Agent Nikola Pekovic this offseason, much like Kahn did at Batum last summer. We also...

• In position news, Terry Stotts noted that Nicolas Batum, the starter at small forward, is...


• In position news, Terry Stotts noted that Nicolas Batum, the starter at small forward, is "probably my first choice as a backup two." Ronnie Price's injury means Nolan Smith is now the primary backup at point to Damian Lillard, which means Smith's minutes at off-guard are now up for grabs. It sounds like Stotts would like to give those minutes to Batum, who played some shooting guard last season, rather than Will Barton, Sasha Pavlovic or Adam Morrison, at least for the time being.

This was on Casey Holdahl's blog. Not a good idea. I think this is a mistake.

Making the call before the season starts

Blazers pre-deadline trade for Harden.

"Luke Babbitt will be strictly a 'four'."


"Luke Babbitt will be strictly a 'four'."

Listening to Courtside on blazers tv live. I'm surprised Stott is going with this. It's now very crowded at the four. I would find it hard to think that Babbitt would beat out Freeland for minutes there, backing up Aldridge. Could this be a sign that Babbitt is on the ropes? Can the team afford to get rid of such a good shooter, even if he can't play D or do anything, really, besides stand in the corner and wait for the ball?

Leonard reunion video goes viral


CBS This Morning interviewing the Leonard brothers about their reunion.

Lillard: "This man @TonyGaskins is too real. Y'all need to get up on him. He just changed my life....


Lillard: "This man @TonyGaskins is too real. Y'all need to get up on him. He just changed my life. #realrap" Perhaps we will need a new nickname. :)

Might have signed JJ just a smidge too early

Per Stein: Very interesting wrinkle - possibility of Scola amnesty to facilitate getting Howard to Rockets, per @Jonathan_Feigen


Time to blow it up?

With Hibbert now likely staying with Indy, I'm proposing we do an all-youth movement with the roster. Time to blow it up. I suggest shipping Batum for D. Williams and a first rounder, and then s...


Advantageous S&T

I'm beginning to feel the best outcome for us with Nico is to move him to Minny for a S&T. And the player I would want in return is a player who has yet to suit up for them: Budinger. I realize...


Williams chooses Nets


Chicago wants BRoy



Targeting Harden during the season

OKC is in real trouble trying to keep their core group together, according to SI The Oklahoman: "08:08 AM ET 07.02 | At the very least, it appears Scott Brooks will return to OKC, but keeping his...


If Hibbert fails

How about this? Matthews, Leonard and K. Thomas for Joakim Noah. I'm not a capologist, but I think this only forces us to use up about net $4mill in cap room between the salaries but allows...


Getting on the record

Draft is almost here. Let's get on record, for fun, to see who "had it right". Name five players that you are certain will be above average NBA players 5 years from now taken in the 2012 draft. ...



Utah has no first-round picks and had been attempting to land one in order to select Weber State point guard Damian Lillard, according to sources, but it's not known if Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor has made any progress.

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