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Aschburner: Break up the Bulls? think twice before dealing for Howard


If you're looking to make the argument that the Bulls would be subtraction by addition in a Joakim for Noah trade, it's made for you here.

What D.Rose did on his Summer Vacation


not sure if this has been linked elsewhere on the site, but i thought it was worth a fanshot.


MarketMaker Goes To Washington

On Thursday, I drunkenly said that I'd write some sort of recap of my trip to our nation's capital.  Not only was it my first trip to DC, it was my first trip to a non-Chicago MLB park.  The...

Zombie Alex Rios is Back from the Dead


I'm sure somebody has beat me to this, but it's worth a fanshot. Also, I am the man.

Obsessive Obama Supporters Becoming Aware of Their Meaningless Lives


Obsessive Obama Supporters Becoming Aware of Their Meaningless Lives


Goodbye Cruel World!

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street headed for another precipitous drop Friday as fears of a punishing global recession stirred panic among investors and sent world financial markets into a tailspin. The...

Ozzie Guillen MAD TV Sketch


Ozzie Guillen MAD TV Sketch


Ozzie Thinks Crede is Done

"I don't expect Joe to play for the rest of the year," Guillen said of Crede, who missed nearly five weeks because of back stiffness before returning Aug. 25. "You come out of the game and your...


Anybody want tickets for 4th of July?

Oakland Athletics.  Section 160, Row 11, Seats 7-10. I work in the loop and live by the lake, so I can hand them off whenever you're around.  I'd like to get rid of these as soon as possible.  I'd...


have we seen the dawn of a new aj?

aj has more than half the doubles(13) he's had in each of the last 3 seasons(24, 24, 21). he also already has 10 walks. that might not seem like a lot, but consider the fact that his career high...

FJM- The Selfish Meme


I'm sure most of you probably peruse on a regular basis, but I saw an article about our beloved Sox and the writing phenomenon known as Joe Cowley. If you hadn't bookmarked this page prior to this do it now. It's usually good for a laugh at some idiot sportswriter's expense.


A New Direction for the 2008-09 Bulls

I wanted to address Matt's post about trading Deng and Gordon, but I thought my idea took up a little too much space to be a response.  With that in mind, here's what I'm thinking:I know a lot of...

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