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Assistant football coach at Kalamazoo Central High School. Go Lions! Go Broncos!

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  • NFL Detroit Lions
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User Blog

Former HC Schwartz speaks out on Suh. There you have it, This earns a few respect points from me to Schwartz. good for him to call out Heath...


Addressing the 1-23 record

Lately, and especially recently, we have been hearing about staffords 1-23 record of winning teams. I first heard about it when someone on facebook posted this link h...


Will Ziggy Start? Also Cliff Vs Ansah (combine)

I think its been assumed that he will start because of his draft position, but I am wondering if its possible that Willie Young starts in his place, and Ziggy gets worked in a heavy rotation. I...


Guys, guess what! (non-lions related)

Ok, this is somewhat football related, and I am pretty much bragging but I want to tell people who will really appreciate how awesome this Opportunity is. I recently got asked to volunteer on...


Great piece on Broyles

The more I hear about this guy, the more I like him. Especially in the midst of the whole titus young thing recently, Broyles is showing he is an extremely high-character guy. He deserves to be...


Vontae Davis to the Colts

Via For a 2nd and possibly 6th round draft pick next...


Sweet Lions highlight video

I'll start off by saying I do not own this video, and I had no part in making it. I just found it on youtube and thought it was really good For the sake...


Thank you, Suh

Okay, so I was really getting frustrated with our lions not taking responsibility for their actions, whether that be throwing a pick, dumb penaltys, or Suhs personal Foul   I feel like they weren't...


Mattawan Football Does it Again.

hi there everybody! A couple weeks ago i made a post for everyone to vote for mattawan for game of the week. We won that game 35-7 and are off to our best start since 2006. well we just clinched...


Mattawan Football

Let me start off by saying if someone wants this taken down i understand and i will take it down asap. I am a senior at mattawan highschool, a place where for years we we have been the joke of the...


question concerning mikel leshoure

hi there everybody! today was the first day of 2-a-days for me (senior year hs football babyy) when i got home i heard the unfortunate news about our rookie running back, but im not going to dwell...


Lockout ruled legal

im sure sean will put this on the front page, in which case ill delete this if need be, but apparently the lockout was ruled legal..which doesnt mean anything in the sense that nothing is really...


NFL "secret meeting"

I saw on sportscenter something about an NFL secret meeting, and they said it might lead to the lockout ending soon. they switched to some spelling bee so i did not get a chance to hear anymore...


What about Mark Herzlich?

He was considered a 1st round draft pick before he got cancer, so i figure he would be worth a look at i did some research and this website...

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