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User Blog

Where Will The Sixers Be 12 Months From Now?


It's August, so they might be on vacation, but we'll take a look at the bigger picture.

2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Emmanuel Mudiay


Emmanuel Mudiay will be playing overseas professionally this year rather than playing college ball. Great idea, or the greatest idea?

What Does the 2015 Draft Mean To The Sixers?


The 2015 draft is an important day for the Sixers, but not the same franchise-altering importance of the past year.

Sixers/Lakers Summer League Game Thread


The biggest first round summer league tournament game of all time.

Saying Goodbye to Draft Favorites

After months and years of obsessing over certain draft prospects, the time has come to let them go.

What Can Sixers Get in Lin Deal?


The Sixers are in the market to take on some cap space for a price, and Houston appears to be a likely suitor. What do they have to offer?

Sixers Interested in Kent Bazemore?


According to reports, everybody wants Kent Bazemore, and that includes the Sixers.

Sixers Nab KJ McDaniels at #32


The Sixers grab the Clemson junior with their first of five second round choices.

WigginsWatch: End of Watch

The quest for the Northern Light ends tomorrow, but Sam Hinkie has the assets to acquire his North Star, whoever that may be.

LB Mock Draft: Spurs Grab Micic at #30

With the last pick of the first round, the World Champion San Antonio Spurs add another international star to their system.

2014 NBA Draft Pimp Your Prospect: C.J. Wilcox


Do The Sixers Need A Star at #10?

The expectations of Sixers fans regarding the 10th pick in the draft are all over the map. We take a look at the big picture when it comes to searching for a star.

LB Mock Draft Pick #10: Sixers Get Harris

This mock draft has not gone exactly as the Sixers hope it will in real life, but they still get a solid piece for the future in Michigan St. shooting guard Gary Harris.

Should The Sixers Trade Down From #3?

The Sixers have their best chance at drafting a star since 1996. Should they really consider trading out of the pick?

Revisiting the Jrue Holiday Trade

Now that we know the results of the Jrue Holiday trade, was it the right move?

WigginsWatch Goes To The Lottery


WigginsWatch traveled to New York City to see if our prophecy would come to fruition.


The lottery is still hours away. Too many hours. We provide some tips to help you handle the wait.

ExumWatch: The Draft's Greatest Mystery

Dante Exum is the biggest mystery in the draft to most Sixers fans, yet many have a strong opinion on his potential fit in Philadelphia. Why is that?

Trade Deadline 2014: Sam Hinkie Day In America


Take a look back at the day Sam Hinkie acquired enough second round picks to start his own Pearl Jam cover band.

The Sixers and Cap Space and You

There are players on the Sixers besides their upcoming lottery picks. Decisions about their future in Philadelphia are coming for Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown.


RandleWatch: The Fall of Ran

The next televised basketball game Andrew Wiggins will play in will probably be held in Las Vegas this July. (See you there, Andrew.) This has been a hard fact for me to accept. Sleep has been...


WigginsWatch VII: One Shining Bracket - An NCAA Tournament Primer

I know what you’re thinking. "Matt, I haven’t even read the last WigginsWatch yet and there’s already another one. You’re diluting your #brand." To that, I respond with the following: It’s March....


WigginsWatch VI: You, Me, and Embiid

The winter of our discontent is all but over, and is beginning to give way to the spring of our desire. March Madness is upon us. It’s not exactly the fireworks factory, but it’s at least a...


WigginsWatch V: Wiggins Forever

About 20 minutes after the dust settled on the Jrue Holiday trade, I began referring to the 2013-14 season as WigginsWatch: The Quest for the Northern Light (a nickname I came up with, for the...


WigginsWatch IV: Tanksta's Paradise

There's two weeks left until the trade deadline, and one topic that I don't think has gotten much play around these parts recently is how long General Sam Hinkie has waited to trade his obvious...


WigginsWatch: The Weight is the Hardest Part

I don't really like Superbad. (Don't close the article here, I'm making a point!) For months, before Superbad was released, I had a friend who, literally every time I saw him, would preach to me...


WigginsWatch: When to Watch Wiggins (and Friends)

Welcome to our latest installment of WigginsWatch: The Quest for the Northern Light. Last time we checked in, we took a look at the potential contenders for Canada's greatest export since Robin...


Josh Harris, The New Jersey Devils, and You: What It All Means

As you may have heard Wednesday on your local sports blog, Sixers managing owner Josh Harris is reportedly bidding to buy the New Jersey Devils, a team in the National Hockey League that, according...


WigginsWatch: The Quest for the Northern Light - Analyzing the Competition

I want Andrew Wiggins. You want Andrew Wiggins. We've all heard the hype. We've all seen the Youtube videos. Kansas games will get higher ratings in the Philadelphia area this year than Sixers...

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