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Why Tanaka Might Prefer Arizona

It is a question that is repeatedly asked - even if Arizona made a bid for Tanaka, why would he want to play for the Diamondbacks? Let's play the role of Dollhouse and do some brainwashing!

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1, Pitcher's delight

The offense continues to struggle (still no tacos in September) but Brandon McCarthy was able to buckle down and hold the fort to tie the series.

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1 - Matt Cain is promptly welcomed back from the DL with a loss

Diamondbacks 12, Phillies 7

The D-backs had a 6-0 lead halfway through the game and at one point had a 98.6% win probability. Nearly 7 hours later, the D-backs walked away with the win after 18 innings.


Comprehensive list of D-backs nicknames

OK team, let's do this. Just remember the rules - there are no rules. This list will be edited accordingly whenever a consensus is reached for a player. Let's start with a small list now so we can...


MLB Teams and Slogans

I got this idea from Craig Robinson at Flip Flop Fly Ball. He did an article a long time ago and compared the way each team marketed their product through their website. It's been a while and I...


"Demote Justin Upton"

This one Atlanta Braves fan would fit in really in Arizona. It's amusing that the lazy "slacker" rhetoric still continues to float over Upton. He's batting .203/.281/.375 at Turner Field and he's...


What happened to Miguel Montero?

Just wanted to take a quick look at some of the saber-metrics involved with Miggy's offense and try to isolate the root cause of all of his offensive struggles so far in 2013. Obviously, I'm not...

What Is Wrong With Justin Upton?

In a world where Tim Lincecum has a 6.42 ERA, Rickie Weeks is batting below the Uecker Line, and Adrian Gonzalez has only 6 home runs, Justin Upton's numbers suddenly don't seem so terrible. The...



While trying to plan a trip to San Diego I've come to realize that I'm really bad at planning things. I've spent way too many hours figuring out what hotel my wife and I should stay at, which...

Diamondbacks 5, Nationals 1: Your Boss Says, "Like a Cahill"

Brycer Harper was denied a hit in his Washington debut as the D-backs handle the Nationals, 5-1.

Diamondbacks Ups and Downs: April 19-April 25

A serious and comical look into how each of the D-backs players performed in the past week

Diamondbacks Ups and Downs: April 6-April 18

A look into the Ups and Downs of each Diamondback player to star the 2012 season

Diamondbacks 4, Pirates 5: Damn You Hoffman!

Diamondbacks not only lose a tough one to the Pirates but may have lost Chris Young as well.

Diamondbacks Report Card: Chris Young

Chris Young: A 2011 Report Card

Watch the start of the video to the 3:00 mark. What happened last season to the Braves and Red Sox...

Watch the start of the video to the 3:00 mark. What happened last season to the Braves and Red Sox was absolutely surreal and this video gives me chills just thinking about it.


New Primary Logo in 2012

According to ColorWerx and Chris Creamer's sportslogos, the Diamondbacks will be sporting a new primary logo in 2012. Let's see, shall we? ...The D-Backs made a minor change to their...

Diamondbacks Report Card: Joe Paterson

Diamondbacks Report Card: Joe Paterson - A year in review

Diamondbacks Report Card: Melvin "Freakin'" Mora

Melvin Mora: 2011 D-Backs Report Card


Vaguely Evaluating Home Attendance With Coyotes Record

Halfway through the season and I started wondering if there has been any correlation between attendance and the Coyotes winning percentage on home ice. Well, here it is... Click to enlarge T...

Diamondbacks Report Card: Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy - 2011 Report Card: A season in review


2011 First-Year Pitchers with at least 0.5 WAR

Diamondbacks one of three teams to have three or more rookie pitchers with at least a 0.5 WAR. Lot's of positive things in this article.

Gold Glove Candidates Announced: Upton Snubbed

Gerardo Parra SHOULD have his first gold glove on lockdown considering how embarrassing his competition is - Braun and Holliday. Chris Young has a lot to compete with as incumbent Shane Victorino and the well-rounded Matt Kemp make the final-three. Still, another solid year by Young. Upton has right field in the bag... wait, he didn't make the top three? WTF?


Player Heat Maps

Taken from Beyond the BoxScore... Check out what Eric Simon created for us!  What is it? A neat little tool that queries ESPN's batter heat maps for 2011 and outputs the image! Totally awesome....

Exercising Kevin Towers's Option: Yay or Nay?

A detailed look at Kevin Towers's time spent with the D-backs and how much credit he is owed for the team's success.

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 5: Redo?

The Pirates stranded twelve runners and the D-backs nearly matched them leaving eleven. It was a terribly sloppy game for all parties, what with the combined 23 stranded runners, two errors, two picked off runners, and a HBP and wild pitch sprinkled on top just for added discomfort. I was hoping that both teams would conjure up some sort of agreement and restart the game. No luck, and the D-backs lost.


Hill vs. Johnson: An Early Comparison

The trade that buckled the stock market and caused a work stoppage across America is now two weeks into its existence. It came out of nowhere, like a time machine suddenly popping up in someone's bathroom at an unfortunate time. It was sudden, it was shocking, and to a few people it was slightly disturbing. Well, the results are in - sort of - so it's high-time we get this party started.

Diamondbacks 3, Rockies 8: Loooosssiing In the Rain

The Diamondbacks had their usual gaffes and ganders that are normally present but it all boiled down to a 2010ish bullpen meltdown.

Randy Johnson... Future Coach? Saaaayyy Whhhaat?

Really not much to read into at this point, but hey, the topic came up.

Vaguely Analyzing A Losing Streak

Not that anyone's noticed or anything but the D-backs have been kind of bad recently. Offensively, defensively, starting pitching, relief pitching, shoe tying, hat wearing, it's all been bad. Let's take a look at the team's performance throughout the road trip so far with their corresponding league rank in each category.

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