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A peek into the mind of the Great Z.


Some interesting notes: *Seager was almost called up earlier in the week, but Z waited to see how Olivo would heal. *Z has (obviously) been active in trade talks with other clubs, (obviously) won't mortgage the future, and more interestingly, believes the club would add to their budget if a good opportunity presented itself. *The organization's consensus is that Hultzen will likely be a "quick mover". *On Peguero: "He's got something that no one else in this organization has, and that's light-tower power," Zduriencik said. "As we move forward and you talk about what we don't have on this ballcub producing on a daily basis [it's] your big-time power hitters." /GASP/ Z has noticed!


Shortest distance between "sucks" and "works".

The title of this fanpost is from this terrific and insightful comment made by busplunger.  He perfectly elucidated what has been rumbling around in my head ever since I heard Seattle had taken...


I had to write this before I went to sleep

Obviously at this point, anything can happen.  But after seeing the 'Hawks go OL with their first pick (which I'm happy with, btw--didn't completely expect it, but can definitely get behind it), I...

The best defense I've read of Ryan Mallett as the best QB in this draft.


I am absolutely convinced that Ryan Mallett is the best QB available in this class, and will be very sad if he's available at 25 (or wherever Seattle drafts) and they pass him up.


My Spring Training Experience: In Which Milton Bradley is Awesome

A disclaimer: This is going to be a bit long. My Mariners' memories stretch back to 1994 and my first game at the Kingdome at the ripe young age of 6.  If memory serves correctly (and it likely...

Browns release Shaun Rogers, among others


Rogers' stock is low because of injuries he's suffered, but imagining him on the line between Bryant and Mebane is giving me little happy feelings. Additionally, Bowens and/or Barton might not be bad depth at LB, especially if Lofa was to be traded. They're obviously 3-4 backers, and Barton is a good pass rusher and Bowens is better against the run. Obviously all of these guys are old, and wouldn't fit with a younger scheme, which is why they're available. But as depth you could do a lot worse. Also, from what I gather of the opinions over at the Browns SBNaation blog (for whatever they're worth), St. Clair and Royal were hated.


Why the Seahawks shouldn't focus on QB in the early rounds of this draft.

Much of the conversation around here lately has revolved around QBs--Locker, Mallett, Newton, Ponder, etc--and who might be available at 25 and who would be the best option, in the hypothetical...

SBNation's Brian Galliford has 'Hawks taking Cam Newton w/ 25th pick


I think the idea that Cam might be available at 25th is slightly absurd. I don't see why anyone (Jacksonville) would take Locker and leave Newton. But it does bring up an interesting question: if, by some bizarre sequence of events, Cam Newton is available at 25, would you want the 'Hawks to draft him?

Why can't we question a player's toughness?


In general, Chris Chase is kind of an idiot, and shouldn't be relied on for accurate reporting or in-depth analysis. However, in this case I think he brings up an interesting thought: why is it so taboo to question a player's toughness, but not any other part of their game? I have my own opinions and thoughts on the matter, but I was curious to hear the thoughts of the community at large.

Cutler shredded on Twitter by other athletes


I'm aware of the generally prevailing opinion of Cutler here on FG. Apparently that sentiment is shared more widely throughout the NFL. I didn't watch the game, but heard bits and snippets about Cutler "quitting" on the team. Pretty notable are the comments by MoJo and by Dockett. Of course, Dockett is a ignorant blowhard anyways, but I'm kinda guessing that what he said would be echoed by others.

Advanced Football Stats?


So I'm quite familiar with advanced baseball stats, but I just came across this article, and am wondering if someone more familiar with advanced football stats can tell me how reliable it is.

Hit Figgins Ninth


According to Shannon Drayer, M's should hit Figgins ninth and Lopez second.

Why Bradley left the game, per Brock and Salk.


If this is accurate, interesting times could be ahead.

Did anyone else notice...


...that RRS is one day older than Gavin Floyd?


Ted Ginn Jr.

There has been recent talk of the Seahawks perhaps trying to trade down in the first round.  John proposed an idea for a Brandon Marshall trade that involved the Seahawks trading their #6 and other...



Hey guys, I was introduced the the Seattle sports blogosphere last summer by a friend of mine via U.S.S. Mariner.  From there I migrated to Lookout Landing, and then to Fangraphs.  I totally fell...


Aardsma's challenge to saberheads...?

On Brock and Salk today, David Aardsma was being interviewed.  When they asked him about sabermetrics and regression to the mean, he rambled on about injuries and how they have no representation in...

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