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Master Pintsman, Amateur Life Coach, Novice Human being, Devout KC Chiefs & KC Royals fan

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Finalized Questions for DMGM & Yost (Blog your way to the K)

Well did that suck and as Jeff kindly put it with visual aids..it was a Yawn fest. As you may or may not be aware I’m making my way to Kansas City tomorrow for the 2nd installment of blog your...


Free Agency - Tweets - and No News; Mas Cervezas point of view

    I have wanted to contribute my 2 cents worth since the announcement of the end of the Lockout. Today seems like a great day to post being its Sunday and the only news we will hear is...



Paul & Rob: On Journey

Paul & Rob: On Journey


Blog your way to the K - Mas Cervezas Edition (please rec)

                                     I, your humble and (sometimes sober) Blogger MAS CERVEZAS have been notified that I was selected for the...


Royals weekend at Busch: Close Encounter with Hosmer

via a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net   Well my friends THAT was an interesting series.. Instead of being the "little brother to the west" or " the best AAAA team in MLB"  We put up a decent series and...


Royals V Cards 17 June 2011 - Whos coming with me?

  via baseballlivenow.com   Strength in numbers; We overflow the Edward Jones Dome on a consistent basis and we are always over run by a sea of red at the K when the Cardinals come into...


Jason Kendall Comeback Story

via assets.sbnation.com All of whom are avid readers of Royals Review know of the Jason Kendall Story..  Jason Daniel Kendall (born June 26, 1974, in San Diego, California) is a Major League...

The Real AmeriStanzi

Reposted and replayed for your viewing pleasure

Throwback Frenchy

Bored at the office found this

Looks like Cleveland is going on a 2 game losing streak. Twins up top of the 9th

Looks like Cleveland is going on a 2 game losing streak. Twins up top of the 9th



 Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of a trendy and otherwise promising start? Those first few days of baseball were awesome, had suspense and those Walk Off wins…. Immaculate.  We have...


Thursday Afternoon Inspiration

Thursday afternoon is a day used primarily for prepping up for the weekend. We have a nice series versus the Seattle Mariners. I for one am not looking forward to ‘King Felix" or Ichiro but I am...


Sunday Game 9 open thread

Game 9 Hochevar V Porcello


3/25 Spring Training Game Thread

Powder Blue Bombers VS the Champs



     CBA talks thread anyone? Hell no! That’s so last week and well overplayed like any Lady GaGa song… We have all vented, cursed, argued the two sides points of view, and taken sides or...

McDouble anyone?!

1 years salary.. down the drain....


The Draft - "It’s a game of Chess not Checkers"

  Great Googily  Mooglily!! Man has this CBA thing is draaawn waaaay out!! And we aren’t even past its expiration date yet! Well it’s another day at the Ol’ Recruiting office and instead...


NFL Combine Sunday Thread (as suggested)

   via www.crimsontidezone.com  It's Sunday and there is nothing on but preseason baseball televangelists and the NFL Combine. Those of us on AP that are watching the combine or maybe just...


The Trimmings - at a glance

There is this movie that I fell in love with when I was younger, The Right stuff. This movie was about the breaking of the sound barrier by Gen.  (Ret) Chuck Yeager, the original Apollo crew and...


BEEF - at a glance

In the wonderful world of AP we have been sitting stagnant on news. Sure, we have little tid-bits here and there ranging from the CBA and a possible lockout to the Re-signing of our beloved Chiefs...

Pretty Funny about the Raiders.. given the person saying it

With politics aside I think its funny ... We here at AP all have our feelings about the Raiders.. Personally I hate them with a passion!!

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