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I got my start writing about baseball for an audience with the founding of Beyond the Box Score back in 2005, and have spent the subsequent years writing about the game for Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated among others. I was also the video game editor at Blast Magazine for a few years; sadly, my experience seeing cosplay at gaming conventions won't help me as much here at SB Nation as we all wish it would. I'm currently co-managing SB Nation's Red Sox blog Over the Monster and writing for Sports on Earth, in addition to writing and editing for SB Nation's MLB hub.

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  • MLB Boston Red Sox
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User Blog

Red Sox reportedly recalling Garin Cecchini


The third base prospect is possibly being brought back to Boston, but for reasons unclear.

Greenville Drive update: Margot, Callahan, Smith


Margot's hitting, but not for power, Callahan is scuffling, and Smith has been even worse.


Remember Gwynn's Hall of Fame career with YouTube

Let's watch Tony Gwynn hit baseballs and give speeches.

Tony Gwynn has passed away


The Padres' great struggled with cancer for years.

Tony Gwynn passes away at age 54

The Hall of Famer and Padres legend had been suffering from cancer.

ESPN's Olney steals the spotlight at Braves games

Who knew Buster Olney had this in him?

Dad nabs homer while holding baby on Fathers' Day

You deserve to wear your #1 Dad t-shirt.

Torres literally beats himself up over poor outing

Seriously, Carlos, stop hitting yourself.

Fan trips and falls over tarp to get foul ball

He paid for it, too. Literally.

JBJ's ridiculous throw doubles up Aviles


The catch was great, but the throw was even better.


Montero's return reminds us of the disaster trade

It's probably safer if you don't read this, lest something cartoonishly awful happen to you like happened to everyone in this trade.

Portland Sea Dogs update: Swihart, Ramirez, Couch


Swihart's slumping but still got pop, while Noe and Couch both look finished with Double-A.

Salem Red Sox update: Kukuk, Light, Diaz


Kukuk is struggling, Light's success has a caveat, and Diaz is what you'd expect.

Polanco goes full Jericho in this WWE worthy video

Just don't break the walls of PNC down, we hear it's lovely.

Brandon Phillips bows to Yasiel Puig's arm

Literally bows.

Yasiel Puig was attacked by a snake

A friendly snake, maybe. One who likes hugs.

Where does Michael Chavis rank in the Sox system?


We know he was worth a first-round pick, but where does he stack up against the other Sox prospects?

Red Sox sign Andres Torres to minor-league deal


The free agent hasn't been good lately, but then again, neither have Boston's outfield options.

Sandoval's slide is sadder than you can imagine

This is not the most graceful Panda you've ever seen.

Machado will be suspended 5 games for thrown bat

He plans to appeal, of course.

Greenville Drive update: Buttrey, Lin, Asuaje


Buttrey is on the DL, Lin isn't hitting, but don't worry, Asuaje can't stop.

Young fan struck by ground rule double, loves it

He got a baseball out of it, so why shouldn't he?


Kendrys Morales is already in the Twins' lineup

Well, that was fast.

Watch Ortiz's game-winning HR against the Tigers


The Red Sox needed an Ortiz special, and he delivered.

Should Brock Holt end up in the Red Sox outfield?


With Mike Napoli returning soon, Holt will need a new home.

Stanton's broken bat flies into his teammate

McGehee is lucky this didn't do more damage.

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