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Drew Brees Signs 5 year $100 Million Contract


Sweet Jesus... Apparently $40 Million is Gaurenteed in the First Year with $60 Million Available over the next 3 Years. There may be another $22 Million in incentives... This is huge, not because we necessarily care about Drew Brees... but because we have our own aging yet Top 5 (Statistically Speaking) Quarterback in Tony Romo to worry about in terms of a new contract... That "Bar" or "Average" of money could have just redefined the Cowboy's future plans for the next couple of seasons...

The Argument for Tim Tebow!


Ok, I know EXACTLY what your thinking... "really?" insert LMAO >here< but hear me out! (Keep in mind, this is mostly just for fun on my part to discuss such odd things.) We have our two main Quarterbacks obviously in Tony Romo and Kyle Orton. We also have a third string developmental QB in Stephen Mcgee that I feel isn't going to be anything better than a "potential" back up QB. Understanding Jason Garretts Offense through the years I think its a valid argument to discuss the Wildcat Formation... It has been a rarely used yet effective weapon that could become something of a scary situation should we implement it with Tebow. He has the running strength, speed and ability to make it work, but he also has that 3 second wind up cannon that could allow for a deep unsuspecting bomb. Lets face it, if Jacksonville or Miami don't feel it is the best business decision to buy into TEBOWMANIA, then he could be had for cheap on free agent market assuming he is released and wouldnt expect to be anything more than a second or third string quarterback... Does Tim Tebow have attitude problems? No Is he a stand up guy? Yes Does have strengths that could benefit this team in some form? Yes Does Mr. Jones like making money? Hell yea he does!!! ALRIGHT! Let the "WTF are you thinking!!!" Comments Begin!

Albert Haynesworth Released


Alright I am poking my head out from under my rock to see what you fans might think about the potential cheap acquisition of Mr. Haynesworth. Pro's Big Body to help fill the NT Position Moves Ratliff to DE Could be signed cheap with incentive laden deal Con's Wasted roster spot to help develop a younger talent Too much of a cancer in the locker room Character issues I know the Cowboys are famous for taking in players that have had less then desirable reputations... but there is talent under all that girth, its just a matter of can we whip it into shape, motivate it, and keep it happy yet quiet all at the same time?


Cowboys Live Feed?

Hey Everyone, Looking for a way to watch the cowboys game, any help?


Cowboys are Shopping Roy Williams (S)

From Rotoworld:"The Cowboys are reportedly shopping SS Roy Williams in trade talks. Williams will likely be cut in the likely event Dallas can't find a taker. The coverage-challenged safety's...


Brian Stewert - Fired

From :"NFL Network reports the Cowboys have fired defensive coordinator Brian Stewart." With Garrett seeming to have a new head coaching position in St. Louis and Brian Stewert being...


Adam Jones Supposively Out For the Season

From what I have seen on is that :"Sources close to Adam Jones have confirmed to's Ryan Houston that Jones will miss the rest of the season with a neck injury. Jones...


Roy Williams ( SS ) Break his arm again.

According to Roy Williams broke his arm in the same place. Seems like he will be out for the season. There is speculation that he wont be a cowboy next year. This is some bad news for...


With the Boy's hitting a low, is up the only way to look?

Being a 20 year old college student, and only being seriously into football for 3 years, while growing up loving the cowboys, I have to say that yes I want to win as bad as anyone else. So far this...

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