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I make words with sports happen.

You can follow me on Twitter @MartinRickman, but I understand if you don't want to. I still want to be friends.

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User Blog

What's it like being on a watch list?

Utah State Aggies QB Chuckie Keeton was one of 76 players named to the Maxwell Watch List, the award given to the college football player of the year. Here's how he found out.

It's time to say goodbye I guess


Martin Rickman is leaving Blogger So Dear. This is his attempt at letting go.

The real story of the ACC invasion

Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame (kind of) joined the ACC officially on Monday, and to celebrate, festivities were held in New York because nothing says the ACC like Times Square and bus tours....

Bruins fans cope through porn

After the Game 6 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup, Boston turned to one of life's truest constants: pornography.

Roger Federer can't wear his orange shoes

The All England Club is strict on its rules. Even to a seven-time Wimbledon champion.

What should LeBron be worried about?


After his second NBA Championship, LeBron James proclaimed he "ain't got no worries," but oh, how wrong he is.


Stuff Kawhi Leonard hasn't done since high school

In an interview with Chris Broussard, Kawhi Leonard revealed he hasn't watched SportsCenter since high school. So what other staples of youth is the Spurs forward missing out on?

What are the best movie songs of all time?


There have been some pretty great songs to come out of movie soundtracks, but which ones take the cake? We asked some Twitter friends to help us out so we can all argue about it.

Fedora's Freak Show is a thing, the ACC is weird

UNC's coach is hosting his second-annual Fedora's Freak Show camp, but since the ACC is all about togetherness, every other coach appears to be getting in the act.

Mariano Rivera is delivering pizzas

The Yankees closer is calling it quits at the end of this year, and he's surprising people in MLB cities along the way. This time, he's delivering some 'zza.

This Tim Tebow thing is making Ed Werder a little crazy


I can only imagine what this is doing to John Clayton has anyone checked on John Clayton oh no John Clayton no don't please stop –– [transmission stopped]

Lion King Conaway is a great name

The senior DE from Michigan may not be ranked in ESPN's database, but he definitely has a five-star first name.

DeMarcus Cousins is eager to learn


Cousins and other former UK players Patrick Patterson, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Darius Miller are at Camp One in Lexington this week. Hopefully that is how Boogie sits when he is in practice listening to his coaches all the time.

Usain Bolt is the best, even when he loses


Usain Bolt lost to Justin Gatlin in the 100m in Rome, and his reaction was the most Usain Bolt reaction possible.

Justin Tuck is apparently a huge Nicholas Sparks fan


Be forewarned, Mr. Tuck: no matter how big you are, if you're watching The Notebook by yourself, you might cry.

Tiger Woods and Kid Rock are playing golf

Now there is finally a twosome more random than Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker

Let's chat about the ACC again

Friends Mark Ennis and Martin Rickman are back talking about their favorite conference, this time discussing the power dynamics of the league, how to make jokes about the ACC and what to do with...

Kobe Bryant is 'The Last Dinosaur'

In an interview with ESPN Los Angeles, we got a glimpse into a possible new Mamba franchise.

Long snappers are still making trick shot videos


Aside from being a dead ringer for Adam from Workaholics, USC commit Zach Smith has a neat highlight reel of long snapping trick shots. h/t Dr. Saturday

What if your NFL team started a bowl game?

With the reported new Detroit Lions Bowl, let's look at what would happen if some other NFL teams got in the act.

The Heat need more milk drinkers

As Erik Spoelstra points out, Miami has done extensive research on this subject.

T.O. wants to become a professional bowler

With a shot at continuing his NFL career fading, Terrell Owens wants to trade in his cleats for some bowling shoes.

Bret Bielema sends a message to the wrong Jamal Anderson


An honest mistake by Bert, but remember the advice your mom told you: always double check how many 'A's are in the name of the person you're trying to get in touch with.

Les Miles rappelling down a building


The Mad Hatter put on a different hat and also some other things because he is rappelling down a freaking building today for charity.

Alabama's method for getting to 85 players

Have you ever wondered how Alabama is able to oversign and oversign and oversign and everything always works out? Well, it's part math, part Odyssean epic and a little bit of magic.

American Conference logo is American

This is The American. You can get 10,000 bonus miles if you use your American Conference credit card to make a purchase of USF or more.

The LeBron James flop is magnificent


A closer look at the David West foul in question reveals new truth about whether or not LeBron James was really fouled.

George Brett is a 'classy guy,' also really likes strip clubs

This story from Cleveland's Scene Magazine about a stripclub bathroom attendant is not all about #sprots, but that anecdote about George Brett is pure gold, as is the one about Dennis Rodman later in the piece.

NCAA violations are getting a little out of hand


Next thing you know they'll tell us players can't have donuts after morning lifts. Oh wait.

Figure skating is not for the faint of stomach


Johnny Weir showed us what a scratch spin is like in a dizzying Vine video.

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