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Sportwriter. Editor of and author of "The Tao of Chip Kelly." Standup comedian. World palindrome champion. Skimboarder. Dad.

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Why Kenjon Barner Stopped Returning Kicks


Don't count on Barner to take over KR duties for the injured Josh Huff. That part of his game essentially ended with a brutal injury in 2010.

Jenkins: We Need to Punch First Against Patriots


No one will be a "next Dawkins," but the Eagles' new safety is more physical than many expected.

Training Camp Notes: Don't Call Them BelliChip


Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly are old friends with a fierce competitive edge. Are they destined to meet in the Super Bowl?

Eagles Training Camp Notes: A Second Opinion


BGN's West Coast correspondent Mark Saltveit was at Franklin Frield today. Here's where BLG was completely wrong.

NY Giants Injury Update: Beason is Broken


NY Giants' LB Jon Beason's Injury is Serious: Out 12 weeks

Hogs Haven Knows How to Stop Chip Kelly's Offense


Over at Hogs Haven, a writer thinks he's figured out how to stop the Eagles' record-setting offense, based on watching film from last year. Shrewd, stupid, or what?

The Mystery of Marcus Smith


Will he replace Trent Cole? Or free up Connor Barwin to be a dominant pass rusher?

Eagle writer Thunderdome - Lawlor vs. Cohen


Two shrewd analysts disagree whether the Eagles are likely to improve or regress this year, and wide receivers -- post DeSean -- are the focus. Let's drill down into the stats under different...

Chip Kelly Keeps Slinging the Science


Eagles' rookies spilled the beans on two more scientific innovations that the Birds are bringing to NFL football.

Chip Kelly's Oregon Bias


Chip Kelly has a lot of heart. Does he love his Oregon players (and coaches) too much?

Chip Kelly's Ideal Player: a humble, 6'9" war hero


Special Forces have been Chip Kelly's model for his teams for years. Now he has a Special Forces stud with a Bronze Star on his roster.

Tape don't lie, and the Eagles don't want Manziel.


Sometimes printed words and scouting reports can hide truths that are obvious in person, or on videotape. Chip Kelly knows this about his draft prospects, but it applies just as much to the coach...

Why Chip Kelly REALLY cut DeSean


Today, Chip finally spoke, but he picked his words very carefully. Twitter wags read between the lines.

Evan Mathis, Twitter Genius


Does he play somewhere on the offensive line? Whatever. Blocking is boring. Evan Mathis' best offensive lines are found on Twitter and Instagram.

Is Chip Kelly racist?


Richard Sherman argues that the Eagles have a double standard in keeping Riley Cooper while releasing DeSean Jackson. Does he have a point?

How Chip Kelly Handled Troubled Players at Oregon


Chip Kelly coached a lot of difficult characters who started for him at Oregon. How he handled them tells us a lot about the DeSean Jackson situation

Was Chip or Howie the DJax Axeman?


Was coach Chip Kelly the driving force behind DeSean Jackson's release? Or was it GM Howie Roseman?

Could Maclin replace DeSean?


Like it or not, it looks as if DJax won't be back. Can JMac fill his shoes?

Chip Kelly Builds His Team with Rebar


Kelly is the best kind of leader -- inspiring, positive, focused on fundamentals. He also knows how to build leadership on the field.

The Importance of Keeping Riley Cooper


Forget the combine and all its statistics. Chemistry wins Super Bowls, and Chip Kelly is developing it.

Should the Eagles take a chance on Colt Lyerla?


Should the Eagles draft Colt Lyerla, the hyper-talented train wreck tight end that Chip Kelly coached at Oregon? Uh, no.

Right Under Our Noses


The Eagles have several great new players for 2014 that aren't draft picks or free agents. They're hiding in plain sight -- at the bottom of the depth chart.

Eagles Free Agent Target #1


Would you sign a player who scores every game AND pushes the other team's offense back 6 - 10 yards at a time -- all for $2-3 million a year? I would.

Richard Sherman, Chip Kelly & Playing with Emotion


Chip Kelly says the Eagles should "play with emotion, not let emotion play with you." Are feelings good or bad on game day? It's more subtle than that.

What Goes Wrong on 3rd and Long?


The Eagles' defense has trouble getting off the field on 3rd and 8, 3rd and 12, even 3rd and 19. Why?

The Mystery Behind Foles' Struggles vs. Dallas


Nick Foles epic fail in Game 7 remains the biggest mystery of the Eagles' season. What happened?

Snowballs for Santa


No more lazy references to a 45-year old, well deserved Santa beat down. Please.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Eagles Laid an Egg


The Chipmobile lost a wheel, and Birds fans had to pay.

The Vikings Game is the Super Bowl


Chip Kelly doesn't do trap games. Hopefully he has the Eagles on the same page.

Chip Kelly, the Master Student


Chip Kelly is an excellent teacher, but he's an even better learner.

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