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Your 2013 Chicago Cubs?


PROJECTED 2013 LINEUP Catcher Geovany Soto First Base Derrek Lee Second Base Starlin Castro Third Base Aramis Ramirez Shortstop Hak-Ju Lee Left Field Josh Vitters Center Field Brett Jackson Right Field Kyler Burke No. 1 Starter Carlos Zambrano No. 2 Starter Jay Jackson No. 3 Starter Chhris Carpenter No. 4 Starter Ryan Dempster No. 5 Starter Randy Wells Closer Andrew Cashner Link has a bunch of info on the Cubs farm system.

Vick in the Wildcat


Vick in the Wildcat

Prior to be Released


"Prior hasn't played in a big league game since 2006."

Why US Cellular Field Sucks


And yes, I am a Cubs fan, but to show that I am a good sport, here is the one they did on the Cubs. And a link to the other 10 stadiums they've done so far.

Why US Cellular Field Sucks (Deadspin)


Last week was Miller Park, so here is the Cell. Also if you are interested here is Wrigley and Busch. And if interested in other stadiums around baseball, here is a link to the rest of the stadiums they've done. There are have been a total of 10 so far.


Corey Patterson Released

Nationals released outfielder Corey Patterson. Patterson was 2-for-15 with six strikeouts in an earlier stint with the Nationals this season. He hit .274/.318/.422 in 283 plate appearances for...

I don't think you can get enough of the grand slam from yesterday


I don't think you can get enough of the grand slam from yesterday

What inning does Soriano get thrown at today?


What inning does Soriano get thrown at today?

Why Miller Park Sucks (Deadspin)


This week is Miller Park and next week is US Celluar. Here is the one on Wrigley and Busch.


Comprehensive Jim Hendry Trade List

Here is a comprehensive list of all the trades that Jim Hendry has made as the Chicago Cubs' GM.  I found it on but had to update it since the last version available was from...

Cubs Sign BJ Ryan (Link)


The Chicago Cubs will announce today that they have signed left-handed pitcher B.J. Ryan to a one-year, minor-league deal, according to a Major League Baseball source. Ryan will report to Mesa, Ariz., to begin building up his arm with minor-league pitching coordinator Mark Riggins.

Eagles in USA Today, looking to add a RB?


Most interesting part I took from the article was the Eagles looking at Dunn. I also read awhile back they were looking at Edgerin James. "Coach Andy Reid dismisses concern over Westbrook's cleanup ankle surgery but won't rule out adding a vet such as Warrick Dunn."

Somewhat OT, some trivia


I've been posting interesting/trivia tidbits on a twitter page, follow along if you'd like, nothing like a good stumper when you know the answer and everyone else is racking their brains trying to figure it out, here are some examples of whats on it Most MLB no hitters caught by a catcher is 4 by Boston Red Sox Jason Varitek, (Nomo, Lowe, Buchholz, Lester) Darin Erstad is the only player to win a Gold Glove at multiple positions, he won at OF in 2000 and 2002 and won one at 1B in 2004 Mariano Rivera is the last player to wear number 42 in baseball Randy Johnson of the San Francisco Giants, became the first MLB pitcher with 300 wins to beat all 30 MLB teams tomorrow starts some All-Star trivia

Soriano Quote on Bradley


Found this interesting "I hope that [Bradley] comes back and can help the team to win," Soriano added. "If it's not that way, we don't need him. We are 25 players, and we have to be on the same page. And if he's not 100 percent here to help the team win, we don't need him."

Kid K 20 Game on Today


The Kerry Wood 20 strikeout game is going to be on the MLB Network at 3:30 central time today.

McNabb close to New Deal


Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia reports that the Eagles are close to signing off on a new contract for Donovan McNabb. It isn't expected to be an extension, even though McNabb is only signed through 2010, but should give him a nice signing bonus. The 32-year-old threw for a career-high 3,916 yards last year and 23 touchdowns, his most since 2004. NcNabb is no longer the dual threat he once was, but shows no signs of decline as a passer. He's currently due $9.2 million in 2009 salary.

Cubs/Cards Rivalry Ranked 6th


Forbes ranked t he top 10 best rivalries in baseball and the Cubs/Cards came in 6th, surprisingly the Yank/Red Sox didn't finish first but you never would have guessed that with how much air time they get on FOX and ESPN, White Sox/Indians placed higher than Cubs/Cards "One-two divisional finishes: zero Close season finishes (five games or less): 14 Current ticket markup: 14% Midwesterners will howl at this match-up's low placement, but the simple fact is that history is not on the Cubs' side (it would help if they won more often). The two teams have never finished first and second in their division despite the fact that they've always been in the same division. It's simply not a very good rivalry when one team puts together eight World Series-caliber teams (Cardinals) and the other one finishes in last or second-to-last place in 29 of the 60 seasons we measured. "

Prob My Fav Trivia Question


Kerry Wood (20) and Bob Feller (17) are the only pitchers to have struck out their age in a game. I like it cause A) the odds of someone else doing it are so slim seeing as how no one plays in the majors before their 20 let alone starts a game and B) it involves a Cubbie

MLB Trivia


i've become incredibly bored during the day waiting for finals to start so i started posting mlb trivia on a twitter account, examples of stuff posted is Mark Grace led all of baseball in hits (1754), doubles (364) and sacrifice hits (73) during the 1990's Alfonso Soriano is the only player to hit 40 home runs, hit 40 doubles and steal 40 bases in the same season i hate self promotion but me and my buddies normally try to stump each other with info on baseball so i figured some others might also, plus its twitter and you cant profit off it or anything

YOU CANT SEE SORI love how he does the You Can't See Me gesture after beltin bombs


YOU CANT SEE SORI love how he does the You Can't See Me gesture after beltin bombs

Can You Name Them All


Can you name the quarterbacks taken in the first round of the NFL Draft since 1983? Here is something I found on deadspin, i only got 32, it gives you the year and the team and you need to fill in the QB, you can enter the full name or just the last name example: Philadelphia Eagles 1999 anyone else dreading the eagles taking the UConn running back?

When did the Cubs get a Gatorade dispenser in the dugout?


When did the Cubs get a Gatorade dispenser in the dugout?

Took it from


Took it from

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