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Came to Austin to go to THE University and never left.

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PJ Tucker Alive and Well!

Good to see that PJ is making some noise! Not sure if it happened, but that game had a potential for 50% Big12 players on the court: Durant, Collison, Tucker, and the Morris twins.

Great Article on Nate Boyer

I felt proud to be an Alum and American after reading this story on the Horn's long snapper. I had no idea. Hook 'Em!

Jamaal is ready to bring the pain.

JC is rehabbed and ready to continue on his tear through the NFL. It'll be good to see him in the hilite reels representing for the Horns!

David Thomas gets sucker punched.

Woodson should be hearing from Goodell. The best view is at ~1:39. Not sure why he didn't get tossed out.

Poooor Aggies.....

Something about a doorknob comes to mind....

Brandon Belts One!

I was at D&B this weekend and looked up at the TV to see Brandon Belt coming up to bat against the Stros. He jacked his 1st AB into the upper deck for a 3 run HR and finished 4/5 for the day. Hook 'Em!

Big Sexy!

Statesman article on Pittman winning the NBA lottery...maybe.

Durant becomes NBA’s youngest scoring champ

To semi-quote Bob Schneider... "There he goes, Durantula!" Congrats to KD.

Robison ready to give it a shot

Brian Robison keeping busy this offseason.

Top 25

Looks like we're a firm 25&1/2. Yikes. I guess the good news is with a win vs ousux we should tip back over firmly into the rankings. That hurts to even say after the way the season started out.

Young: McNair would've done same

It's good to seem more positive press on VY. His karma is looking good. Here's looking forward to a monster year next year.

Starting QB's by state

Here's ammo to answer the question "Why didn't Mack Brown sign so and so?"

Bo Scaife gets paid

Good to see former Horns getting their due. From 6th round pick to 'Franchise" player in a couple seasons. Congrats for the hard work!

Pooooor Oklahoma: Nobody likes us....

A little wine for you. Poooor okrahoma. Nobody respects them. They're ranked #5/6 in the polls and everybody and their dog is creaming over Black Griffin. Doesn't that indicate some respect? waaaaaaaaa...... Must not be much to do or talk about up there so they have to find motivation someway I guess. And of course they have to take a shot at Texas...or they just wouldn't be ousux!



I saw this picture of Tony Romo  in an NFL article on Yahoo.  Is he wearing a UT shirt?  It's kinda hard to tell.  I can't figure out if this is good or bad.   Maybe he's jumping on the...


Boobie gets paid.

The Cavs decided that Daniel Gibson was worth the bucks.  Good to see some Exes playing in the NBA.  I remember when we used to joke that the Lady Longhorns could beat the men's team!  My how...

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