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Neat Graphic - Fly Ball Location

In case it hasn't caught on here, they're doing really cool stuff at Baseball Heat Maps. As the amount of publicly available data and tools continue to expand, we should be able to ask and...


Optimal Thievery - Picking Your Spots

When sabermetrics was first coming into prominence -- after the unholy sacrifice of human fetuses to the Dark Powers but before the burning of the Jack Morris effigy -- many of the first steps...


How It Works

It is often the simplest questions that prove the most challenging to provide a satisfactory answer to, especially when it is detail and nuance that is needed. As a scientist masquerading as an...

This is Tangentially About Baseball


I debated writing this article -- starting it and then deleting it about a week ago -- unable to marshal my thoughts and not wanting to do a hatchet job on an interesting and worthy topic. I will...

Defensive Range, Other Things


Sometime in August Chris Stewart had managed to string a few singles together, some of them coming with runners in scoring position. While this is a little bit remarkable because of the batsman in...

This Has Very Little To Do With Baseball


My first love was not baseball, my first love was science. Not the class in school or the act of looking at bacteria under a microscope, but what science really is. At its core, science is the...

Pulling The String


The Yankees are down two-zero in a best of seven, staring down the barrel of a Justin Verlander. There's blood in the water and the majority of it belongs to Yankees batsmen who, despite a league...

Orioles 3 - Yankees 2


With the two-three series format, a road split gives a decided advantage to the team returning home. The Yankees did that, so that's a good thing. A win today would have put the Orioles at the...


ALDS Game 2: Yankees at Orioles

IP ERA FIP WHIP K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB% Andy Pettitte 75.1 2.87 3.48 1.14 8.24 2.51 0.96 56.3% Wei-Yin Chen 192.2 4.02 4.42 1.26 7.19 2.66 1.35 37.1% ...

Russell Martin's Big Inning


It wasn't the ninth. Although one does get bonus points for doing the impossible and (i) hitting a home run (ii) in the playoffs (iii) on the road (iv) off of a proven closer (v) to put the...

Thoughts IX


Taking the extra base has long been one of those fundamentals that certain baseball people like to grandstand about, especially come playoff time. Think about all of the pressure put on the...

Failures of the New Playoffs on Full Display


This post is what you think it is, so if you already know, you don't even have to read it. When the edict came down that another Wild Card would be added to create this ultimate death match one...


Game 160: Red Sox at Yankees

VS. W-L G GS CG SHO SV BS IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP 2012 - Clay Buchholz 11-7 28 28 2 1 0 0 187.2 181 96 88 22 62 127 4.22 1.29 ...

Joba Chamberlain, Good Recently


With a setback in an already strenuous rehab, there was reason to doubt Joba Chamberlain bouncing back and regaining the spring in his step. Allowing him to return to major league action before...





Game 153: Yankees at Twins

Game thread

Robinson Cano Walks Now, Sometimes


I'm a little bit uncomfortable writing something called a "teaser." I don't know what kind of website you think this is, but this is not that kind of website.

Return of the Rod


An entirely too early analysis of Alex Rodriguez's return to the Yankees.

Police Up Your Extra Ammo and Frags.


Hello, friends. This one goes out to all of the big fans of weighted on base average.

Rays 4 - Yankees 3


Yankees lose.


Game 134: Yankees at Rays

Game thread.

Lob Wedge


Baseball is discussed within.


Game 128: Blue Jays at Yankees

A game thread.

On Curtis Granderson and Catching the Ball


Curtis Granderson's poor defensive statistics are examined and contextualized.

White Sox 9 - Yankees 6


A game recap of the Yankees and White Sox.


Game 122: Yankees at White Sox

In which members of the Yankees and White Sox will fight to the death in center field.

Thoughts VIII


In which Nick Swisher is the topic.

Yankees 8 - Rangers 2


A game recap of the Yankees 8-2 win over the Rangers.


Game 115: Rangers at Yankees

A game thread for this game.

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