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Data and statistical analyst by trade. I don't overanalyze college football at all.

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Gopher Signing Day Profile: Cody Poock


Vitals: Name: Cody PoockPosition: LinebackerHometown/School: Council Bluffs (IA) Iowa Western C.C.Profile: 247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!Rating: - 0.8069 Composite Score How he...

Minnesota National Signing Day 2014 Open Thread


THE spot on the Internets to discuss and banter about the latest crop of Golden Gophers!

Scroll of the Sworn! - Jonathan Celestin


Coach Kill wraps up his crop of high school linebackers with a solid all-around prospect.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Jared Weyler


Hey! Offensive linemen are important. Especially if you run the ball 50 times a game!

Scroll of the Sworn! - Conner Krizancic


We've gone into a time vortex where Ohio is suddenly a main recruiting territory of the Minnesota staff again. Everyone is pleased by this, especially Grinnin' Glen and his trollgaze throwing shade at Tim Brewster.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Gary Moore


Coach Kill and the staff dip down into the Yellowhammer State once again, landing a defensive linemen with all the raw ability you'd want.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Isaiah Gentry


Minnesota's latest commitment adds not only another big framed receiver to the mix but a legitimate deep threat as well.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Melvin Holland, Jr.


Coach Kill's first pledge at wide receiver for the 2014 is a dandy. A week out from Signing Day, the Gophers scored a huge victory on the trail.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Rodney Smith


Coach Kill's latest pledge solidifies depth at the running back position and reflects a trend of the Gophers dipping into the South for talent.

Models and Bottles! - Texas Bowl Edition


Bowl prediction time is upon us.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Luke Rasmussen


The third Gopher commitment in 24 hours gives Matt Limegrover another massive frame to mold and develop along the offensive line.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Cody Poock


The second commitment in as many days fills a major need for the Gophers, especially with 2 seniors at linebacker graduating. Kill winning a head-to-head battle against his best friend is just an added bonus.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Khari Blasingame


Minnesota's commit spree began last Friday night, when a long pursued defensive back made the call to join the Maroon and Gold.

Friday Rah'Crootin Update! - 12/6/13


'Crootin season is upon us! In between prepping for the bowl game, feast on the latest Minnesota recruiting nuggets.

The Turn and Expectation Reset - 2013 in Review


By making history several times over en route to the team's best season since 2003, the Gophers took the requisite steps to move the program forward. Now, expectations of Kill's Gophers have been reset.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Jerry Gibson


Commitment #10 for the Gophers' 2014 class reaches down into familiar recruiting territory and adds to the stockpile of "big" athlete type prospects.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Julien Kafo


The Gophers picked up their first commitment from their big recruiting weekend centered around Axe Week. The newest Golden Gopher will arrive on campus already used to playing in cold weather.

Models and Bottles! - Wisconsin


HATE WEEK 2.0 predictions are in. Let's say we just forget about the math and focus more on the hate, mmmmmk?

Models and Bottles! - Chaos Edition


Bye week doesn't mean a break from prognosticatin'! M&B breaks down the Legends Division race and urges everyone to savor the moment.

Models and Bottles! - Penn State


Models and Bottles loves the Gophers' momentum right now. Just how likely are they to keep it?

Models and Bottles! - Indiana


Woohoo! Math was right! We were going to win another game! Suck it, math haters.

Ranking the Nebraska Win


Time to pit the big win over the Cornhuskers against similar signature wins over the last few decades.

Models and Bottles! - Nebraska


Greetings from the other side of the Job A bunker! Is it safe to emerge yet? Did we do something good last Saturday? We did?!? Models Yessir. Gopher FBS Win Simulations (1,000,000 trials) M...

Scroll of the Sworn!: Brandon Lingen Commits


Hooray for the Golden-I! More tight ends! NEVER PASSING AGAIN EVER!

Models and Bottles! - Michigan


Faint cheers for a mini Hate Week? Mild applause instead? Murmurs of slight contempt?

Scroll of the Sworn! - Everett Williams


Kill and his staff are dipping back into Texas for yet another commitment. This time: a linebacker!

The Actual Uncomfortable Questions


A common media #TAKE over the last several weeks centered around the idea of asking "uncomfortable questions" regarding Kill's health. After a demoralizing loss to the Hawkeyes, more appropriate uncomfortable questions trump.

Hawkeye Hoarders: Buried Alive


Hawkeye hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Thousands are Hawkeye hoarders. This is their story.

Charts and Chalk! - San Jose State


Advanced box scores and picture pages of Minnesota's 19 point victory over San Jose State from last Saturday.

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