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On Futures Once Written

A new year arrives in mere hours, but it's more than that. It's leaving the Roma we once knew behind.

All I Wanted For Christmas...

Was Michael Bradley saying Romanistas and a Gervinho hat. Wishes granted.

The Problems Remain The Same

Roma went at Milan with a flawed setup from the start and the predictable happened.

Nike x Roma: The Kit

The first kit to be done with Nike has appeared in the wild. Not only as a graphic, but as real shirts on real bodies. Get your Christmas shopping done early.

Part IV Of Something.

Roma played out to a fourth straight draw on the back of ten straight wins. Those draws have placed a bit of light where Roma wants none.

They Know You Now. They Know You.

The last several matches have given insight into Roma's problem and everyone else's solution. It's not pretty.

All I Want For Christmas Is Something Silky

What is this? We get to wish for nice things now and it's not entirely unrealistic? When do we find out that dad's been embezzling money and all those Christmas gifts now belong to the government?

And 3...2...1...Roma Happened.

It's a blast from the past as the Roma we both loved and loathed made another return. Fortunately, that may be due to a changeable factor; unfortunately, the result still stands.

Of Men, Not Machines

Roma finally walked away something other than the victors and Rudi finally proved himself human. So did quite a few, in fact.

Roma, You Lucky Ducks

The growing murmurs that Roma's record run is based on "luck". Well that's an awful lot of luck, then.

The Bald Beauty

Michael Bradley, superb sub.

In Honor of May 26th

Roma suffered arguably the worst day in their history less than six months ago. And for that, we cannot be more thankful.

Roma x Philipp Plein x Dyspepsia

Roma has leaked the first teaser for their line by Phillip Plein. It's as bad as the name would suggest. Rome is falling.

Of Three-Goal Wins & Four-Letter Words

Roma was tested at the San Siro. Roma took the San Siro. Time for a talk, and don't you dare doubt them.

Roma, Je T'Aime

There's a French-directed romance playing on the biggest screen in Rome.

You're Rubbish. No, You're Rubbish. Good.

Roma won yet another and Rudi is beginning to look like a genius. Because who needs to be good to actually win? This is a concept top clubs have been relying upon for years. Roma just got the memo.

The Tears of Federico

Allow this to serve as a reminder of just what the Rome derby means.

The Roma Style Guide

Breaking down the more important part of the Roma season now that the roster is settled. And really, because Borriello stayed.

The Azzurri Cometh

Italy takes on Bulgaria. Rant here.

The Summer Of 2013

Roma made a number of moves during the summer of 2013, which will go down in oral history with elders speaking of it like it was war fifty years from now. And Roma lost some good men.

Saba's Night Moves: The Finale

It's the final night and day before the transfer deadline. Walter Sabatini is gettin' busy and makin' moves. Maicon's body is ready.

Saba Season Enters Full Swing

The last week in August is when Walter Sabatini starts to feel his mojo, staring more intently into the eye of his desired target, taking a longer drag on that cigarette, and flipping professional athletes like a kid at a comic convention.

Saba's Night Moves Appear To Strike Again

Walter Sabatini is a master of the moon-lit sky. His best moves seem to happen deep into the hours of the early morning, and news is emerging he's just pulled another: Adem Ljajic

A Letter To My Darling Mistress

Another dance with Roma.

Preparing To Mourn Erik

Reports indicate the news which has been far from secret over the past week is coming true: Erik Lamela will be sold to Tottenham. Only the figures coming through are less than what was originally thought. We're not happy.

The Being Of Roma

Summer's now over and the season is upon us. Our non-traditional previews for your non-traditional club begin here.

Foresight Is 20/20

Roma defeated Ternana in a friendly 2-1 and we take all sorts of clues into the season. No we don't, but we pretend like we do.

Damn Your Prima Punta

Roma takes on Ternana. Pablo Osvaldo has been omitted entirely and is as good as gone. This means Francesco Totti at CF. That's nostalgia's theme music you hear.

Roma Takes On Ternana

In the last friendly before the season begins, the focus will still be on the market and whatever is happening at the top of the formation. Half the starting attack could be playing for Tottenham by week's end because Real Madrid hearts Gareth Bale.

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