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Thought you all would be interested in this!


/no skitzo and Ecclesiates 4:13

First let me start off by saying, Tyson Jackson sucks and is fat ; ) No, no, no that's not what this post is about. Just a little humor to break the ice. If it went over your head, don't...

show me your papers

Imagine tattooing the date on your arm, sad. BUT he has no papers!!! Now Go Away!!!

The "AP" Bar Scene

Just wanted to give all of AP the recap of this year's annual AP Christmas party. Let me first say that it was a privilege and an honor to be invited to this shin dig. Being a Newbe and all, I was...

My Apologies.....AP


My Apologies.....AP

As a long time Penn State fan, I feel ashamed. I can not begin to comprehend how someone can be capable of such sick things. What is almost as bad is the lack of action from others. I mean somebody actually witnesses this while it is happening and doesn't throttle the F'in guy and leave him for dead. I mean come on people give me a break. What an embarassment. Sorry AP, I just needed to vent.

Fantasy Hockey

Hey, All First post, I know it's not the best of posts but I need a little help. It might actually start some good debate about Ranger rookies and young talent. Longtime Ranger fan and newbie to...


Please step away from the ledge AP!

Once again, coming from a NY guy, you might not want to hear my view and that's fine, I can handle it. I'm a big boy with pretty thick skin, NY can do that to you. Especially the TAXES!!! Since...


The Five That Got Away......

Come on gang, the draft is over and I know we all missed out on a few picks that we liked. So, I thought this would be a good post for all to vent a little. Not about The Chiefs picks but of the...


Put em' up! Put em' up!

Cowardly Lion (via HeinekenEst1873) Come on ladies and gentleman, lets see your final mocks. AP is a compassionate community, no one will make fun............ ; ) And this post is meant just for...

This is what its all about!


Just a tad off topic, but well worth the time. With all this CBA, "slavery" crap going on, it is good to see "good".

"The Thumper"


http://herdzone.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/harvey_mario00.html 12. SC: A linebacker that Chris, Richard and myself really enjoyed watching this season who’s received no notoriety at all is Marshall’s Mario Harvey who you had at the NFLPA game. What was your impression of him because he can really run, can cover and can get to the QB off the perimeter? JR: He’s a good kid. He’s a little stiff changing direction but like you say he can flat out run. He’s a violent tackler. I was really surprised to see that he wasn’t invited to the Combine. He’s right around the 6’0 mark so I wonder if that was a knock against him? I think he’s an ILB at the next level rather than an outside guy but he’s got some pop inside. He can get off a guard, he has some physicality. We played Marshall in the season and he was very good against us and he did a really solid job at the All Star game. Look at his production in the field; the kid produces (144 tackles and 9 sacks as a senior to go along with 421 career tackles). He probably won’t go higher than about round 5 although a lot depends on what he does at the Marshall pro day. But the kid can play. Sun-Sentinel.com

7th round Center


Alex Linnenkohl...Oregon State... Looks like he only has one leg, injury I guess. But look how much they run right up the middle. RB has similar burst as Charles.

Humble, driven and talented.


This man seems to be humble, respectful and driven. Not to mention a beast on the field. IMO he would be one of the most coachable kids around! Say what you want about this guy, but if a choice came down between Taylor and Powe. I'm grabbing Powe every time.

In Football We Trust...


I am in no way associated with this movie, but I did donate a couple bucks ; ) There is such a big Polynesian influence in the NFL: Polamalu, Ngata, Tatupu, just to name a few. Even in the 2011 draft you can see the influence; Paea, Fua, Havili. These are quality players, quality men. Sixty minutes did a piece on this a while back. In the piece the American Samoans were called, "A hard working people who prize, reverence and discipline". Sound like the right "53"? It sure does to me. I for one respect these warriors. Not just as NFL players but as a people as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DTDOiHh1-wU


Shall The Chiefs peddle their #1 pick?

A while ago I was tossing around the idea of trading The Chiefs#1 pick.  I thought with all the CBA problems, that underclassmen were staying in school. With so much uncertainty they would rather...


Can Asamoah move to Center?

Don't know if a post was or is dedicated to this subject. If there is I apologize, but I've seen this question thrown around a bit on other posts (upamtn). It seems to me there should be some...



True believer.... that is me. First let me just say, this is by far the best site for any team. Thank you for everyone and anyone who puts so much time into this. I have to admit this is my first...

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