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Diehard Dodgers and baseball,. Twins fan first and foremost from 2000 to 2013 until Ron Gardenhire was extended after three consecutive losing seasons. Until he's gone or the organization is properly run and holds people accountable, I'm utterly disinterested in whatever happens to them. Also love the Oakland Athletics and Sacramento Kings, and there are various others I can root for if none of my diehard favorites are in the mix. Hated teams include St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, and New England Patriots. Baseball, boxing, basketball, and football are my top four sports. Hockey's fun too. NASCAR is an abomination, and while I can see some of the nuance of soccer I'm just not a huge fan.

In addition to my real-life love of sports, I'm also the creator of my own education/history/sports franchise, the United States Presidents Baseball Club. In it, I took all of America's presidents and turned them into a baseball team, with each one filling a front office, playing, or coaching role based on their real-life accomplishments and personalities. There are trading cards available along with other materials at the official website, www.presidentsbaseball.com.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • NFL New York Jets
  • General Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics. Might get back to being a Twins fan when Ron Gardenhire is finally gone.
  • Winter Olympics U.S.A.
  • Boxing Barry McGuigan, Arturo Gatti, Joe Louis, among many others
  • Golf Jack Nicklaus
  • Fantasy Cooperstown Legends, All-Time Minnesota Twins Team
  • Wrestling Ric Flair, The Rock, and a few others. I'm more a fan of certain wrestling personalities than wrestling itself, but it can be decent mindless entertainment.
  • Summer Olympics U.S.A.
  • MMA Ronda Rousey
User Blog

Celebrity Twins fans

Not sure if this has been discussed here, but all the same, I've always wanted to see a definitive list of celebrity Twins fans. And yes, it couldn't be nearly on the scale of Yankees and Red Sox...


Where should Perkins go?

So speculating endlessly over Glen Perkins is far from new, but I'd still like to see a gauge of where people think he should go. I am admittedly biased in saying this, as the Dodgers are my NL...


Mike Scioscia for Twins Manager: Yay or Nay? (Likely hypothetical, but still)

I know the front office has made it clear that Gardy will likely keep his job, especially for the sake of the current rebuilding process. So this question is probably just a hypothetical one, but...

My Presidents Baseball cards are ready for sale!


Hey everyone! So some time ago I came up with an idea where all the Presidents come together to form a baseball team, with each position corresponding to their personality, history, and achievements. In true baseball fashion, each one is captured on a trading card. We've worked tirelessly on the site and everything for awhile, and the deck is now ready for sale! Give it a look if you will. Thanks. :)



I figure many here are aware of this site, but for those who aren't, this is about as exhaustive a collectors place as you'll find. Enjoy!


HEY ALL! I'll be at the 1991 reunion on August 5th, meet-up plans

Alright, so I'll be booking my flight and hotel for my trip to Minneapolis on August 4th, in time for the 1991 reunion the next day. I wanted to discuss with those more familiar with the locale if...


I got Harmon Killebrew's autograph!

So, I sent a get-well letter to Harmon Killebrew a few weeks back, and upon arriving home today found he sent me an autographed thank-you card! What a sweet guy...reminds me of my first days as a...

Hrbek on David Letterman in 1987


Awesome footage. Never knew about this until today.


Question about the 1991 20th anniversary reunion in August

Hey all, As I've mentioned, I'm going to give it my all to make it to the 20th anniversary reunion of the '91 team in August, and plan to buy my ticket for the game(s) as soon as possible just to...


How to get old jersey customized? Also, I might be at the 1991 team reunion!

Hey all,   Been awhile since I've posted. School has started again and I've been getting ready for a whole slew of exciting things in my life this year. Of course, the Twins remain a high priority...


Who is Kyle Gibson, and what is he to you?

Alright, so I'll admit to not being in the loop with all Twins prospects (although in the past year I've become acquainted with quite a few names and their expectations, mostly our beloved Danny...

Awesome old news clips from 1987


Found this while surfing, and it made my night.


Who would you trade for Zack Greinke? Also, who would you sign if you had the chance?

As the intense disappointment of another first round exit starts to fade, I'm finally starting to find more enthusiasm in offseason speculation than I thought I would (But then again, I did last...

Ken Burns begs baseball to stop, or else he'll have to keep documenting it


A great treat from the Onion before we're swallowed up by the postseason tomorrow.


Advice for an aspiring boxing referee

Hey all, First off, I guess I ought to introduce myself. I'm a long-time sports and boxing fan, 20 years old (21 in November!), and am starting out on my quest to become a boxing/kickboxing...


Minnesota Twins Individual Theme Songs

While this can't quite measure up to the same level as Randball Stu's creative anthem list, it'd still be a blast to pick songs that fit each player musically, lyrically or both (Or neither I...


Off-Topic: Who are you rooting for in the NL?

With the Twins comfortably in the playoffs and almost guaranteed to have ALDS home-field advantage, there's a bit more room to get invested in the other races still being decided throughout...

Finally, some credit from ESPN for our guys' excellence!


Buster Olney does a fine job laying out the case for the Twins being prepared and better in the playoffs. Stuff we've basically aired over and over and already expect, but nice to see it from ESPN for once.


Your favorite players in all of baseball (Twins included)

While this may not be a post of great analysis or intricate stats (and hey, we can't use UZR anymore anyway since claiming Manny and shifting Thome to center), I think it'd still be fun to see who...

Now that he's matured, a fun 2008 Delmon Young ad


Looks like he took the advie. Love Hrbie at the end.

Matt Guerrier imitates Jim Thome's stance


Nice little find, Guerrier grew up an Indians fan. Slightly poor quality since it's a video of a TV broadcast.

Happy 40th birthday Jimmer!


Now let tater/birthday cake references ensue.

Although Lebron's signing and all its drama are old news, this is still one of the funniest things...


Although Lebron's signing and all its drama are old news, this is still one of the funniest things you will ever see.


Who should we trade for this month?

After last year's flurry of impressive summer acquisitions, the Twins have been surprisingly quiet this season. Unless you want to count the prolonged, rumor-packed Cliff Lee period, the...


Time for some more fun! Twins-oriented song parodies

Alright, so part of the fun of hanging out here at Twinkie Town (and SB Nation blogs in general) is the irreverence and fun we all have making jokes and references as we stick with our team through...



The ultimate summation of Phil Cuzzi's douchiness and unprofessional umpiring.

Oh, O-Cab


This one made me smile. Reminds me that, no matter how brief his time here was, he really made it fun.

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