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be yourself and never fear thus to be naked to the eyes of others. Yet know that men so often mask themselves that what is simple is rarely understood. The dust of truth swirls and seeks its own cracks of entry and a tree falling in the forest without ears to hear makes no sound. Yet it falls."

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Celtics burnt by a fast moving Solar Flare


Phoenix defeats Celtics 87-80.

C's Find Their Super Bowl "Magic," Win 96-89


On a day when everyone in the sports world is thinking about an oval shaped ball, the Celtics hosted a Magic show of their own.

Celtics vs. Raptors - "Winter is Coming"


It has been tradition around here for a long time that I usually stumble out of my room at the Curmudgeon Rest Home (CRH) and write a pregame article for Game#1 of each Celtic season.

The Birth of a Season


We're two weeks into a new NBA season. Here are some early thoughts and observations.

Bucking the Trend


The Celtics rolled into Milwaukee tonight to face a Bucks team that was seemingly hitting its stride. The Monte Ellis addition to the herd of Bucks seemed like a great reason to keep the trend...

Rejected, Ejected and looking Dejected in Motor City


More Road Trip anyone? Aren't we just getting started? We need more way more horsepower as we have too much bad junk in our trunk. Detroit has more defensive energy and speed than a California...



Well.....the second half of the third quarter of this game turned out to be sort of exciting - for a monent. The Celtics however lost focus in certain parts of this game (especially the 4th Qtr)...

Rajon Rondo Returns.... but the Captain is still steering the Ship!


First things first........ Paul Pierce = All-Star ...give him the nod coaches! Oh Captain my Captain..... Let me say the Knicks played a very good game and we did not. Well, we did not until the...

Pierce > Pacers... 4 In A Row And We Are On A Roll!!!


Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics are looking like a team.

Magical!!!! X 2


Wow! Just as I was writing my post game story at halftime because I thought it was already over, the Celtics begin to do something Magical. What was magical? A 30 point turnaround and one heckuva...

Thunder and Quick as Lightning


Why write about this disaster? I am not sure. The cruise ship near Italy isn't the only thing partially sunk and sinking.

Ugly and Painful...and hopefully not repeatable...


Rebounds? No! Offense Ball Movement? No! Good Shooting? No, No No! Good Referee's? No! Streak Over? Yes! It was ugly. It was painful. But it happens. Let's move on. The Celtics and Pacers came out...


Old Rivalries, Old Teams - New Season, New Hope Boston Celtics vs. New York Knickerbockers: Game One - Game On!!!!

How fitting it is that on this strange and shortened NBA season, these two old-school teams will meet once again on Christmas Day to start a brand new season and thus continue their fight that...

'Twas The Night Before Christmas & Opening Night


'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the team plane 

Not a Celtic was stirring, not even Danny Ainge;

World B. Free vs. Metta World Peace: Where "Worlds" Collide


... A small rant by Master Po Ok, I know, I know, I know, this story has nothing to do with the lockout that never ends, or the ranking of former Celtic great players, or even the golf scores of...

A Win is a Real Loss


Oh my God....another setback....Noooooooooooooo.............After the first few minutes of the second quarter, I didn't really care what happened the rest of the way. Shaq hobbled off the court and...

The Krstic-Green Era Begins with a Win


1st and 2nd Quarter Debacle Well......Krstic started the first minute of his first Celtic game strong by crashing the offensive boards. Blake Griffin started much stronger however, and had a...

Kristic, Green and some other guys vs. LA "Griffin" Clippers


Boston Celtics (41-15, 16-10 away) @ Los Angeles Clippers (21-38, 16-14 home)Time: 10:30 PM EST, February 26th, 2011Venue: Staples CenterOfficials: Ron Garretson, Marat Kogut, Gary ZielinskiTV: C...

Rising from the Ashes of the Phoenix to Beat LA!


Celtics go to Los Angeles to face mortal enemies for first time since epic June Finals. Or, a preview of Celtics regular season game #47

Overtime Bull Ride !!!!!


An extended recap of the Celtics' 105-101 victory over the Chicago Bulls.


Celtics vs. 3 guys in Miami Heat Uniforms Conducting Press Conferences

When Winners Win they say: "we still have a long way to go" When Losers Win they say:" We are great - I told you so"

Guilty Pleasure Player: Delonte West


Next up in Celticsblog's Guilty Pleasure Player profiles is Delonte West

Game 1 Recap: Thanks Lebron! Can we all shake your hand?


The Celtics take down the Cavs in Game 1 of the March to Banner 18

2007- 08 Season Game 1 Recap (Revisited)


Revisiting Game 1 of the 07-08 Championship season

Half Way On and Half Way Off – The Celtic Bench


What!!!!!!!!! We are halfway through the season. Seems a bit fast doesn’t it? I must have nodded off for a bit. I have felt only a little pain this year. I have only woke up seven times this season...

Twas the Night After Christmas


'Twas the night before a West Coast Road trip', when all through Eddie's House,  Not a creature was stirring, not even Gino the disco mouse;  KG's 40 piece designer luggage was packed with great...

C's Win 8th, Beat the Heat


Didn’t We Win? Don’t We Lose? Do we feel Lucky?  Maybe you can count the times in this article I say: "Didn’t", "Don’t" or "Do". Maybe you can count them like some people like to count the times...

Just Say No


While I am beyond giddy about the season opener against the Wizards and Agent Zero, I have still not found my comfortably numb spot of inner Zen victory peace just yet. I worry about what I don't...

A Few Moments With A Legend – Mr. Bill Russell - Part II


A Celticsblog.com exclusive Interview Part II By Mitch Hylton (aka Master Po)see Part 1 here MCB - I know that I have read somewhere (and I don’t know if it is true or not) that you spend some time...

A Few Moments With A Legend – Mr. Bill Russell


A CelticsBlog.com Exclusive Interview Part I By Mitch Hylton (aka Master Po) I have always had a tiny hidden desire to have an opportunity to share a few words or moments with a handful of famous...

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