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NL Wild Card Gamethread(?)


Any takers? Worth a try . . .


Farm Overview: Projecting the Starting Rotations

I have read a good deal of insightful assessment of the Mets' farm pitchers on various threads over the past few weeks, and I'd like to channel that commentary into one thread. I intend this not as...

Mets Called Padres Maybe?


Yeah, this is about Street. Article links to an Andy Martino tweet. Suggestion: Let's use the comments section as a sort of spillover thread to discuss plausibly obtainable bullpen arms. By "plausibly obtainable" I mean: (1) no pre-arbitration guys; and (2) nobody who's presently contributing to a team in contention. But I understand that it might mean something different to you.

Should the Mets pursue Balfour?


Just saw this on ESPN NY Mets Blog. I actually thought about Balfour as a Met about a week ago after reading a list of relievers on teams likely to fall out of contention. I freely admit his name jumped out at me because he's the guy who pulled Dickey out of the Missouri River. Anyway, what would you trade for him? Or what Mets farmhand would tempt Brad Pitt Billy Beane?

R. A. Dickey on Fresh Air


I listened to this last night. The format allows for a much more thorough interview than you'd find through most sports-centered media, and RAD is a worthy subject. The link is to the summary. You can read a transcript of the entire interview, listen to it streaming, or download the podcast.

Alderson on the Wilpon settlement


"I think what we've been looking for is flexibility -- the flexibility to adopt the kind of [spending] strategy you described, at least having it as an option," Alderson said. "I certainly believe what has transpired makes that more possible. But, at the same time, as I've said, we're going through a process of redirection and sort of reinvigoration, if you will. That takes a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. But I do believe having put this behind us and the likelihood of this major investment in the team allows us a greater array of options going forward." Does anyone believe this means the team can bid on adding Jorge Soler to the farm? Any other Pollyannaish ideas?

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