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4 Mariners in Law's Top 100


Walker #9, Zunino #15, Hultzen #66, Franklin #69. Paxton and Maurer are on the "just missed" list. Looks like seeing Hultzen's control issues in person is the main reason for his fall.


Giancarlo Stanton and the Valuing of Prospects

Having categorically denied that Giancarlo Stanton was not available, despite his pleas for a trade in the wake of the Blue Jays blockbuster, the Marlins are now "willing to listen" on offers for...

Napoli off the board


Mike Napoli signed for 3/$39m with the Red Sox. More disturbingly, Jack Z had "no idea" Napoli was that close to a deal. Sounds like he and the Mariners got used as leverage and were never seriously contenders on Napoli.

Aardsma elects for Free Agency


Aardsma cleared waivers and is now a free agent. Not a surprise, given his injury and salary, but still sucks. Godspeed DA.


Help out a scientific study on subtle racism in baseball commentary

Grit. Hustle. Heart. Scrap. These are all words that baseball commentators use to describe certain players and they way they play the game.  However, some informal studies so far have shown that...


Something fishy up With Carp, Pimentel? Trade Incoming?

Within the last 12 hours there have been some curious moves in the minor leagues.  First, last night Mike Carp was pulled from the Tacoma lineup 30 minutes before game time with no further...


Where is The Bedard Line for you?

It's a dilemma that even the most optimistic of us in December would not have forseen.  The Mariners are 2 games out of first and alone in second place in the AL West.  However, they also have...


Relocation Cities

  Relocation of the A's or Rays has been the recent talk du jour, along with the lingering specter of contraction.  I don't see contraction being an option (too hard of a sell to the players...

Hyphen an Astro


"#Astros come to terms with free agent pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith, pending medical." Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Jamie Moyer's career probably over


Moyer, who was pitching in the Venezuelan winter leagues to audition for MLB clubs, left with an elbow injury, the same one that caused him to miss 3 months this season.


Mariners are possible favorites for Hisashi Iwakuma bidding

The bidding for Hisashi "Best Starting Pitcher in Japan not named Darvish" Iwakuma ended today, and the Mariners are in the lead, according to MLBTR. Iwakuma is known for his high ground-ball...

David Price "embarrassed" by lack of Rays fans


David Price tweets that he was embarrassed by the lack of Rays fans at a potentially-clinching game. Forshame Rays fans.


Rangers sign 20 year, $3 BILLION TV deal

The Texas Rangers signed a 20 year, $3 billion TV deal with Fox Sports Southwest.  This averages out to $150 million per year before ticket revenue.  Needless to say, the balance of power in the AL...

Sources tell me Don Wakamatsu, Ty van Berkleo and Rick Adair have been let go from the Mariners.


Sources tell me Don Wakamatsu, Ty van Berkleo and Rick Adair have been let go from the Mariners.

What should we try to get for Cliff Lee?

It's May 24, the Mariners are 8.5 games back and 12 games under .500.  For a team that wasn't expected to finish the season more than ten games over .500, the playoffs are pretty much out of the...


Let's Talk Lance Berkman

When asked whether or not he would waive his no-trade clause, Lance Berkman said today that he would waive it to help the Astros organization turn towards the future.  With the Padres...

Nick Johnson -----> Yankees


#Yankees and Nick Johnson are wrapping up a one-year deal for about $5.5 million. Pending a physical. Dangitall :(


Non-Tendered Free-Agency: Let's Go Dumpster Diving

So tomorrow, at 9 am PDT, dozens of players will find themselves without a team and hit the free-agency market, as they will not be tendered a contract.  This group of players offers an excellent...

jakubauskas ---> Pittsburgh


Pirates claimed him off of waivers. Oh well.

M's, Tigers 3-way action centered on Morrow/Jackson


Completely random, but could be interesting to follow...I would be surprised though, considering how tight a ship Jack Z runs on the front office rumors. No idea who the 3rd team would be,

Hardy -----> Twins


Hardy to Minnesota for CF Carlos Gomez. There goes that option :(


Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Has Died

Terrible news for the baseball world, as long-time, Hall Of Fame announcer Harry Kalas has passed away after collapsing in the Nationals press booth earlier today.  No early word as to the cause of...


Angels SP Adenhart killed this morning

Per TMZ: "Cops say someone driving a minivan blew through a red light, causing the Mitsubishi that Adenhart was riding in to hit a light pole. Three people were killed in the crash, including...

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