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Rising Senior College of Charleston where I'm majoring in Spanish and minoring in Biology. Planning on applying to PA school at MUSC after graduation. I bleed black and blue as a die hard Carolina Panthers fan. Fell in love with boxing (Miguel Cotto/ Felix "Tito" Trinidad) at a young age. Hugeeee OKC Thunder Fan.

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  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAF South Carolina Gamecocks
  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Boxing Miguel Cotto
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Would you make this trade?

I'll admit, NBA trades confuse the hell out of me. My knowledge for how the NFL works is far greater compared to the NBA so I never try to come up with trade proposals. However, I saw one the other...


Skype with James Anderson

What's up Panther Nation!!!! So I'm having a Google + chat session with our own Mr. Anderson and Byron Bell @ 7 tonight. Let me know if ya'll have any good questions/suggestions for me to ask...

ESPN calls Newton overrated.


Newton apparently posted a relatively low ESPN's Total QBR rating (56.6, ranked 16th). He also posted a 4.2 percent "bad decision rate" which was 5th highest in the league. While I agree that defenses were affected due to the lack of OTA's and got lit up early in the season by passers around the league, Cam was limited by the shorten off season as well but I guess that doesn't matter huh?

Sign this man!


We all know Stewart wants to stay so this isn't shocking news but it's still good to hear him say it.

Luis Castillo Anyone?


I'm surprised he got cut. He's only 28 years old and might be very well worth a look. Has ties to Coach Rivera so I wouldn't be surprised.


New Member! Bandwagon? Maybe. Soon to be die-hard? Certianly.

First off, I hate bandwagon fans as much as the next guy. As a die-hard Carolina Panther fan, I tolerated A LOT of them this past NFL season simply due to all the Cam Newton j*** riders who...

John Fox Coach of the Year?


Interesting article I'm happy to see that Fox is doing a good job up in Denver. 4-12 to a playoff berth? It would be insane to give all that credit to Tebow. Anyways what do you think about this move? Personally I don't see anything wrong with him being in the race but I don't know if he should win it.

And we thought Deangelo was overpaid...


In a league where the RB position is no where near as important as it use to be. You can easily find 2nd to 3rd round players to be solid running backs in this passing league now, 100 million dollars is beyond ridiculous.


Steve Smith Condsidered to Retire?

So I was reading up on and noticed a very interesting article in which Carolina Panther Steve Smith opened up more on his  current situation and future with the team. Smith even announced...


Panthers Steve Smith Reveals Unreported 2010 Injury

Panthers Steve Smith recently revealed he played most of the 2010 injured but didn't tell the coaching staff

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