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Marty on IR, Crikey!

Per this post from TG (and NHL app that alerted), Martin Brodeur has been placed on IR retroactive to Sunday, so he won't be eligible to play before Monday's game in Toronto. Keith Kinkaid was...

Owners go to 50/50


The NHL just released a new proposal, thought to be about a 6-year deal with immediate 50/50 split (I don't know if details on rollback/escrow/what-have-you will be handled). Some quick details: 4-year ELC 28/8 to free agency 5-year cap on contracts.

82 games down the drain


All games through 10/24 are kaput.

Howson is Brain Dead


Also, Garth Snow is brain dead as well. But Howson moreso for turning down 7 picks to drop 2 spots. Granted, he probably would have turned those extra 7 picks into somehow trading for Jack Johnson again, but still, that's a warchest of picks to help turn your club around. And if he won't take Reinhart and 7 picks for Murray, I would really hate to see what he's turning down for Nash.

The Rock to host 2013 NHL Entry Draft


I think I will have to try to see that next year. #HereshopingtheDevilsforfeitthethirtiethpickin2013

Mayor Booker <3 Devils?


Call the FAA because u must be pretty high if you believe that RT @JaySilverman1: So that the @thenyrangers will win it all, right?— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) May 9, 2012 So now he loves us again? I guess the extra parking revenue helps the lovefest, until he remembers that Newark owes us some of it.

Inline hockey anyone?


Just seeing if I can garner some interest in tonight's open inline hockey skate in Morristown. We could always use more bodies to show up at the Friday 10PM to midnight skate. It's only $10 for skaters and goalies play for free. I'm only advertising this because last week we had four skaters and a goalie, and I'm too out of shape to handle two hours of hockey without legitimate rest time. Basically the more, the merrier. It doesn't matter what your skill is (I've got the offensive prowess of Cam Janssen myself). It's simply an open skate and nobody takes it too seriously.


Potential Zach Parise suitors

I'm sure there is nary a soul around here who doesn't know that Zach is currently 5 months, 19 days shy of becoming an Unrestricted Free Agent, should he choose to go on the open market instead of...



I hope you guys don't mind me posting this, but I have been really irritated with my recent dealings with the site If you feel this inappropriate, feel free to remove it, I just wanted to share my pain with others as a warning. I've been looking into getting in to playing ice hockey. I've only done inline over the course of my life, and my brother-in-law is pushing me to learn to play ice hockey. Well, I'm ok with that. I just needed to get the equipment necessary to get on the ice (and learn how to skate and such). So he recommended that I buy equipment from a site called, and they also have a store in Woodbridge, NJ. For the holidays this year, I asked for gift certs to HM, and received $200. My BIL and I planned to head down to the store Tuesday, December 27 to use our respective gifts and purchase equipment. Well, for whatever stupid reason, you can't use gift cards purchased online at the stores (it would have been nice to make sure everything fit before purchasing). Ok, so no big deal, I'll just order what I needed online. I place my order for a pair of inline skates (I needed new ones anyway), a pair of shoulderpads on clearance, and a pair of ice hockey pants on clearance. I placed the order on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 27, with ground shipping. Hooray! Soon I'll have my new equipment, right? Nope. So I keep checking the status of my order, since it wasn't updating. I'm a patient man, and with the holidays, things can get hectic, so I give them the benefit of the doubt. This Tuesday, I call up to find out what's going on with my order. Customer service has no clue and says they'll look into and get back to me in a few hours. More than a few hours later, I haven't heard anything, so I call again. They still have no clue (because essentially they haven't looked into it yet), but this girl says she'll try to figure it out and call me back. I get a call about an hour later, and it turns out that one of the items I ordered was out of stock (the pants on clearance). Now I can understand that this could happen, especially with clearance items. But for starters, why couldn't they alert me sometime in the week leading up to this that there was an issue? Why did I have to call them more than once before I was given an answer? I was going to forgive and forget on this one since everything was sorted out on Tuesday. Except of course I check the status on Thursday morning, and still nothing has shipped! Now I was absolutely furious (still am) about the way that my order was handled. Not only that, but now I've had to turn into the jerk customer, which is something I absolutely hate. I told them flat out that either they send my order next day air now so I could have my equipment for this weekend, or else they can forget keeping me as a customer. To ice the cake, they were @kind enough@ to ship out my order 2nd day air...on a Thursday. They may as well have done absolutely nothing, because this is the virtual equivalent of not caring about the customer. My complaints have essentially fallen on deaf ears over there at hockeymonkey. I even complained on their FB page, and that complaint was eventually deleted and they blocked me from posting again, just because I wanted to warn others that they aren't so peachy keen. In my opinion, a company should learn from their errors and try to fix them. After all, in the end, a business cannot survive without winning and keeping new customers. They don't understand this concept, so they've lost me as a customer. The next time I need to make a purchase, I will look elsewhere, because I have no faith in them. On a side note, I go to open skates for inline hockey in Morristown every Friday night, 10PM to midnight. It's only $10 and pretty relaxed for the most part. Just throwing that out there because when there is only 1 or 2 subs, well, I'm too old and too out of shape still to stay out on the rink for 10 minutes at a time, so the more the merrier!


Time to quit your Rinne dreaming

Predators just locked up Pekka Rinne for 7/$49M   Sorry Rinne-wishers, he'll no longer be an UFA come July 1.  The article didn't mention anything about a NMC or NTC, but either way, don't expect...


A treatise on the Loser Point, or How a Sabres Fan Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OT

I don't know about the rest of you, but I hate the loser point.  Though, I'm sure most Devils fans hate it right now since we're always praying for games to end in regulation.  I for one never...

New Jersey Devils 4TH Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive

Click here to schedule a donation. Get past a little nausea and come out to the Rock on Saturday, April 9, and help save a life. If that's not enough incentive, then maybe this will help to entice you: All presenting blood donors will receive a special event T-shirt, a drawstring Backpack, along with being entered to be randomly selected to win autographed merchandise including jerseys, sticks, pucks and much more. My fiancee and I already scheduled our appointments for 12:30. Well, I might want to make that earlier now seeing as how we play the Rags at MSG at 12:30 that day. Also, I hear that the Devils have discussed holding a viewing party for that game.

Devils Supporters Section Returns: 2/4 Against Panthers

Not sure if anyone received an email, but the Devils are offering up the special $20 tickets for Devils Supporters for the February 4 game against the Florida Panthers. It's section 118 so far for...


Lou: this is our hockey team, this is our coaching staff, this is where we’re at Per TG, the status quo is still maddeningly the status quo.  Nothing is changing and he doesn't want to talk about...


Cable options and Devils games

Basically I'm just wondering if it makes sense to switch to DirecTv or whatever other options I might have available in North Jersey... I'm one of the unfortunate Cablevision subscribers who will...

Taormina back up and Henrique back down


Per Gulitti, we're back to 11 Forwards, 7 D-men, and no Mair...


So who'll be at the Retro Jersey game?

I just bought a ticket to the game for tomorrow night myself...Up in section 227 or the likes.  Nice and high but nice and cheap.  I'll be wearing my non-retro (aka black and red) Parise jersey,...

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