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Has Polian lost his edge?


Has Bill Polian lost his edge when it comes to the draft? Lets look back at Polian's past successes and see what he can do to fix them for the future.

Vinatieri: End of a legend?


Alright folks lets talk about something we have been ignoring and that something is our good friend Adam Vinatieri. Now Adam V is a revered hero. Almost a legend you could say because he is sort of...

The Stretch Play


Stampede Blue breaks down the famous "stretch play" from the Colts offense.

Lets be real: The O Line


Lets be real here and say honestly that this is a pretty talented Colts team. I mean just look at the defense alone, in which the Colts are stacked at defensive back, linebacker and defensive line....

The Bob Sanders Beatdown Defense is Dead


BSBD (or, the Bob Sanders Beatdown Defense) was a term coined on this site by our very own BigBlueShoe. In the coaching world it is known simply as "Cover 3." Now, I don't want to go into too many...

Jim Finn is "The Man!"


Does anybody here remember Jim Finn? He was drafted as "Mr. Irrelevant."  You know he played fullback for the Colts from 2000-2002. He fumbled a lot, but he played hard. I remember the 2002 game...

At first glance: This was a VERY good draft


It has often been said that you have to wait 2-3 years to judge a teams draft class and I think that is fair. Sometimes guys struggle early or maybe they spend a year or two on the bench before...


Drafted for the Giants

Hey Giants fans its MasterRWayne here. I help run the Stampedeblue site for the Indianapolis Colts. We had our mock draft over there and I picked for the Giants. We did rounds 1-2 and here is who I...

Who The Hell Will They Draft 2009: Oklahoma OG Duke Robinson


Stampede Blue's pre-draft player profile series for the 2009 NFL Draft rolls along, focusing on Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson.


Houshmanzadeh Signed by Seahawks

As per Housh has been signed by the SeaHawks.   I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like Football.I like...

Just to rub it in...


How about them Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Romo for MVP!)


In defense of Tony Mandarich

Hey guys this is MasterRWayne and I am a writer for the Colts blog at I wrote an article detailing Mandarich's interview on "Inside the NFL" because he made his comeback with...

Tony Mandarich: One of the Best


Let me just say right off the bat that Tony Mandarich is perhaps one of my favorite Colts players of all time. That is right folks; I rank him right up there with Manning, Harbaugh, The Edge and a...


Always welcome in Indy

Hey Saints fans I heard the news about Hurricane Gustav potentially striking New Orleans and forcing the Saints to practice in Indianapolis. The Saints, and there fans, are always welcome here....



Hey guys I write for the Colts blog, but in my fantasy league I drafted Nate Burleson in the finals round because of the injuries sustained to both Branch and Engram. My question is how has...


Your defense and a Colts fans advice

Hey I am MasterRWayne and I help write for which is the blog here for the Indianapolis Colts. I really liked the article posted yesterday discussing that the Saints really...

Preseason: Colts defeated 23-20


Overall a very sloppy game with lots of turnovers.   Recap will come tomorrow. I am heading to bed right now.


Preseason: Indianapolis at Carolina

Open thread for todays game. Go Colts!


The deal is on! (again)

Hey its MasterRWayne here from Stampedeblue! You may recall last year I posted on that if you guys swept us I would, "Eat my keyboard with tartar sauce." Well I am still just...

Cover 2 is the Best


  With this article I wanted to advance a long held belief of mine that the Cover 2 defense is the best defensive approach to use for the modern NFL. Now there is, naturally, a great deal of...

Strahan Retires


This is one of my favorite pictures!   I know this isn’t Colts news, but I feel it is appropriate to salute Michael Strahan because he has just retired from the NFL. Strahan was always a player...

CNN Blows!


Just so you know before hand I am posting this story as an example as to why us "amateurs" actually do things more efficiently and more democratic than the "experts." It tends to be a theme on this...

Yes! The Cowboys are on HBO!


Well for any of you that get HBO they run an excellent series called "Hard Knocks" that chronicles teams in training camp. Last year they did the Kansas City Chiefs and BBS and I always get a laugh...



Colts grab Marcus Howard! He fell several rounds, but I am glad that we got him!


McKinney Released

Seth McKinney was just released by the Texans today. I know he suffered a knee injury last year, but if we can sign him to a low dollar contract I think he would be a great fit for a system...

Why Character Matters: Brady Quinn


I was browsing the "Internets" at work today and I came across this story about Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn. It is things like this that really make me sick and disgusted! If this is true just...

BelliCHEAT can't stomach it


MJD over at Yahoo Sports (which is usually terrible) has a very good article about how Bill BelliCHEAT couldn't be a man and take a loss. Here is my favorite part... With :01 left on the clock, and...

A Harbaugh in Baltimore


Well, Baltimore made a great hiring today when they hired John Harbaugh as their head coach. I hate the Ravens and their organization, but they made a good move here. John Harbaugh trained a great...


Pats Trolls

Hey, as expected, we are being assaulted by some Patriot fan trolls. I never mind a little smack talk, but some of them have been saying things way too immature. Although I would like to add, in a...

A cause for conern: Joseph Addai


Now let me just start off by saying that I love Addai. The guy is a great running back and he has a long future with the Colts. However, its clear that the running game has not been that good over...

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