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Long suffering Isles-Jets-Mets fan.

I started watching the Isles in 93, Al Arbour's last hurrah.

I started watching the Jets during Ken O'Briens last season and the start of the Browning Nagle - Rich Kotite era.

I watched the Mets from when I was young all through the 90s. Finally saw them get good enough to make the World Series only for Philips to destroy the team.

Formerly known as WebBard which is/was short for Bard Of The Web. I've been using it since I was a wee little one on the internet. Ahh, Good Old Prodigy Internet how I miss you. Also if you do twitter you can follow me @webbard I'll admit, it's random and illogical.

I've actually been promoted, I now contribute at Lighthouse Hockey the Islanders blog. If your looking for stories which use a lot of the simpler stats (I'm lost when it comes to Corsi) then feel free to swing by and check my stories. Even if you don't like hockey swing by and read Lighthouse Hockey cause it's great.

I also work on The Bard's Blog which tends to be a catch-all for my opinions on everything from Hockey to Politics. Its also the home of 3 or 4 infamous "Milbury Sucks" blogs which are my pride and joy.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL New York Jets
  • NCAAF Rutgers Scarlet Knights
  • NCAAB St. John's Red Storm
  • NHL New York Islanders
User Blog

Grabner Tribute Video including every goal by him. Watching his Canucks highlights, it's hard to...


Grabner Tribute Video including every goal by him. Watching his Canucks highlights, it's hard to see how they traded him.

Awful Jerseys? We're Not Alone


This rant by Quisp over at Jewels from the Crown is great, as the Kings are switching to their 3rd Jersey as a full time first.


Interested in the Islanders Prospects? Want to help LHH?

Hey guys, with it getting close to the season and the return of the Weekly Prospect Update, I'm looking to get together a bigger database of stats and information on Islanders prospects. So I'm...

The East is Too Good for Islanders to Compete?


Is the East too talented for the Islanders to compete? We take a look at how the Islanders statistically compared to the East.

NHL's 30 in 30 on the Islanders


Brian Compton actually gets it, saying that Snow thought he had a playoff team last year before Streit and Okposo went down. Sounds like he thinks there's a good chance they are a playoff team this year.

Al Montoya Might Be Grossly Underrated


Al Montoya arrived with the New York Islanders when both player and team were in desperation mode. Now both may make good on what was always first-round talent.

Evgeni Nabokov Might Be The NHL's Most Overrated Goalie


Can Nabokov help save the Islanders? Or are the signs there that his career is almost over?


Is It October, Yet? Let's Play an Islanders Tournament

It's August, there's going to be marginal news at best for the next month and we all could use something fun to kill time. So here's my idea, and it involves audience participation. We are going to...

Sean Avery Arrested


Sean Avery Arrested for Pushing a Police Officer. He's since made bail.

Predicting Defenseman - Updated


As tough as it is to predict how Goalies will do between being drafted and actually making the NHL, defenseman can be even tougher. When Nicklas Lidstrom was selected in the 3rd round in 1989 who...

History is in your Hands, Vote Yes Aug 1st


History is in your Hands, Vote Yes Aug 1st

Islanders Acquire Brian Rolston


Send Trent Hunter and a Conditional pick to Jersey.

The Proud Bastard Children of the NHL and the Coliseum


Forty years of proud history and tradition, from bastard founding to a Stanley Cup Dynasty, rides on the Aug. 1 referendum vote for a new Nassau Coliseum for the New York Islanders.

Did the Isles Get Singled Out Post Fight Night?


One of the themes after the Friday Night Fights with the Penguins was that the Islanders were being unfairly picked on by the NHL. Refs seemed to be calling everything on the Islanders, and looking...

Blood In The Atlantic Waters?


We take a look at some of the happenings in the Atlantic Division and if it helps the Islanders get closer to the playoffs

Isles' Niederreiter relishes shot at NHL


Katie Strang talks about Nino getting a shot to make the NHL

End of the road for Dehart and Toews


The Islanders did not extend DeHart a "bona fide offer" by June 1, 2011 and, pursuant to article 8.6 of the CBA, no longer retain his rights. Toews wasn't invited because the Islanders have no intent to sign him to an NHL deal in the future. Both could be signed to deals directly to Bridgeport, or one of the Islanders other affiliates. But this appears to be the end of the line for both players as Islanders Prospects.

Derek Zona Ranks Hockey Announcers


"Steigerwald is the second-biggest homer amongst play-by-play men in the NHL and allows it to creep into his call throughout the game. Even in the face of replay evidence he doesn't relent." Fanshotting based strictly on that assessment

Farewell to Martinek, the Classy Czech


Radek Martinek has signed with the Columbus Bluejackets. Time to say goodbye to one of the longer serving Islanders.

It's a Long Road to NHL for 2011 Islanders Draftees


While excitement is high for 2011 NHL draftees, Islanders history shows it's still a long, slow and steady road to the NHL.

In Atlanta Thrashers Demise, Unfair to Blame the Fans


Looking at the demise of the Atlanta Thrashers after a decade of miserable ownership, it's clear their fans never had a chance.

The LHH Playoff Pool Finale


First, thanks to everyone who joined in on the LHH Playoff Pool. While last year the pool came down to 3 possible winners going into the finals, this one was wide open. We had 5 different people...

Trevor Gillies Signs 1 Year 2 Way Deal


It would have definitely been odd to have the Stache Station and an unsigned Gillies. He'll probably see more time in BP though.

Talking about Islanders Third Jersey Ideas


Musing over different ideas and rumors for the upcoming Islanders' third jersey.

Is it October Yet?


Thanks to TMC for sharing, something every Islander fan shouldn't be without!

If You Ban Head Shots, Does Fighting Go?


The NHL has steadily increased its understanding of the danger of hits to the head and has altered its rules accordingly. In that context, can it continue to allow fighting?

Former Islanders Coach Steve Stirling in Hospital


Now an Assistant with the Binghamton Senators, former Isles intern coach Stirling is in a hospital with chest pains. Hoping for the best.

Someone's going off the Rails!


Someone's going off the Rails!

Questioning a Post Columnist's New Tune on the Islanders


Post columnist Larry Brooks thinks the contract extensions for Kyle Okposo and Michael Grabner were smart long-term moves...so apparently he doesn't think the NHL needs to take over the Islanders...

12 Drafts, 4 GMs and 20 Years


Breaking down three drafts each from four different Islanders GMs, Bill Torrey, Don Maloney, Mike Milbury and Garh Snow.

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