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Power Rankings Week 3

Probably gonna stick to a top five and a bottom five.1. Boston-Like I said last week. Only losses on back to back, with crushing defeats of Miami twice and a thrashing of Oklahoma City. 2. New...


Power Rankings

Not sure if Evan "The Artist formerly known as Ben Q. Rock" Dunlap does a power ranking. But I think our little blog needs one and I am gonna start one. Probably stick to a top 10 and a bottom 5....


Time to go back and dream again????

Maybe we, myself included are overreacting found this little article on ESPN. If you don't have an insider at ESPN(not sure I can post...


I love NBA Players but...C'Mon Man

That doesn't mean the Sixers aren't interested in retaining Young, the No. 12 overall pick in the NBA's 2007 draft; they hold a right of first refusal on any offer to the forward from another...

"Last week's two questions, about the state of Griffin and Baron, have been replaced by one nagging...


"Last week's two questions, about the state of Griffin and Baron, have been replaced by one nagging new question about the collective unit: How can the Clips look so ready to surrender so early? After three games?" hey 3.3 still think they are gonna be a playoff team?

Time to wake up

The Magic will not win a championship this season the way they are constructed. Yes they will still win about 59 games. They will finish in the top 5 for offense and defense.Probably have the...

ACC Bowl Projections


So FSU is off for a week, VT dominates bad competition(yet again), and all of the sudden we aren't the best team in the ACC??? Did I miss something....


The "C" Word NBA Style Not to be confused with the "30 Rock" episode. Contraction. And to me this is what the NBA really needs to do. Off the top of my head I named 8...


"Stunned Silence at Florida Field"

Just turn to Alligator Army. The first topic is just pure music to my ears. Oh how the tables have turned.


Bass Working Harder   Nice little article in the Sentinel today. It is good to see Brandon is not sulking and living full of angst. To us it seems difficult for how...


Carmelo Close to being traded Rumors are that the Denver Nuggets are willing to talk to tother teams about Carmelo. Not sure what this means for Orlando. If he wants to win...



So it seems like his situation is coming to the end. I know Houston and Orlando were named as possible...


I am a Magic fan but I am just wondering

Would you guys swap Jeff Green for Marcin Gortat? I live in Orlando and obviously root for them, but I like the makeup of your team, although your owner stole them from Seattle, but your team is...


The Magical Realities

With news that All-World PG Chris Paul wants Orlando as his first choice I think the following scenarios are highly likely. You can call me crazy or a homer or an idiot, but when you step back...



Would be better suited to having Vince start at the 3 rather than a "defensive stopper"? Why not start JJ at the 2 and move Carter to the 3. That creates more playmaking and while yes Paul Pierce...


New Trade. Where the player is confirmed to be available.

OK. So no we will not get Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony or for that matter any other wing player. Time to come to terms with that. However a posible trade that makes sense to me, is...


With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic...???

Was listening to ESPN Radio, and some experts believe that New Jersey is interested in selling the 3 pick just to create more cap space. Again everything is rumored, but if the Magic could snag it...


Andre Iguodala   I said it once, I'll say it again. WE have to at least attempt to grab Andre Iguodala. Rumors are that Evan Turner is a lock at the number 2...


Realistic Off Season moves-Target Andre 3000

  I know everyone here keeps saying trade for Dwyane Wade, but it will not happen. I know I said a comment about this one of the posts, but I honestly believe Andre Iguodala is the player the M...

Miami fading down the stretch in recruiting?


End of the U before it gets started again?

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