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A thing of beauty

My best guesses. That's a full load, no? MLB 1. Santana 2. Niese 3. Gee 4. Harvey 5. Some Dude AAA 1. Wheeler 2. Mejia 3. Familia 4. McHugh 5. Gorski Its the first time in a couple...


Pick 3

Play Knicks GM for a minute Lets assume the Knicks match whatever Lin gets, lets go of Fields, signs Novak and JR and makes no other moves. You can pick three free agents: 1) Sign-and-trade for $6m...


Can I be a prospect again?

Dear Mr. Sickels I'm a 20 year old (turning 21 later in June) playing AA ball. Once upon a time I was a highly regarded signing out of the DR and a very highly touted prospect (did I mention I'm...


When are we going to be good again?

So, if Sandy decides we are done for the year, what year does he play for? Does he trade Beltran for 2012 help (AAA and AA players only)? Are we ready to be competitive next year? I'm thinking that...


Hated losing Gallo, but...

Just like we wouldn't have been able to afford Will in 2011 FA, we wouldn't be able to keep Gallo in 2012. Not and get an all-star caliber point guard. Remember the Heat had to just give Beasley...


This remind anyone of McAdoo, Heyward, The Pearl....

Back in the 70's (post-championship), Knick ownership figured that if one scorer was good, and two was better, then 4 must be better still and another 2 would be even better! With an aging Clyde...


How about this center as a trade target

I'm from the camp that Carmelo doesn't bring that much extra to the table. I am a fan that likes watch our children turn into men, and Gallo, Wil, Landry, and even Randolph are still babies. I just...

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