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The only person in England to care about NBA basketball operations.

In my spare time, I spell.

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Livingston's deal may limit Warriors' flexibility

Shaun Livingston should help the Warriors in myriad ways, but his contract places a potential burden on Golden State's future plans.

Gortat's new deal will be painful down the road

The Washington Wizards paid a premium to keep their center, both in money and years. The money isn't a huge problem. The years, though, are.

Meet the men actually making the draft picks


Draft night is one of the biggest for the 30 men in charge of NBA teams. Based on their draft histories, what can we expect from the general managers picking at the top of the draft?

Carmelo doesn't owe the Knicks anything

If Melo wants to win, now is the time and there are better options for him than the rebuilding Knicks. Why would anyone hold that against him? And what kind of CBA changes can (and should) really...


Behind the Spurs' team-building brilliance

As they prepare to meet the Miami Heat in the first NBA Finals rematch since 1998, the Spurs owe much of their success to an ability to lock up stars at reasonable contracts and not overpaying to...


The Pacers went all-in and failed. Now what?

The Indiana Pacers put all their chips on the table to win a championship this year. They'll feel the effects of squandering future assets to make that happen.

The Grizzlies' Z-Bo dilemma

Zach Randolph's pending free agency decision will set the tone for every offseason move the Grizzlies make. Can they afford to keep him, or will saying goodbye to Z-Bo cost them their identity?


This is a big summer for the 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have unlimited options, but they need to start turning those options into core pieces if they want their rebuilding effort to succeed. This summer is where it starts.

The hidden value of the Odom signing

Why did the New York Knicks sign Lamar Odom with one day left in the season? It's all about the value his contract represents in the trade market.

Lakers can retool quickly

Even with a bare roster, the Lakers' cap room and market position put them in good position to retool faster than most teams.

Bobcats get much-needed shooting


The Bobcats made a nice little deal with the Bucks to shore up outside shooting, though it'll be a challenge for coach Steve Clifford to optimize his rotation. Meanwhile, the Bucks can at least say...


Clippers didn't HAVE to pay the luxury tax

The Clippers will likely be paying the luxury tax for the first time in their history, but only by a tiny amount and only because of a series of small, unneeded expenses. This could have been avoided.

Nuggets downgrade for no reason


The Denver Nuggets were ready to trade Andre Miller, but they also needlessly gave away a second-round pick and a young asset to get an inferior replacement.

76ers' slash and burn continues


The Philadelphia 76ers achieved their goal to stockpile assets for unneeded pieces by dealing away Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, but may not have received as much as several hoped in return....

The Steve Blake trade is really confusing

Even a trade that appears basic can be much more complicated than it seems. We show how the Warriors' acquisition of Steve Blake actually required a lot of CBA logistics to be completed. And you...

Teague deal pointless for Nets


The Brooklyn Nets could afford to take on Marquis Teague, but that is no justification for this weekend's minor deal that has financial implications.

Warriors are huge winners in Crawford trade


The Jordan Crawford trade was a coup for the Golden State Warriors, though it also worked out well for the other two teams involved. It did not work out well for MarShon Brooks, though.

Send Bennett to the D-League, for his sake


It's been well established that Anthony Bennett has been a massive disappointment as the No. 1 pick in the draft. There's only one option if the Cavaliers and Bennett want to turn things around.

Who actually tanks in the NBA, though?

Our current discussion of the "tanking epidemic" fails to really define what tanking actually is. Once you dig deep into this definition, it's hard to find a reason to be outraged at all.

Is Grit 'N Grind doomed?

A critical injury has exposed holes in the Memphis Grizzlies' foundation. Is there anything they do to continue their run as one of the top organizations in the West?

Rockets can afford to wait on Asik


Just because the Rockets didn't deal Omer Asik before their self-imposed deadline of last week doesn't mean all is lost. Here's why the pressure of an actual deadline will be to Houston's benefit.

December 15: When trade season begins


NBA trade season is coming, but it can't really begin until next week. We explain why two dates must pass before the real fireworks happen.

Kings deal for something they already had


The Sacramento Kings were looking for a talent infusion when they acquired Rudy Gay, but they're really making the same mistake the Toronto Raptors did 11 months ago.


When should NBA teams pay the luxury tax?

With few exceptions, would-be NBA champions eventually must pay the luxury tax. But when should they pull the trigger? The Thunder, Clippers and Bulls have taken different approaches — and it's too...

The repeater tax will change the NBA


Next summer brings the repeater tax, which will levy additional penalties on teams that have payrolls above the luxury-tax threshold for multiple years. We explain how this will make it extremely...


76ers, Suns must stay the course

The fact that the 76ers and Suns are off to surprising starts shouldn't change their strategy of building for the long term, even if it costs them an unexpected playoff run.

Why 1st-round picks are valuable


The last few years have witnessed a sea change in how teams value first-round picks, and it's for the better. Think about this next time you propose a fake trade involving a pick.

Bogut extension an unnecessary risk


Non-rookie scale extensions rarely happen, due to the player's desire to use the free agency market to drive up his price. To avoid this, teams fortunate enough to sign extensions generally...


The value of late second-round picks

First, late first-round picks became sought after. Second came the early second-rounders. Now it's the late seconds whose value is being dragged up.

The new middle class


Payroll spending across the NBA is down. "Bad" contracts are drying up. Long underwhelming deals that anchor a team's payroll are disappearing. Meanwhile, the middle class is expanding, and we all...

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