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Crasnick: Indians Aren't Good


Not much we don't know in this write-up, though he makes a cursory stab at optimism. Things that caught my eye: - LaPorta described as a "slider-speed" bat. Working with a nutritionist this winter to get in shape. Could the two be related? - More talk about a Bonderman/Colon/Kevin Millwood Type Signing - Jay still has gotten more out of Antonetti than any professional journalist. -I think I'm going to buy Raab's book.

Acta Fired


Talk about a guy who never had a shot at succeeding. He'll be at the top of my wish list come October, you know, if...

Don Fehr Stepping Down


No later than March... he's been in charge of the Players' Association since 1983. He's a lot of fun to hate, but it's easy to remember the strike and the reluctance to embrace steroid testing... and forget that he helped break collusion, prevent contraction, and achieved a number of other things that have made the game better off than it was in 1983. Michael Weiner, current GC, looks like the heir apparent.

Tribe on MLB Network again Thursday


National audiences love Michael Brantley Tape delayed by an hour (4-7 EST). I don't know whose feed it is--I was going to make a Mark Grace joke, but I made my feelings known about UnderManning yesterday.

Pre-Arb Signings


Per Castro: Choo, Laffey, Reyes, Miller, Barfield, Sowers, Meloan, Sipp, Toregas. Still 14 to go, and no numbers. Only surprising thing for me is that Reyes is still pre-arbitration. It feels like he's been around for a long time.

Robbie Alomar sued, denies having AIDS


If this is true--big if--it seems like it would explain a lot. I feel equal parts revulsion and sympathy. UPDATE: Alomar: "I am in very good health." Full story. He claims the allegations are lies and has asked for respect for his privacy. Obviously, I think we all hope this is the case.

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